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Economic Challenge Creates Opportunity!
Love, Challenge, Equip!
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Happy Summer! 
It is hard to believe we are half way through 2009! We have prayed diligently for the provision of our organization, our volunteers, donors and all those we have come to know and love through Jeremiah's Promise. It has been a challenging year for many of you and for us, as well.  Our heart has gone out to you.  At the same time, we have seen our prayers answered many times over in ways that have been amazing and poignant. Your tireless time, talent and treasure have allowed us to do what we do best:  serve young women who have aged out of foster care homes in our area. Read on to see how you have helped effect dramatic and permanent changes!
Update on Former Resident: Giving What She Didn't Get
Jenn walked through the doors of Jeremiah's Promise when she was 18 years old and still in high school. A self-described insecure teen, she always said "sorry" for anything she did, apologizing for her existence after so many years of feeling like she didn't matter.
After 2 years of living at Jeremiah's Promise, she developed confidence through relationship building with her mentor, mentor's family, the staff and all of our residents.  Of course the first several months it took a concerted effort by the staff and our girls who would say, "Sorry for what? You don't have to say that. You didn't do anything. It's okay now." Finally, after two years in college, she was ready to live on her own. She began working at Green Pastures, a home for disabled foster youth. Jenn has spent the last 1 years working passionately with these youth, ages 11 to 19, most coming from abusive environments, all challenged by disabilities such as physical handicaps or Autism. She says it is tough, emotional work.She has been in similar situations and understands their pain. Her desire is to convey "love and trust" to them, because she knows from firsthand experience how much they need it. Though it is exhausting work, Jenn finds joy in doing "fun things" with the kids, like taking them to Boy Scouts, Disney Land or camping trips. She has stepped into a nurturing role to pour out compassion and guidance on the youth at Green Pastures.
You may think that with all of this, she wouldn't have time for more, but Jenn holds four part time jobs, volunteers, and goes to school! This busy woman is finishing her A.A. in Child Development at DeAnza and plans to continue a fulfilling career at Green Pastures.  It is amazing to see a former resident of Jeremiah's Promise flourish in her career and goals. She even continues to meet with the same mentor she was paired with when she first arrived at Jeremiah's Promise! Great work, Jenn! Keep it up! You are - and always have been - an inspiration to all of us you know you!
Highlighting New Residents!
In the Spotlight!Three new residents have joined us since their recent graduations. They are driven, exuberant young women looking forward to college life.  Two of the residents are getting a head start on their classes this summer, while the other is working full time and starting classes this fall. Below, we are focusing on one of our new gals.

In the Spotlight this Issue:
Rita came to join us recently after struggling to make it on her own for the past year. She has a deep desire to launch a career in the field of Social Work and Political Science. She enrolled in classes at Heald College where she is taking a full load of classes and is nearly finished with her first semester. In addition, Rita found a job (a hard thing to do for almost anyone!), and is working whenever she isn't in class or doing homework. Bright and caring, Rita is on her way to a great future!
The JP yard is no longer a jungle!
A heartfelt thanks to the 50 plus volunteers from Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and Tom Baenziger who tackled the Jeremiah's Promise yard, installed a new sprinkler system, added plants, and uprooted stubborn weeds. It was not an easy task, and we are extremely grateful for their help. The yard looks beautiful which helps the girls take deeper pride in their home! It's become even more of a healing environment for them.
Challenge Creates Opportunity!
While we have been blessed through much of this year, thanks to a large Christmas giving season, the uncertainty of the economy is finally having its effect on us.  We are accustomed to using a little to do great things; after all, our organization started in the midst of the " bust."
 Last fall, in anticipation of a drop in grant and donor receipts, we trimmed everywhere we believed we could - eliminating about 15 percent from our proposed 2009 budget and working relentlessly to beef up our reserves.  Despite our good stewardship, we are facing a serious budget deficit.  Now we need your help to keep our state-of-the-art program running long term.  We hope to transform many more lives in the years ahead, but it takes funding to accomplish lasting change in the lives of youth who lag far behind their peers academically, socially, emotionally and professionally. The grants and donations continue to arrive, though many are at reduced levels. We are seeing the opposite, too, and are thankful for those of you who have stretched your contributions to help us meet our basic needs.
 We would like to pose a challenge to those of you who are contemplating your giving budget this year. Would you consider a monthly pledge of any amount that would help us overcome this shortfall?  If we all pitch in together, we will be able to continue to serve these young women from the foster system who continue remarkable transformations under our care and guidance. Click here to learn more about our needs and online contributions. Many hearty thanks!
Love, Challenge and Equip for a Brighter Future!
JP Staff and MentorsOne of the pivotal components of our program is the relationships between our mentors and residents. Research supports that the interest of just one caring adult in the life of a youth makes a significant impact on the youth's future success and self esteem. We need the team work of the community to step up for this important role! Please consider becoming part of a girl's life here at Jeremiah's Promise and reap the benefits of a rewarding and caring mentor relationship!
We are launching a Mentor/Volunteer Training this summer for everyone interested in becoming a part of the Jeremiah's Promise community!  Contact Bonnie @ 408.962.0630 or for more information.
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to stay up-to-date on the amazing happenings at Jeremiah's Promise! You have made a difference already...don't stop now!

The Jeremiah's Promise Team
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