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Scrap Caddy

Daphne Shreiber has been a long time Cricut lover.  She felt there was never a great way to organize, store and carry her cartridges when she went to crops.  That is why she collaborated with her husband to invent the Scrap Caddy. It stores all of your cartridges in a clear box so finding them is a snap.  Scrap Caddy also has room in the middle to store the overlay pad and booklet for great organization of each cartridge.  Simple attachment of a strap creates easy portability, which is a must for any crop event.  If you love the Cricut as much as she does one storage box may not be enough.  She designed the boxes to stack so that you can carry three boxes all with the same strap.  Simple attachment of a strap creates easy portability, which is a must for any crop event. We meet Daphne at the  Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) trade show in July.  It seems as though every Cricut lover stopped to check out this great storage solution.  Craft-e-Corner is proud to be one of the first retailers to offer this innovative storage solution.  You will never have to worry about how to carry or where to store your cartridges again. If you are interested in buying the Scrap Caddy it will be available on our website in early November. You can click on the image to find out more about the Scrap Caddy or you can go to their website: www.scrapcessories.com/

(Co-Owner of Craft-e-Corner Carrie Duehring & CEO of Scrapcessories Daphne Shreiber at CHA Summer 2009 Trade Show in Orlando, Florida).
Cricut Cartridges Coming Soon

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Batman            Superman
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Picturesque    Elmos Party



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When It's Cold Outside - Mini Solutions- Limited Edition

Why Do People Craft?

Reason #2: Relaxation
     According to research done by the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA), relaxation is the number two reason why people craft.  Certainly with the struggling economy more people are feeling anxious.  It is good to remember that spending time on a hobby you enjoy may actually release some of your stress.  Be sure to take some time for yourself and craft, you'll feel better. If you would like more information about crafting or CHA check out their website:
Happy Crafting.
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Necessities Bag

Craft-e-CornScap1er is committed to its customers and the community.  it is important to give back when an opportunity arises. On Saturday, October 3, we were happy to join dedicated volunteers, local businesses, and scrappers from the Oshkosh, WI area when they held a Scap-a-thon to support women with breast cancer. Being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it was a fitting time to pledge for Necessities Bags, reusable totes filled with personal comfort essentials needed after a mastectomy. Thanks to all who participated, $2500 was raised toward the Necessities Bag Program.  A wonderful way to have fun and support a good cause!  Craft-e-Corner donated a Pink Slice to contribute to the silent auction.  Remember if you buy a Pink Slice by October 31st Craft-e-Corner will donate $5 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Pink Slice Kit: Includes Think Pink and Basic Elements design cards.

Upcoming charitable events:
November 14, 2009
Scrap for Alexis Arndt - sponsored by Children's Organ Transplant Association (www.cota.org/), working to raise funds to help the family of 4 year old Alexis, following her life-saving kidney transplant. Event will be held at the Wave in Appleton, WI.
February 6, 2010
Crop Out Diabetes 2010 - Proceeds going to: Junior Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) www.cropoutdiabetes.blogspot.com  Scrapbooking held at Little Chute, WI Civic Center from 8:30 to 5:30 and a week long online crop event.
Cricut Create: The Best of Both Worlds
So there is the Cricut Personal Cutter and the Cricut Expression but what is the Cricut Create?
The Cricut Create is basically the best of both worlds. 
The Cricut Create gives you larger cutting size potential that the Cricut Personal Cutter but some of the great functions of the Cricut Expression. 

- Portable, easy to bring along wherever you go especially to those scrapbooking parties
- Convenient Handle
- Features: Eight way directional blade, Portrait mode, Fit to page mode, Auto fill mode, center point function, and flip function.

People like this machine because it has more functions than the Cricut Personal Cutter but is smaller than the bulky Cricut Expression.  If you are looking for most of the function of the Expression but want a little more than the Personal Cutter get the Create. 

Cricut Create w/Don Juan cartridge at
Our Price: $153.84

Cricut Create w/o cartridge at
Our Price: $132.84
Project Idea

The Cricut is just not for scrapbooking.  I came across this idea on the Cricut message boards that said you can use freezer paper to make t-shirts.  Thanks to Craftygale's Blog for letting me use the pictures for this project and the general idea for this particular shirt.  I don't know who started the freezer paper idea but it is a great idea. 

(The cartridges used for this particular t-shirt are Plantin Schoolbook for the letters and Indie Art for the crown)

Supplies Needed
- Cricut Expression with cartridges
- T-shirt
- Fabric paint
- Freezer Paper
- Foam Brush
- Iron


1.) Pick out the design you want place freezer paper on mat (shiny side up). 
2.) Position blade in center of paper so you have plenty of room on all 4 sides. Use centerpoint feature so it cuts dead center of where you positioned the blade.
3.) Iron freezer paper on t-shirt to the designated area (Shiny side down)
4.) Paint t-shirt
    -If you use heat set fabric paint make sure you      iron  it before you peel off the freezer paper
5.) Once paint is dry peel off freezer paper

- Prewash the t-shirt so design doesn't warp due to shrinking
- When ironing, make sure all the corners are down
- **Note: This project was used using the Cricut Expression.  It used the flip feature, the Cricut Personal Cutter does not have the flip feature.  You may still be able to do this project by switching the directions instead of cutting shiny side up in step 1, cut shiny side down.  So that you are flipping it yourself.

All pictures are from Craftygale's Blog