April 2009 Newsletter
Feng Shui Gardens: Solutions for Enhanced Living
by Pat Hyduk 
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Garden Tips
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Whether your garden is
...a planter tub on your balcony,
... an inner city courtyard, or
...a suburban back yard,
a daily encounter with nature can be uplifting for the spirit and
nourishing to the soul.
Follow nature's lead and plant the seeds of  harmony and balance in the areas surrounding your home.
April 19
9.30 - 1.00
Angeline's, Bloomfield
Refreshments included
Call Pat to reserve your place:
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Feng shui is about your environment; that includes not only your home and workplace, but gardens too. Which means that with the insightful use of metaphor and Feng Shui, you can unearth growth in your life or, alternatively, a mass of jumbled weeds. Most of us would prefer the former. How to get there involves the same principles as for your home or your clothing:

  • Clear the clutter
  • Live with what you love
  • Ensure an optimal flow of ch'i
  • Balance your yin and your yang
  • Harmonize your elements
  • Clarify your intention
1. Views of your garden areas from each window and door in your home should be beautiful and tantalizing - they will boost your energy each time you look out. pink blosssoms
2. Clutter needs to be cleared: dead-head dying flowers, discard old leaves and broken branches, clean up the debris.
3. Build a protective 'frame' around the sides and back of your house with trees, shrubs, flower beds, rocks, or fences.
4. Diminish the yang energy of corners and straight fences or concrete patios with shrubs or overflowing flowers.
  curved wall

5. Meandering, curved paths  and walls are best for optimum energy flow. If they are straight  or severe, soften the effect with shrubs and or flowers tumbling over edges
6. A water feature: a birdbath, fountain or pool brings in the possibility of enhanced prosperity and abundance.

 7. Use the bagua to enhance your garden's relationship corner with seating that encourages sharing.
Yin garden
 8. Include all five elements in your landscape planning with diverse colours, flowers,statuary, garden furniture and lighting.
9. Stop the flow of energy away from your house, especially if on a slope, with terracing, trees or hedges and horizontal lines behind the house.
10. Build attractive storage for trash, tools, garden supplies.
11 .Create smooth energy flow all around your house.
12. Enrol in the Feng Shui Gardens workshop: April 19.
Advice from a Tree*

Stand tall and proud
Sink your roots deeply into the Earth
Reflect the light of your true nature
Think long term                                                            
Go out on a limb.
                                                                       *Ilan Shamir

Pat Hyduk
Director, PMH Consultants
www.studyfengshui-online.com                              www.fengshui-makeovers.com
April 19   Feng Shui Gardens, Bloomfield
April 23   Staging with Feng Shui, Bloomfield
May 2     Fashion Feng Shui, private session, Kingston
May 7     Feng Shui ONLINE begins to Aug.,Loyalist College
May 13   Feng Shui 101, St Lawrence College, Kingston
May 14   Staging with Feng Shui, Peterborough
May 21   Staging with Feng Shui, Bloomfield
June 6    Fashion Feng Shui, BLoomfield
NOTE: All courses in Bloomfield will be held at Angeline'sRestaurant Inn and Spa. 
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A refresher course? If you have already attended a Feng Shui Gardens workshop and would like a review, you are entitled to a 20% discount.
Offer Expires: April 19, 2009