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October 7, 2011


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Meetings every Wednesday 6:00 pm at Cafe Del Mar, weekly reunion AC San Pancho Magico (in formation), all invited to participate, it is very important to your presence, please spread the word.


The Partnership aims to achieve major improvement in the welfare of all the inhabitants of the town of San Francisco, San Pancho, Nayarit, through the development of projects and actions to improve day by day the tourist town.

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Kimberly King - Executive Director
Hola San Pancho,


Summer is winding down and everyone is looking forward to cooler weather. For all of San Pancho's weather updates, you can go to


San Pancho Days ( Patron Saint festivities) has been going on all this week, with fun for the whole family. At the plaza there were carnival rides for the kids, nightly entertainment, and dancing to some of Mexico's great bands. 

The weather kicked in Saturday night, with heavy showers, right in the middle of the folkloric dance exibition, and everyone ran for cover. Miraculously, an hour later, the skies cleared and as the lights came back on, the band started to play, and there was dancing until the wee hours of the morning. 


The spay and neuter clinic will not be making its visit this November or December, as originally planned. However, we will have a clinic sometime later in the Spring, and I hope there will still be plenty of volunteers around who will be interested in helping out. 

I want to thank everyone for your welcoming comments. 

Another thank you to Chris Parsons for his San Pancho Days


I look forward to bringing you all the happenings in our community, and share with you, the joy of living in San Pancho.

Please feel free to post your comments, share your photos, and report any news about San Pancho, on our  Facebook page. 

You can contact me directly at, if you would like to talk about advertising or to write for us. 


I look forward to talking to you about San Pancho and encourage you to come by the office, at #50 Tercer Mundo, for a cup of coffee.


Have a great week!




kim king 


Kimberly King is a community website for the village of SanPancho, Nayarit, Mexico 

 Best San Pancho Days Ever! 



 Notes From The Ranch  


loud noiseWell, I am proudly wearing my


T-shirt. I live one block from the church and plaza and every year I vow to go away for the festivities but at the last moment I can't leave Juno and Manchita alone here. They are freaked out by the bombs and basically live under the bed for 10 days. Poor girls. I am not too fond of the 5:30am bomb wake up call myself. I don't understand the whole bomb concept.



If our pueblo patron saint is San Franciscode Assisi, lover of animals and birds, why in the world do we scare the crap out of them every year? Go figure...enough ranting.  



The humidity is over for the most part and I can cover myself with a sheet most nights now. I have a full body heat rash that hopefully will clear up soon. Am I having a hot flash or is it just the tropics?

On the home front, the chickens are chicking, more and more little babies running around. Telly Savalas holds court and won't let anyone near the brood. I need to find their secret nest so I can gather the eggs to sell and use in Sazón but I admit the little ones running around are so cute. 

I have frozen the last of the guayabas and squeezed the lemons into ice cube trays for agua fresca. This year we didn't have much of a mango or pineapple harvest in this area so I had to cut back on the amount of cutney and marmelades that I preserved. They will taste like sweet sunshine in a few months. I'm going to try my hand at bread baking. The last results are now being used as hockey pucks in Canada.


Jason is on his way back the the Mediterranean Sea and his big ship. We had a good visit, lots of coffee consumed and lots of planning for Sazón. New recipes in the file ready to make, new ideas; he truly is a Renaissance Man. Thanks, Primo. With luck I will have electricity in Sazón this week. Ah, details.


I am so looking forward to being really busy again! I love to work hard and have fun. I've looked at my sewing machine sitting there, threaded and ready to go, for the past 2 months. Maybe it is time to blow the dust off of it and start sewing! I've been busy with handwork sewing but need to kick up the production. Someone motivate me, please.


Life is good in the lull before the season. I am trying to take more time for meditation and prayer. I still make my Gratitude List every morning and night. Yoga is starting to call my name again. We have an abundance of great teachers in the area so I'll try out a few classes. 


I had to scale a 10 foot wall the other day. Don't ask. Once I hauled myself to the top of it and stood up, I realized that I am not 21 anymore and going up is so much easier than getting down. Gracefully. Without pain. Or scratches. I have some beauties on my legs to show you. When did I get so old and why didn't someone warn me? 


Things I am grateful for this week: peaceful quiet mornings, lazy sleeping dogs and you. 

                                                                               Blessings, Tamara


Tamara Bode has been living in San Pancho 

for 15 years. She is the owner of 

Harmonia Holistica. She is a Massage Therapist, 

and also specializes in nutrition counseling and lifestyle coaching. 

Contact Tamara at




ENTREAMIGOS is getting ready to open for the new Season!!  

After a very restful and uneventful September, Entreamigos staff and volunteers are back at work to get ready for the new season.  We are dusting off books, cleaning cobwebs from computers and having lots of meetings to plan the fun and exciting activities for the coming year! We look forward to seeing everyone, please come in for a big hug and hello! 


This is a very current list of the items that we really, really need for the Library.  If you can pop just one of these into your suitcase or car on your journey back, it would make a big difference! 

Flat screen computer monitors
PUZZLES (the kind with 50 pieces or less and especially the big floor ones)
GAMES (the basic ones no reading involved)
Pencil Sharpeners (the classroom kind)
Scissors (the adult sharp kind)
Balls... Basketballs, Soccer, Ping Pong
School Supplies of every sort
and please remember that the HOLIDAYS are coming!!!  
The Library and Recicla Shop need TOYS, TOYS, TOYS to give as gifts to kids and to sell at a discount to local families in Recicla Shop.   Buying toys in Mexico is ridiculously expensive and out of reach for most families and bringing your slightly used toys down for our kids is a great way to help!

REMEMBER RECICLA SHOP!                     

As you head down this way and begin to sort through your homes, please remember RECICLA SHOP!    We would love to have any or all of your kitchenware, houseware, decorations, clothes or books that you no longer need.  We always put them to good use either directly in the library or by selling them at great prices in our Recicla Shop and helping to support the local community and the activities of entreamigos.  Please drop by your donations any day from 10-2!!!  Thank You!

Nicole and staff at entreAmigos

San Pancho Beach Cleanup

trash pick upSaturday Oct. 15th - meet at Malecon between 8am and 8:30am.

Trash bags will be provided for picking up trash.

At 8:30am everyone walks north toward Casa Lorenzo and Costa Azul Resort.

We are focusing on inorganic and man-made trash and debris and need to try and separate recyclables from debris.


Trash pickup proceeds to the north point, and then return to Casa Lorenzo (next door to Costa Azul Resort) where between 9:30 and 10am pancakes will be served.

Bring a favorite topping for sharing on your pancakes, maple syrup and butter will be provided.

After breakfast there will be music on the beach all day long! 

Enjoy the day!!

For more information contact Chris Parsons at


Birding in San Pancho with Luis 




Partners in Flight (PIF) is a Tri-national (Canada, US, México) which has the mission of conserving our shared birds in these countries

(than 1,150 species of birds, including 882 native landbird species) 

which requires a continental, and ultimately hemispheric, perspective and a commitment to international cooperation.

As part of this continental initiative, a PIF`s Western Working Group has been created in order to achieve the goal of effective conservation of birds and their habitats on the western slope of Canada, continental United States and Mexico. Some of the organizations widely involved in this group are The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, the Sonoran Joint Venture, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Canada Environment, 

CONABIO `s Initiative for the Conservation of North American Birds (Mexico´s National Commission for Biodiversity) and the Point Reyes Bird Observatory  to name a few.


This week the PIF`s Western Working Group had its annual meeting at Mazatlan, Sinaloa and they were very supportive of the idea of creating a "San Pancho Bird Observatory", this is an organization that will include a field-station and headquarter in town that will have some of these goals:

  • Promoting Bird-oriented environmental education and scientific training with special emphasis on the local community. 
  • Perform research on migratory and resident bird species.
  • Promote volunteer service of groups, individuals, NGO`s and academic institutions.
  • Support other productive projects an NGO`s related to conservation in the community and the region.
  • An initiative to build and connect local, regional and tri-national capacities related to bird conservation.

If you live, have visited or will visit the San Pancho, Nayarit area and have questions, proposals or comments to support and enrich this initiative please contact Luis Morales to Gracias! 




Compañeros en Vuelo (PIF por sus siglas en inglés) es una iniciativa trinacional (Canadá, EE.UU., México), que tiene la misión de lograr la conservación de nuestras aves compartidas en estos países (más de 1.150 especies de aves, incluyendo 882 especies nativas de aves terrestres), lo cual requiere de un esfuerzo continental y en última instancia hemisférica, una perspectiva y el compromiso de la cooperación internacional. 

Como parte de esta iniciativa continental, un Grupo de Trabajo occidental de PIF se ha creado con el fin de lograr el objetivo de la conservación eficaz de las aves y sus hábitats en la vertiente occidental de Canadá, Estados Unidos continentales y México. Algunas de las organizaciones participan ampliamente en este grupo son el The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, la Alianza Sonorense,, EE.UU. Fish and Wildlife Service, Environment Canada, la Iniciativa de la CONABIO (Comisión Nacional de México para la Biodiversidad) para la Conservación de las Aves de Norte América  y el Point Reyes Bird Observatory  por nombrar unos algunas de ellas.

Esta semana, el Grupo de Trabajo Occidental de PIF celebró su reunión anual en Mazatlán, Sinaloa y están muy a favor de la idea de crear un" Observatorio de Aves de San Pancho ", se trata de una organización que incluye la creación de una estación de campo y una sede en el pueblo que tiene entre otros los siguientes objetivos:  - Promoción de la educación ambiental y la formación científica orientadas a las aves con especial énfasis en la comunidad local.  - Realizar investigaciones sobre las especies de aves migratorias y residentes.  - Promover el voluntariado de grupos, individuos, ONG `s e instituciones académicas.  - Apoyo a otros proyectos productivos y ONG `s relacionadas con la conservación en la comunidad y la región.  - Una iniciativa para construir y conectar las capacidades locales, regionales y trinacionales relacionadas con la conservación de las aves. 

Si usted vive, ha visitado o panea visitar San Pancho, Nayarit o las áreas cercanas y tiene preguntas, propuestas o comentarios para apoyar y enriquecer esta iniciativa por favor póngase en contacto con Luis Morales a Gracias!



Back from the Brink


Hatchlings in Your Yard?

We need help getting the hatchlings to the sea from October 15th-18th.The extremely high waves that hit our beach
from August 29th-31st washed out our beach nursery and made nearly the entire beach too wet for turtle nests. Sayulita's Beach Nursery was also over run by waves and our incubation nursery in town was full to capacity leaving us nowhere to put the eggs.  Nesting Turtles had to crawl all the way up to the beach houses to find dry sand or risk having their eggs destroyed by sea water. Twenty two nests that were laid lower on the beach were relocated by Grupo Eco to higher locations.  All those nests are due to hatch between October 15 and October 18.  If all goes well, it is very likely that people walking on the beach during those days and nights may see hatchlings making their way to the sea.  This is a long and difficult journey for the-made doubly hard by the longer than normal distances they have to crawl.  Things like footprints, beach debris, crabs, birds and dogs make it extremely dangerous.  If you see turtle hatchlings on the beach, PLEASE give them a helping hand!  Simply carry them down to the water's edge and place them about 5 feet (1.5meters) from the wet sand.  They will instinctively enter the water on their own.  Look closely and you will be rewarded by the view of their tiny heads bobbing on the surface for a breath of air.  If you are living in a beach house, especially on the north end of the beach, it is critical that you please turn off any outdoor lighting for those 4 nights.  Turtle hatchlings are drawn to light; and for the past 3 million years, that light has been the moon and stars reflecting off the water.  Only in the past 20 years has that changed to artificial lighting on the beaches.  The lights will severely disorient the hatchlings and instead of crawling to the sea they will end up in your landscaping or your pool.  For the endangered Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, every hatchling counts, so your help will be greatly appreciated in this effort. 
If you see a turtle nesting on the beach, please call 322 1800 868 anytime 24/7 and we will send someone out immediately.  If you see hatchlings and can't take them down the sea yourself, call that same number and we will send someone out to collect them.  
You can follow us on Facebook at San Pancho Turtles and visit our                                                             website at
                                                                 Article by Joslin Bertrand  


Vacation Rentals & Business Advertising

San Pancho  

Do You Own a Vacation Rental House in San Pancho?
San Pancho Advertising

If so, we hope you are advertising on and reaching the hundreds of visitors we receive to our website everyday. Our rates are very affordable, your success is 100% guaranteed, and best of all you are helping to support our community website.

Contact us to advertise your home and start receiving more reservations than ever before.  Have a business?  To advertise your business Contact us 


Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make San Pancho a better place in which to live and vacation.


Kimberly King

Executive Director  

San Pancho Life
Calle Tercer Mundo #50
San Pancho, 63732