April 2010
Fashion Feng Shui
Does your clothing reflect who you are?
by Pat Hyduk
Now is the time!
Do you know who you are?
Are you in your element?
Fengshui Makeovers
Feng Shui is about your environment. 
And what more intimate environment is there than your clothing??

yin yang symbol
Are you more yang than yin?
More fire than earth?
Does your clothing exemplify that?
Discover how to choose your clothing to match your own energy.
April 18
9.30 - 1.00
Angeline's, Bloomfield
Call to reserve your place:
Now is the Time!
With April here, surely we can now say spring has arrived, even in
in Canada! 
apple blossoms

With it, a reinvigorated approach to life. To give yourself the space for budding new things, are you spring cleaning? Are you getting rid of old clutter, at long last?

And how about your clothes? Are you happy to bring out last year's gear? Or would you like to buy everything new?
Now is a good time to reassess it all before you spend rashly. Take a look at your wardrobe as you would your house. To help you along let's keep some Feng Shui principles in mind.
Your clothing should:
  • Give you confidence.
  • Uplift your energy.
  • Be what you absolutely love!
  • Reflect who you are.
Photo credit: apple blossoms at Angeline's
Do you know who you are?
Is the outfit on the right your style? If not, do you know what is?
floral dressHave you noticed that some clothes make you feel great...and others just don't cut it.
Do you know why?
Learn more about yourself and how to save money by making better fashion choices!  

Discover how to be more authentic in how you dress, and attract more of what you want in your life.
The Fashion Feng Shui workshop will help you do just that. See details in the left column.

Photo credit: Elle.com
Are you in your element?

Are you a Fire personality: passionate, charismatic, flamboyant, impulsive?
Or Earth: nurturing, sincere, stable, dependable?
  linen blouse and pants  
Or Wood, such as the photo left.
Or Metal, or Water? 
Find out what you are and how to tell the difference with three questionnaires that unveil the real you....from both the yin and yang and the five element point of view. Discover all this in the Fashion Feng Shui workshop next Sunday. 
It's intriguing - it tells you something about yourself.
And useful -it shows you how to select clothes that mirror the real you.
Why is that important?
Well, to begin... it leads to greater self-esteem and self-confidence.
Here's to finding our true selves...and celebrating them. There is still time to enrol in the April 11th workshop at Angeline's. Call to book your place: 613-885-1857
Pat Hyduk
Save 20%
If you have already done the Fashion Feng Shui workshop and would like to do it again, as a previous attendee, you are eligible for a 20% discount.
Places are limited so call me to reserve your spot: 613-885-1857
Offer Expires: April 30 2010