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April 2012

The Antrim Players
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"Grease" Is The Word


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Tara's Crossing


Audition News  
Actors Needed For 3 Roles In
"Of Mice And Men"

Exciting News
2012-2013 Membership Offer




We Have Reached Our Goal Of Signing Up 100 Members For Our 2012-2013 Season. However, Antrim Is Offering Full Memberships For Only $89 Between Now And The Close Of Grease On 5/13/2012. That's $10 Off Our Regular Subscription Price Of $99.

Click Below To Purchase Your Membership Now Before Prices Go Up. 




 We Are Looking For 3 Actors For
"Of Mice And Men"

Curley (mid-20's- 30's)

Short man, feisty, looking for a fight, intense, immature, can't handle his wife, mistakenly goes after Lennie

 The Boss (60's+)

No nonsense guy, used to working with day laborers/drifters, abrupt, disappointed with son, short fuse.

Whit: (20's) Young laborer, good natured, more follower than leader, innocent guy. 


Contact the director,
Brooke Malloy, at  to schedule an appointment.


For complete information visit us at



President's Corner  

Dear Antrim Patrons,

Thanks to everyone who came to see my directorial debut in Arsenic And Old Lace. It was a great experience for me to work with such a talented cast and crew and to see four months of hard work come to life on the stage. Judging by the feedback from all of you I think we can say that we did a good job. Working on this show made me fully appreciate what a collaborative effort it is to launch a production and why the word community is the most important aspect of community theater. Without the dedication of dozens of volunteers working tirelessly on every production we would not be able to stage the quality shows you have come to expect and that you deserve from Antrim. Many thanks to Barbara, Mary, George, Kate, Earle, Ron, Mike, Joe, Anthony, Arthur, Jacob, Connie, Megan, Penny, Ben, Robin, Derek, Kristin, Bill, Jim, Allan, Genie,Jeanette, Brooke, Brianne, Maureen, Meg, Randy and Doreen. You are all very special people and I look forward to working with you again. 


You are once again going to see the results of that collaborative effort as you enjoy our next production, "Grease", opening on April 13th. We have assembled an incredibly talented cast and crew to transport you back to a simpler time in 1950's America.


Our $75.00 membership was a huge success. Although, we have already met our quota of 100 members at this low price we are offering another great deal. For the run of Grease, April 13h to May 13 you can purchase a membership for our 2012-2013 season for only $89.00. This is $10.00 off our regular membership. For this low price you become a full member of Antrim and can see each show next season for only $14.80 per show. This offer expires on May 13th so purchase your memberships now either online at or by completing the form that is inserted in this playbill and mailing it with a check made out to The Antrim Players to:

The Antrim Players Memberships

PO Box 436

Suffern, NY 10901


Act now! On May 14th the subscription price will return to the normal price of $99.00.  


On Monday 4/2, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a meeting at the Elmwood Playhouse in Nyack. I was warmly welcomed and was amazed at the level of support this theater has. It was great to see so many people give so much of themselves to this wonderful theater. We are blessed to have 2 great theaters in this county who are committed to bringing you the very best in live community theater. I urge you all to make every effort to go see the shows at Elmwood. I know you will enjoy them. Antrim will be working very closely with Elmwood in the future to share props, costumes, actors, directors, producers and technical staff.  This is very good news as it will only make each of our productions more exciting and enjoyable for you. our loyal patrons. 


Thank You and I'll see you at the theater,

Marty Andreas
President - Antrim Players
(845) 664-0689 -

                                Grease Poster

Meet The Cast Of 
Dana Bauer as Debbie 
Justin Caramanica as Roger 
Lesley Chaluison as Elsie 
Vincent Cueva as Kenickie 
Christina Dallons as Sandy 
Doreen DiBenedetto as Miss Lynch 
Joe DiBartolo as Vince Fontaine
Bridget Emsworth as Jan

Kevin Emsworth as Woppo 
Meghann Elizabeth John as Frenchy 
Joshua Lindover as Danny 
Tom Mazzarella as Doody/Teen Angel 
Scarlett Moore as Cha Cha 
Kristin-Leigh Nicholson as Chrissy 
Brendan O'Brien as Eugene 
Michael Ortiz as Frankie 
Laura Pesanell as Miss Lynch 
Amanda Skrapits as Mandy 
Matt Sperzell as Sonny 
Jen Vadella as Marty 
Rob Vazquez as Putzie 
Stephanie Vitale as Rizzo 
Amanda Christine Vogt as Patty 
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