June 2009 
Your Life's Journey: Solutions for Enhanced Living
by Pat Hyduk
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Summer is travel time for many of us. Personally it's when I take time off to visit old friends in places I lived many years ago. This year it's North Carolina, with a special stop in the Blue Ridge mountains.

I have found my bliss: rolling green hills you can almost touch, dusty mauve mountains in the distance, quaint little farm houses, cows perfectly planted on the hillsides. And forests, rich and green, with the occasional thunderstorm followed by sudden sunbeams breaking through. Nature at its best! 
On a deeper level, we may have more time during vacation to reassess where we are in life and where we wish to go. What am I doing here? What do I really want in life? Where should I be? 
Do these questions sound familiar? 
Feng Shui has often assisted people in finding their way. The parts of your home which are key here are the Career and Travel areas. By enhancing these you could find yourself on the way to some profound answers.
The Career section of your home is also referred to as your Life's Journey. It is the central front area as you stand in the main entrance looking in. It is the one we wish to focus on:
1. The water element enhances this area: add a dark colour, even if it is as small as a picture frame: black or navy.
2. Incorporate a painting, photograph or object which has to do with the ocean or sailing or other water features.
3. Keep a clear intention of what you wish to achieve, express it as an affirmation as you install the enhancement you have chosen. Something specific is great. If you are not yet clear, however, a general goal is fine:  
             "I am easily finding the answer to what is my destination in life."    Or...
             "Opportunities for a happier more fulfilled life are coming to me with speed and grace."
 Cultus Lake BC
The Travel area is the front far right section of your home as seen from the main entrance. It can refer to travel in a down-to-earth sense or a spiritual one, so appropriate enhancements would be:
1. Posters, photographs or objects illustrating the specific, or general destination you would like to experience. 
2. Anything which to you represents spirituality or your Higher Power: guardian angels, crystals, nature, representations of that which to you is your inspiration in life.
3. The colours of white or gray.
4. A declaration of your intention, knowing that each time you pass this part of your home it will remind you of what you wish to achieve. 
What you will think about will come about! 
Sept 11 Feng Shui Online begins, Loyalist College
Oct 3     Feng Shui 101, St.Lawrence College, Kingston
Oct 17   Feng Shui 101, Loyalist College, Belleville
Oct 18   Feng Shui 101, Angeline's, Bloomfield
Oct 22   Real Estate Staging with Feng Shui, Angéline's
Oct 25   Fashion Feng Shui, Angéline's, Bloomfield 
Oct 29   Real Estate Staging with Feng Shui, Peterborough 
"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." 
                                                       Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Costa Rica sunset

Happy travels,
Pat Hyduk
PMH Consultants
Photos:  Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina
             Cultus Lake, British Columbia
             Osa Pensinsula, Costa Rica
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