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November 2011

The Antrim Players
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Dial M For Murder 


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Shakespeare Night At Antrim

Antrim Says Goodbye To A Dear Friend

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Antrim Announces It's New And Exciting ASSOCIATE MEMBER PROGRAM

Online Ticketing Is A Huge Success

50-50 Raffles

End Of Season Super Raffle 


The Antrim Players  
Shakespeare Scene Night 
The Antrim Players Play Reading Workshop will be held on Wednesday, January 25th 2012 at 7pm at the theatre.  This will be a general meeting night so there will be an audience. This evening will consist of Shakespearean Scenes.  Those interested in participating please notify Joe McDonald at ASAP. 
Actors may pick their own scenes or Joe will have selected scenes prepared for early distribution.  Because of stage limitations, scenes should be no more than three actors and minimal blocking will be allowed.  Soliloquies are acceptable.  If an actor selects a scene it would facilitate matters if he/she could cast the other actors required in the scene.  If not, Joe will attempt to help casting the scene. 
The success of the workshop depends on the number of actors interested.  We don't see much of Will Shakespeare any more, and for those of you who have never performed in one of his plays, now is the opportunity to rediscover Old Will. An early response would help accelerate scene selection.  Please respond as soon as possible.  Please supply your full name, age range and telephone contact. 


Online Ticketing began on Sept. 1st and so far hundreds of patrons have taken advantage of this convenient way to purchase tickets. You can also purchase memberships, make donations, buy gift certificates and much more. Simply go to and click on Buy Tickets.   



Antrim is offering 2 exciting raffles at each of our shows.

- Take a chance on winning big at every show. Drawings are held at the end of each show.

End Of Year Raffle
- Jimmy's On Main in Nanuet is sponsoring an elegant 4 course dinner for 6 prepared in your home. Jimmy will provide the chef, wait staff, food, wine and flowers. Tickets are only $5 each with a special of 2 for $5 until Dec. 31st. Winner will be announced at our final show of the season on June 24, 2012. Tickets are for sale at intermission of every show.

President's Corner  

Dear Antrim Patrons,

I want to use this space this month to talk about volunteering at Antrim. I'm not sure that everyone has an understanding of exactly what it takes to keep a community theater running. Each show we put on takes at least 20 people, besides the cast, performing tasks such as stage managing, producing, designing, building and painting the sets, props, costumes, lighting and sound design and operation, hospitality, box office. And that is just to put on a show. There are dozens of other people needed to keep the theater running on a day to day basis doing tasks such as cleaning and repairing the theater, mowing the grass, cleaning up outside, organizing our costume closets, tech rooms and storage sheds. As you can imagine it takes more people than we have available to get everything done.
To help in the effort to attract volunteers Antrim is instituting a new and exciting Associate Member Program. We are offering you an opportunity to do what you love to do, whether it is sewing, painting, building repairs, cleaning, set decoration, lighting and sound or any one of a hundred tasks. In exchange you get to see all of our shows for free. Details of this program can be found on our website by clicking the link below and I thank you in advance for your help and support.

I want to thank Brianne Higgins, Dana Duff and the cast and crew of Antrim Antics Hits The Big Time for their hard work and creativity in making this show a success. This was a gamble for us to stage an all original sketch comedy and improv show unlike anything we have ever done before. It was also unlike anything our patrons have seen before in this area. Although it was not everyone's "Cup Of Tea", it was well received by the vast majority of our partons. As a community theater I believe that Antrim has an obligation to showcase local talent and produce shows that appeal to as wide a range of people as possible. I believe we accomplished that with Antics. Our 75th Diamond Jubilee season continues with the suspense thriller, Dial M For Murder, written by Frederick Knott and directed by Melinda Pinto. The show opens on Friday January 20th and you can reserve your tickets now by calling 845-354-9503 or ordering online on our website at

I will be making my directorial debut in March with  the Arsenic & Old Lace, written by Joseph Kesserling. Tickets are on sale now for this show.


Thank you again for your support and I look forward to seeing you at the theater. 




Marty Andreas
President - Antrim Players
(845) 664-0689 -

Opening On Friday January 20th  

Order Your Tickets Now

Dial M For Murder 



Goodbye To Blanche Rothstein

We Will ALL Miss Her Dearly 


It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Blanche Rothstein. Blanche was an active member of Antrim for more years than any of us can remember. She served as a Board Of Directors member, Assistant To The President, Director, Actor and many other roles too numerous to mention. Although the support she gave to Antrim was an important part of her life it pales in comparison to the support she gave to everyone she came in contact with.  Her skill as an actor and director, along with her willingness to share that skill, benefited myself and many other actors whom she mentored.  Her wisdom in assisting the Presidents of Antrim is one of the reasons the theater is still flourishing after 75 years. Blanche will never be forgotten and it is doubtful that we will see her equal at Antrim.

Although this is a sad occasion I am happy to say that Blanche handled her passing the same way she handled her life, on her own terms. She decided when and how her end would come and how those who love her will remember her. She did not want a funeral or service of any type and her family is honoring those wishes. However, there will be a memorial celebration of Blanche's life at the Antrim Playhouse where we will rename our downstairs lounge in her honor. Details on the date will be coming out shortly.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Gordon and the family in this sad time. Blanche, give 'em hell up there.