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 August 10, 2012



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Kimberly King - Executive Director
October is here and the weather is starting to cool down. Shops and restaurants are painting and cleaning and getting ready for the season.
Our main street Tercer Mundo has a few new restaurants and shops. 

Each coming newsletter I will feature a new restaurant or shop. 
San Pancho welcomes all new businesses.


I look forward to bringing you all the happenings in our community, and share with you, the joy of living in San Pancho.

Please feel free to post your comments, share your photos, and report any news about San Pancho on our  Facebook page. 

You can contact me directly at, if you would like to talk about advertising or submit a written article. 


I look forward to talking to you about San Pancho and encourage you to come by the office, at #50 Tercer Mundo. 






Kimberly King is a community website for the village of SanPancho, Nayarit, Mexico 

San Pancho Day's
Wow! The San Francisco Patron Saint Festival was filled with fun for all. Music and dancing every night and of course a fantastic rodeo!
Is It Safe To Travel To Mexico?
Puerto Vallarta Safety Report 2013
Watch this movie for the Puerto Vallarta Safety Report 


La Patrona Polo Club
La Patrona Polo Club. Come and enjoy our fine Mexican Cuisine, 
Polo Matches, Equestrian Shows, Spanish Dressage and Live Music!
Opens November 1st!
Call for reservations 311-258-4378

                                EA logo   

Entreamigos is about to open for a new season!  

Right now we are planning all activities for October-December 2012.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, sharing a class or workshop, have a book signing or an exhibition, or host a slideshow viewing...

If you want to teach or practice in the sports room, rent the facility, host a group, suggest an activity or a tour, organize an event or anything else...NOW IS THE TIME!   

Please communicate immediately with Nicole at
If you have already communicated directly with Nicole, please send a note anyway, so that we can be absolutely be sure that the schedule is correct.

Friendly Reminder: When you prepare your bags for this new season, please remember to pack one extra suitcase full of great stuff you no longer use for our recicla shop. Kitchenware, bath & bed items, clothing, jewelry, shoes, toys, etc...if it works we can use it! Your donated goods will help us collect money to fund our current programs.
Tech Center ...coming soon to San Pancho! 


Fidelity Charitable gift fund
Rob and Carol Macgregor
Andy Carpinito
Ardyth Jensen
Robert and Alexandra Graham
Coco and Dan Mccoy
Cap Sparling
Alan Towbin and Lisa Barlow
Susan Stannard
A new technology center will be opening up in one of the classroom spaces at entreamigos!   
The center will be dedicated to the teaching of languages and computer skills for people of all technical levels and expects to serve more than 135 people each week.   
The tech center recently campaigned to purchase new laptop computers for use and 11 have been donated so far.  The center will open once they acquire a minimum of 15 laptops for student use.   If you would like to contribute a laptop ($429usd) or make a donation of any amount towards the new Technology center at entreamigos, please do!

Thanks and see you soon!

Entreamigos está a punto de abrir sus puertas para la nueva temporada!

En este momento estamos organizando todas las actividades del bloque Octubre-Diciembre 2012.

Si quieres ser voluntario, compartir una clase o taller, presentar una exposición o una firma de libros o proyectar una presentación...

SI quieres enseñar o practicar en el área de deportes, rentar el edificio, recibir a un grupo, sugerir alguna actividad o tour, organizar un evento o cualquier otra cosa...AHORA ES EL MOMENTO!

Por favor comunícate de inmediato con Nicole a

Si ya te pusiste en contacto con Nicole, por favor envía un recordatoria de todas formas, asi podemos estar completamente seguros de que esta en nuestra agenda.
Centro de cómputo...pronto en San Pancho!

Un nuevo centro de cómputo abrira sus puertas en una de las áreas de estudios de entreamigos!
El centro se dedicará a enseñar computación e idiomas a personas con y sin conocimientos técnicos y espera servir a mas de 135 personas cada semana. 

Recientemente hicimos una campaña de recaudación para poder comprar las nuevas computadoras y hasta el momento hemos podido reunir para 11 equipos. 

Gracias y nos vemos pronto!
Back From The Brink
  Dune Buggy Update: To make a long story short, the engine needs to be replaced. Bottom line is a refurbished engine installed is going to cost us $12,500 pesos (about $1000USD). AND we are without a buggy for a week. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to La Patrona Polo Club for letting us use their UTV "MULA" at night!! So although this is bad news, at least we are not patrolling the beach on foot AND we have a way to haul sand to and from the beach now. We are sooo grateful for that!!!!
   20 turtles last night. But 4 nests got poached on Questos. Thank you again La Patrona Polo Club for lending us the "Mula" while the buggy gets repaired. Nest count=1,068
For more information about the turtle program, visit our website: 

Or you can see our day to day work on Facebook at: San Pancho Turtles




Para obtener más información sobre el programa de tortuga, visite nuestro sitio web:  


O usted puede ver nuestro trabajo del día a día en Facebook en: San Pancho Tortugas 
Crazy for Coconut Oil 

  Until recently, coconut oil has had a very bad reputation.  Many accused coconut oil of causing weight gain, heart disease and more due to its high content of saturated fats. The truth? Studies in tropical communities now show that coconut oil is actually a powerful healing food that is wonderfully good for us!  Lucky  

for us in San Pancho, coconuts are ubiquitous. Here are 3 great reasons why you might want to start adding coconut oil to your shopping list.      


1. Coconut Oil supports metabolism and weight loss.  Yes, coconut oil is a fat, but it won't make you fat! Coconut oil is actually a high quality fatty acid that can make you leaner and more energetic!  Coconut oil not only gives your thyroid a healthy boost, it is also converted directly to energy instead of being stored as fat.  Many people are turning to coconut oil for weight loss and increased energy.  


2. Coconut Oil is a natural moisturizer. In addition to having loads of health benefits when consumed, coconut oil is also a treat to the skin. Skip processed, expensive body lotions and go for coconut oil instead. Coconut oil also has anti-aging benefits, and can help protect the skin from free radicals, which can cause skin to look older and more tired.  It'll make you smell nice too!  


3. Coconut Oil is great for cooking.  Cooking with coconut oil not only adds a nice tropical flavor to your food; it is also one of the healthiest oils to cook with.  Many other kinds of vegetable oils go rancid when heated. This is not a good thing; rancid oil can cause a variety of health issues.  Alternatively, when coconut oil is exposed to heat, it's been found to resist mild heat damage and maintain its wonderful health qualities. Coconut oil is great for stir-frying, baking, etc.  
Ready to get your health back on track? Check out my free guide to start listening to your body.   

Tamara Jacobi
Jungle Lodge Manager & Holistic Health Coach
San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico

Hasta hace poco, el coco de aceite ha tenido una muy mala reputación. Muchos acusados aceite de coco de causar aumento de peso, enfermedades del corazón y más debido a su alto contenido de grasas saturadas. ¿¿La verdad? Los estudios realizados en comunidades tropicales muestran el aceite de coco es realmente un alimento curativo de gran alcance es maravillosamente bueno para nosotros! Por suerte para nosotros, en San Pancho, los cocos son omnipresentes. Aquí hay 3 grandes razones por las que puede que desee empezar a añadir el aceite de coco a su lista de compras.

1. El aceite de coco ayuda al metabolismo y la pérdida de peso. Sí, el aceite de coco es una grasa, pero no va a hacer la grasa! El aceite de coco es en realidad un ácido graso de alta calidad te puede hacer más ágil y con más energía! El coco de aceite no sólo da su tiroides un impulso sano, también se convierte directly at energía en vez de ser ROUTINES como grasa. Muchas personas recurren al aceite de coco para bajar de peso y aumentar la energía.

2. El aceite de coco es un humectante natural. Además de tener un montón de beneficios para la salud cuando se consumen, el aceite de coco es también un tratamiento para la piel. Saltar procesados, lociones para el cuerpo caro e ir por el aceite de coco en su lugar. El aceite de coco también tiene beneficios contra el envejecimiento, y pueden ayudar a proteger la piel de los radicales libres, pueden causar la piel parezca más vieja y más cansada. Se va a hacer usted huele muy bien también!

3. El aceite de coco es ideal para cocinar. Cocinar con de coco de aceite no sólo following un sabor tropical agradable de la comida, sino también es uno de los aceites más saludables para cocinar. Muchos otros tipos de aceites vegetales ponerse rancia cuando se calienta. Esto no es una buena cosa, el aceite rancio puede causar una variedad de problemas de salud. Por otra parte, cuando el aceite de coco se expone al calor, se ha determinado un resistir el daño por calor leve y mantener sus cualidades maravillosas de la salud. El aceite de coco es ideal para, la fritura de hornear, etc.
¿Está listo para su salud de nuevo en marcha? Echa un vistazo a mi guía gratuita para empezar a escuchar a su cuerpo. 
                            Birding With Luis

Orange Fronted Parakeet or

Periquito frentenarana / (Aratinga canicularis)  


The orange fronted parakeet is one of the most common species of parrot family along the Nayarit coast but unfortunately they are also the most vulnerable to illegal trade. Getting to know these birds in the wild helps us to appreciate them and value them even more.  

 For information and tours

Contact Luis Morales  




Es una de las especies de pericos más comunes en la costa de Nayarit y desafortunadamente una de las más vulnerables al comercio ilegal. Conocer a estas aves en su e

stado silvestre nos ayuda a apreciarlas y a valorarlas aún más. 

            Contacto con Luis Morales en:   

Photo Of The Week

Casa Valhalla


3,700 square feet (approx.) 

Located in the exclusive community of Costa Azul, in the north end of San Pancho. This beautiful home, nestled into the hillside, across the street from the ocean, features a long view of 
the beach and lush landscaping throughout. This is a fantastic opportunity to own a truly magnificent house in San Pancho.
( First time on the market.)    

 For additional details 

contact  Chris King at 
Rancho Riviera Realty
cel 322 175 3670 
or call toll free (888) 835-3815  

Spotlight On Rentals

Casa Lolita 
Reserve this Rental in San Pancho 
for your Next Vacation!

Casa Lolita is a brand new remodeled beachfront house in San Pancho San Franciso Mexico.  It has fantastic views of the beach and ocean.  The gardens around the house are tropical and lush.  

The house has two bedrooms, one bathroom, with a  kitchen and living area.  Each bedroom has it's own private terrace each with fantastic ocean views.
Wifi and maid service every other day.  Close to all galleries, stores, and restaurants. 

For more information click here Casa Lolita


Contact us to advertise your home and start receiving more reservations than ever before.  


Kimberly King

Executive Director   


Contacte con nosotros para anunciar su casa y empezar a recibirmás reservas que nunca antes.  

Kimberly King
director Ejecutivo

Vacation Rentals & Business Advertising

San Pancho  

Do You Own a Vacation Rental House in San Pancho?
San Pancho Advertising

If so, we hope you are advertising on and reaching the hundreds of visitors we receive to our website everyday. Our rates are very affordable, your success is 100% guaranteed, and best of all you are helping to support our community website.

Contact us to advertise your home and start receiving more reservations than ever before.  Have a business?  To advertise your business Contact us 


Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.


Kimberly King

Executive Director  

San Pancho Life
Calle Tercer Mundo #50
San Pancho, 63732