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"To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art."
 - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Welcome to the November Newsletter!
Mary Serphos
I am writing this month's newsletter while on a simple yet focused retreat, close to my Northern California home but miles away from chaos, stimulation, and the swirl of life.  It is day 2 and I am beginning to shift into a quieter and more grounded place.  I am learning about ways I can let go more, accept more and also work with change.  
We are all undoubtedly feeling the chill of fall and witnessing nature begin to shift, let go and change.  Certainly, some of us welcome these changes and others resist them (myself included!)  Either way, there is so much to learn from nature as we care for our health and well being especially during the changing seasons.  

Now OFfering Workshops

I am very excited to announce that The Aware Body is now offering workshops.  Just last month we held our first workshop, and will be offering it again in the winter.  This compelling workshop titled, "Create Balance, Embody Joy"  focuses on caring for the self as the fall and winter emerge.  Participants will learn the principles and concepts that inspire us to re-connect with joy and inner wisdom especially as it turns from warm to cold and light to dark.  In the future this workshop will be held in New York as the seasons shift from spring to summer so please look for the workshops details coming soon to our website    
Listed below are some highlights of the workshop:
  • Uncover ways to gain vitality during the shifting seasons.
  • Explore your unique roadmap to joy.
  • Learn strategies to remain grounded during times of transition.
  • Find out about simple techniques to care for your most prized possession: your body.

During the workshop you will discover knowledge and skills to empower and rediscover you.  In a safe and supportive environment, participants will explore what it means to feel balanced and joyful during times of stress and uncertainty. You will practice and learn ways to calm the mind, gain power over your thoughts, develop conscious communication and take care of your body and health.  Find out about foods that heal and nourish and help you gain a greater sense of balance, joy and overall wellbeing! 
In the future, I will also be offering Grocery Store Tours where participants will walk out inspired and armed with new ingredients to cook with.  I will teach you how to read food labels and what foods to buy.  Learn ways to prepare and cook simple/easy meals that nourish adults and children alike. 

Please contact me if you are interested in an upcoming workshop or a grocery store tour.  Look for more information on both of these events in upcoming newsletters.
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Food as Medicine: The Power of Apples
Why Eating an Apple Before Lunch Can Help You Eat Less
And Why If You're Pregnant or Planning on Getting Pregnant  You Should be Eating an Apple a Day. 
 by Mary Serphos
ApplesMost likely you are aware that eating an apple is healthier than drinking apple juice or eating applesauce because of the lower level of sugars absorbed by the body.   And because eating an apple with the skin contains the most fiber and nutrients it makes it better for us.   It goes without saying then, that when the least processed form of any food is consumed our bodies thrive.
And here's even more good news about eating the apple whole and untouched:  people ate approximately 190 fewer calories when eating an apple a half hour before lunch than people who ate applesauce, fiber fortified apple juice and plain apple juice (research done by Penn State University).
And if you are a pregnant woman or are planning on getting pregnant, eat lots of apples! Children tend to have lower rates of asthma when their mother's consume apples, Dutch research suggests.  Statistics show that over 20 million of Americans including 6.2 million children suffer from asthma.  ResearchersPregnant speculate that the antioxidants and flavanoids including quercetin which works like a natural antihistamine help fight inflammation. This is also important since a Food and Drug Administration panel has voted unanimously to ban the asthma drugs Foradil and Serevent for children.
Apples are perfectly in season right now and there are so many ways to enjoy this naturally sweet treat. Apples dipped in honey make an easy and delicious dessert or snack for all ages.  Or try Apples with almond butter or sunflower seed butter- a great way to get your apple a day with protein, calcium, fiber and healthy fat. There are multiple varieties of apples- Fuji, Jonah Gold, Gala, green.  Try sampling different ones and try putting shredded apple into a cabbage/carrot slaw for a sweet twist. Yum!


Miracle Mineral...Selenium
by Mary Serphos
A trace mineral found in Brazil nuts, walnuts, garlic, shellfish, poultry, and eggs, selenium is a potent protector against many different types of  cancers including, prostate, colorectal, bladder and lung.  Selenium may also relieve inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis and helps reduce itching, flaking and irritation of the scalp.  In a study done by the Human Nutrition Resource Center of the Agricultural Resource Service, those who took selenium reported a significant improvement in mood and clarity.  And if that doesn't convince you of the importance of selenium, adding selenium rich foods to your diet or taking a limited amount of the supplement (too much can cause toxicity) can prevent you from having a heart attack and boost your immunity, according to the New York Times Guide to Alternative Health.  Selenium is a true miracle mineral that is best absorbed through selenium rich food and fortunately most of us in the Western world get enough from diet alone and don't need to take it in supplement form.
How to make sure you are getting this miracle mineral into your body: the best and easiest way to get selenium in your diet whether you are a carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or a raw foods aficionado is to eat Brazil nuts (eating 2 of them with the 'skins' on will do the trick!) or a handful of walnuts several times a week.
Call us today to schedule an appointment and stay tuned for upcoming workshops and grocery store tours.  We look forward to hearing from you. 
Have a wonderful Fall season!
Mary Serphos
The Aware Body
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