October 2009 Newsletter
I Know What I Like!
Feng Shui and Art
by Pat Hyduk 
Art:Its Purpose, Your Taste
Tips on Choosing Art
As Within, so Without
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Have you ever asked yourself what purpose art plays in our lives? Certainly it must be more than something that just matches the colour of the couch and curtains. Or is it?  This first article in a series taps into Feng Shui to provide a few answers .
But first, are you one of those who feel you don't know much about art, but know what you like? Does what you like change with your moods? 
This photo for example. Does it  make you feel a sense of freedom, space to grow, unlimited opportunity?
Or do you feel desolate at the never-ending prairie, a sense of loneliness and despair enveloping you as you view it?
Art is definitely personal, and your taste will depend on your life experiences. As they vary, so does your taste. Which means that selecting art can be confusing. Would you like to know how to make appropriate choices? Would you like to reveal what art's purpose is for you?
When choosing a painting, sculpture or photograph be sure it:
1. reflects who you are or what you would like to have in your life - metaphor is key here; OR
2. brings elemental balance to the area in which it is situated; OR
3. enhances the area in your home which represents a part of your life you would like to improve.
Case Study 1  A young client in Los Angeles requested a consultation to help her improve her love life, as all of her relationships had decayed into miserable experiences. The solution from a Feng Shui perspective is to focus on pairs, whether they be people or things; it does take two after all.
Pair of pomegranatesHowever in the Love and Marriage area of her home, a painting of a long line of people clad in dark clothing exuded a sad and somber energy.She explained that it was painted by her aunt, a well-known artist in Paris in the 1920s. She definitely did not want to get rid of it.
"Fine", I agreed, "but please tell me what it is".  
"Oh', she replied, 'it's a funeral march!"
Needless to say, we quickly moved the painting to a less sensitive area in her apartment. Death is not something we wish to associate with romance!
4. Your artwork, as with everything in your home, should bring you a sense of well-being.
Happy Piano
Does your energy soar when you look at it?  Does it make you smile? Does it bring back positive memories?
Or do you feel sad, angry or depressed  by its presence? If this is true, then it doesn't belong in your home, no matter what its market value.
Case Study 2  One of my friends had travelled to France and had bought a beautifully-drawn etching by a famous French artist which she hung in her home office. It was of a street person, down-trodden, alone and impoverished.  Of considerable artistic value, it nevertheless made her feel desolately sad! It dragged her energy down at a time when she needed encouragement to continue her home-based business. It was definitely not the symbol to enhance anything in her life - neither business relationships or prosperity!  We moved it to a less-visited part of her home, replacing it with a joyous sun-filled poster of the French Riviera. The change in the energy was palpable!
5. Avoid guilt and obligation
Recycle or remove works of art that no longer reflect your taste or raise your spirits, even if they are gifts from your favourite aunt or grandmother.
First in a series
Over the next few weeks these newsletters will spotlight specific examples of artwork for enhancing different areas of your life, linking to the main energy centres in your home. Watch this space!
The artwork in this section can be found at www.artfolio.ca and is by, from top to bottom, Tamara Harut and  Diana Rosa.
With thanks.
What surrounds you is a reflection of where you are in life. Seeing your home with 'feng shui eyes' where everything is a mirror for who you are is a fascinating and useful perpective, one which will be covered in depth in the Feng Shui workshops this fall.    
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Pat Hyduk
Director, PMH Consultants
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