September 2009 
Achieving Your Goals Online: Solutions for Enhanced Living
by Pat Hyduk
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In a word, yes!
Many recipients of this newsletter have expressed interest in studying Feng Shui  - they grasp that it has so much to offer in improving their lives and wellbeing. And to be able to do it in the comfort of their own home, even if one is traveling or lives elsewhere,  is fabulous! The online course through Loyalist College does start today. However they do allow people to register up to one week from now. So if you have missed this deadline, you have not missed the boat!
In these times of economic uncertainty, do note that this 14-week course is so reasonably priced, it is almost unbelievable. Loyalist likes to extend their Continuing Education to as many people as possible and I am pleased to be part of that initiative.
I believe that the best learning is one which involves interactive, personal experiences. This course offers just that! You actually perform miracles in your home or office as part of the weekly assignments. And in sharing some of your work with other students you also learn from others. I am continually astounded at the creativity and personal achievements of my students. Their work creates ripples around them, touching their family and friends.
"Surpassed my expectations!  I had read about Feng Shui before, but the concepts came together only when I worked through them under Pat's expert guidance, support, and feedback.  Using my house as a 'classroom' was perfect and the results were amazing!  This course is a powerful tool to re-energize living spaces and the people who live in them."    SB, Interior Decorator, Canton, OH 
"Since undertaking this course I have limitless energy, feel comfortable and happy in my home environment, a place which previously represented great pain and suffering in my life.  Feng Shui has brought a love interest and new friend into my life. I have never felt healthier or happier."   BP, Artist, Vancouver BC

If you would 'like whatever they're having', check out details:  on my website:.  Or to ensure you get in,  enrol directly on Loyalist's website here.   Alternatively, you may call them on (613) 969-7900 or Toll free: 1-866-344-9944.  
Sept 11 Feng Shui Online begins, Loyalist College
Oct 3     Feng Shui 101, St.Lawrence College, Kingston
Oct 17   Feng Shui 101, Loyalist College, Belleville
Oct 18   Feng Shui 101, Angeline's, Bloomfield
Oct 22   Real Estate Staging with Feng Shui, Angéline's
Oct 25   Fashion Feng Shui, Angéline's, Bloomfield 
Oct 29   Real Estate Staging with Feng Shui, Peterborough 
"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of being."                                    Carl Jung 

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Here's to being a student again!
Pat Hyduk
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