June 2010
Feng Shui Summer 
by Pat Hyduk
What is your song?
Away from home
Feng Shui is about your environment. 
And what more intimate environment is there than your clothing??

yin yang symbol
Are you more yang than yin?
More fire than earth?
Does your clothing exemplify that?
Discover how to choose your clothing to match your own energy.
June 4th or 5th
June 25th or 26th
9.00 - 1.00
Only six places in each workshop.
Call to reserve your place:
I am at present taking care of a friend's house in Toronto for 6 weeks - a superb chance to learn more about this fascinating multi-cultural city and its very friendly inhabitants. I am loving it!
Each morning I am delighted by the melodic birdsong coming from the back garden. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotations:
"A bird sings not because he has the answer, but because he has a song!" 

yellow warbler

I've been reflecting on what 'my song' is. I find I have more than one. And they change over time. I remind myself not only to honour them, but to have the courage to belt them out! 
One of my favourite 'songs' is facilitating Fashion Feng Shui workshops. Happily I have been asked to run a few of them while in Toronto and they are already filling up! If you think your friends in Toronto might be interested, there are still a few places available.
Who knows? They might find out what their song is!
 Details are in the left column.
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Photo credit: www.birdperch.com
Six weeks is a long time away from home, living in someone else's energy. To feel more comfortable I have  brought in a few temporary changes.  It reminds me of what happens during vacation travel. The excitement is usually enough to overlook that unsettled feeling of living in a hotel or impermanent lodging.
But if not, Feng Shui comes to the rescue!orchid altar
Bring these with you:
1. Flowers. They boost the energy of any room.
2. Crystals. If the door is in line with the bed a crystal hung above the entrance helps disperse the ch'i to create a more relaxing ambiance.
3. Lavender. A small flacon of essential oil encourages relaxation
4. Pillow.  If your special pillow helps you sleep well, bring it with you. 
5. Special objects. Make a little "altar" with some of your favourite items or photos for a contented feeling in a foreign location.
6.  Alarm clock. Bring your battery-run alarm so you can unplug the electric one that is driving you crazy with its inevitably blinking.
7. Music. An Ipod with a selection of relaxing or favourite music is a God-send.
Here's to a great summer chorus!

Pat Hyduk
Save 20%
If you have already done the Fashion Feng Shui workshop and would like to do it again, as a previous attendee, you are eligible for a 20% discount.
Places are limited so call me to reserve your spot: 416-537-4792
Offer Expires: June 30 2010