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March 2011

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Annual Meeting
MAY 23rd AT 7PM 
Antrim will be holding its  Annual Meeting On Monday May 23rd @ 7PM
We urge all members to attend this very important meeting as we will be electing new board members and discussing plans for our

Following the meeting you will be entertained by readings from your favorite Broadway shows after which refreshements will be served.

We Hope To See You All There

Actors Spotlight

The Cast Of

All Shook Up

Chad...................Dale O' Dell

Natalie.............Amanda Vogt

Jim.................Marty Andreas

Sylvia...Fallen Jean-Baptiste

Lorraine....Michele Cobham

Dennis............T. Eric Collins

Miss Sandra.Meghann John 

Mayor...........Lauren Widner

Dean ...Christian Fernandez

Earl.............Scott Manginelli


Brady Amoon

Guyl'Nara Barnett

Matthew Bases

Dana Bauer

Daniel Cruz

Jillian Greenstein

Melody Hockley

Jessica Jagielski

Jeffrey Martinez

Will Milien

President's Corner  

Dear Members,

Well, our 74th season is rapidly winding down. Our musical All Shook Up" opens on April 15th followed by Chapter Two on June 10th. In addition, we are presenting the next installment of Antrim Antics, titled "Antrim Antics II or Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Come Back To Antrim". Details for these shows are included in this newsletter and can also be found on our website  


I have to thank Randy Accardi, Doreen DiBenedetto and the cast and crew of Wait Until Dark for the exceptional job they did on "Wait Until Dark". Not only was the show a huge success but it exemplified the principles of community theater. In addition to the cast turning in excellent performances they also worked on all of the "back stage" duties as well. They brought in props, costumes, helped with set painting and construction and cleaned the theater every night. It is experiences like this that make working at Antrim so rewarding.  


Antrim will be holding it's Annual Meeting on Monday May 23rd at 7PM. Everyone is welcome to attend but I especially want our voting members to attend. We will be electing 2 new Board of Directors members as the terms of office for Randy Accardi and Tom Price are expiring. All season members have the right to vote and should excercise this right. The Board Of Directors are the guiding force behind everything that happens at Antrim. There is nothing more important than ensuring that we elect people who will continue to run our theater according to the high standards that you have come to expect. So I urge you to let your voice be heard by coming to the meeting and casting your vote. A nominating committee will be formed and all members will be informed of the candidates selected so they can intelligently cast their vote. The General Meeting is also a great place to find out how Antrim is doing and what our future plans are. I look forward to seeing you all there on May 23rd.      


Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you at Antrim.



Marty Andreas
President - Antrim Players
(845) 664-0689 -

Antrim Antics II

Opening Friday April 15th


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All Shook Up

Opening Friday June 10th


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Chapter Two