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October 2011

The Antrim Players
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President' Corner              

Coming Next To Antrim 

Antrim Antics Hits The Big Time 


Special Events  
Our Annual  Halloween Party On Friday Oct. 28th 


Dial M For Murder
Arsenic & Old Lace

Exciting News

Grease Is The Word

Online Ticketing Is A Huge Success

50-50 Raffles

End Of Season Super Raffle 


Antrim Will Be Hosting Our Annual Halloween Party On Friday October 28th Following The Performance Of Antrim Antics 3. All Are Welcome For A Great Evening Of Music, Dancing, Fine Food & Drink. All Patrons Coming To The Show On Friday Oct. 28th In Full Costume Will Receive 50% Off The Ticket Price.


Online Ticketing began on Sept. 1st and so far hundreds of patrons have taken advantage of this convenient way to purchase tickets. You can also purchase memberships, make donations, buy gift certificates and much more. Simply go to and click on Buy Tickets.   



Antrim is offering 2 exciting raffles at each of our shows.

- Take a chance on winning big at every show. Drawings are held at the end of each show.

End Of Year Raffle
- Jimmy's On Main in Nanuet is sponsoring an elegant 4 course dinner for 6 prepared in your home. Jimmy will provide the chef, wait staff, food, wine and flowers. Tickets are only $5 each with a special of 2 for $5 until Dec. 31st. Winner will be announced at our final show of the season on June 24, 2012. Tickets are for sale at intermission of every show.

President's Corner  

Dear Antrim Patrons,

 Our 75th Diamond Jubilee season has begun and judging by your response to our first show, Biloxi Blues, it is off to a great start. Nearly 1,000 people came to see the show and it received rave reviews from everyone including WRCR Radio, The Rockland County Times and Our Town newspapers. Congratulations to director Susan Binder, Stage Manager Leslie Dwarin and the entire cast and crew for a phenomenal job. Our next offering is the original comedy Antrim Antics 3 (Antrim Antics Hits The Big Time) opening on Friday Oct. 21st. This show, recommended for mature audiences, is an hilarious sketch comedy created and directed by Brianne Higgins and Dana Duff. It includes all original comedy written by the cast and crew. Saturday Night Live can't hold a candle to this so don't miss it. Order your tickets now.  


  I want to thank the France family for their loving care of our history. Over the summer they donated 3 huge file cabinets of memories from Antrim dating back to the 1920's. Brooke Malloy and Nancy Lopez with assistance from Steve St. George and Brianne Higgins spent countless hours sifting through the ton of items and decorating our downstairs lounge with an impressive display of our history. Thank you for your hard work and I urge everyone to view the displays the next time you are at the theater. I have reviewed a good deal of the information that was donated and I am amazed when I think of the great people that have guided Antrim in the past through both good and bad times. I am humbled to think that it is now my responsibility to continue that tradition of success. I'm not worried, though, I have a wonderful, caring board of directors and dozens of equally caring volunteers who love this theater as much as I do and will ensure that we pass along Antrim better than we found it. If you would like to join this "family" we have created please contact me at the number or email address listed at the end of this letter.    


  Our annual Halloween Party will be held on Friday Oct. 28th following the performance of Antrim Antics. All are welcome for a great night of music, dancing, food and drink. Randy Accardi will be DJ'ing the event so there will be plenty of dancing. We are also offering 50% off the ticket price to the show on this date for anyone coming in full costume.   


  I am pleased to announce that we have finally selected our musical for this season and Grease is the word. This award winning musical will be directed & choreographed by Randy Accardi and replaces A Chorus Line. Grease will run on the same dates as A Chorus Line and members can use those tickets for admittance.    


Thank you again for your support and I look forward to seeing you at the theater. 




Marty Andreas
President - Antrim Players
(845) 664-0689 -

Opening On Friday October 21st  


Antrim Antics 3
Come In Full Costume To The Show On Friday Oct. 28th And Get 1/2 Off The Ticket Price

Grease Is The Word

We Are Pleased To Announce That Our Spring Musical Will Be The Award Winning Musical Grease. Directed & Choreographed By Randy Accardi. Members Can Use Their Passes For A Chorus Line For Admittance To This Show.  

The Antrim Players

Welcomes You To Audition For

"Dial M For Murder"

By Frederick Knott

Directed By Melinda Pinto


Audition Dates: Wed Oct.  5th @7:30 PM    

                            Thur Oct. 6th @ 7:30PM                     

                            Monday Oct. 10th  @ 7:30PM

                            Tuesday Oct. 11th @ 7:30PM


                            Auditions Will Be Held At

The Antrim Playhouse -  15 Spook Rock Road,  Suffern, NY


Performance dates:  Jan. 20,21,22,27,28,29 - Feb. 3,4,&5


Cast Breakdown


Margot Wendice : A sophisticated 25 to 40 year old.


Max Halliday:  A  mystery writer with a sense of humor;  he is in love with Margot. Late 20's to 50 years old.


Tony Wendice:  Margot's husband; former professional Tennis player; 25 to 40 years old.


Captain Lesgate:  30 to 50 year old, hired by Tony to murder Margot.


Inspector Hubbard:  40 plus


Thompson:  policeman, can be any age.


Please be familiar with the script/characters.  Should you have any questions, contact the director:  Melinda Pinto at 914-548-5083 or


For complete information about the Antrim Players visit



The Antrim Players

Welcomes You To Audition For

"Arsenic & Old Lace"

By Joseph Kesserling

Directed By Marty Andreas


Audition Dates:   Tuesday Nov.  1st @7:00 PM         

                              Wednesday Nov. 2nd  @ 7:00PM               

                              Monday Nov. 7th  @ 7:00PM

                              Tuesday Nov. 8th @ 7:00PM


                            Auditions Will Be Held At

The Antrim Playhouse -  15 Spook Rock Road,  Suffern, NY


Performance dates:  March 2,3,4,9,10,11,16,17,18

Note that benefits may be scheduled on Wed, Thurs, Sat or Sun


Cast Breakdown


Abby Brewster  - A darling, elderly spinster with Victorian   


Martha Brewster - Kindly, elderly spinster with Victorian  


Teddy Brewster:  - Nephew, Thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt  

                                  and behaves accordingly

Mortimer Brewster - Nephew, the normal one in the family.

                                     Leading man type.

Elaine Harper - Attractive young woman, Brewster's

                           neighbor and Mortimer's


Jonathan Brewster - Nephew, sinister and devious, criminal

                                      type. Has had several plastic                                                        surgeries,latest one made him look  

                                      like Boris Karloff.

Dr. Einstein - Cohortof Jonathan's who performed his many  

                        plastic surgeries.Unkempt, sleazy character

Rev. Dr. Harper - Elaine's father. Friend of the Brewster  


Mr. Witherspoon - Elderly, tight lipped disciplinarian

Mr. Gibbs - Boarder, may play multiple roles

Lieutenant Rooney - Tough, dominating police officer.

Officer Brophy - TypicalBrooklyn Cop

Officer Klein - Typical Brooklyn Cop

Officer O'Hara - Dreams of being a playwright


Please be familiar with the script/characters.  Should you have any questions, contact the director:  Marty Andreas at 845-664-0689 or


For complete information about the Antrim Players visit