March 2009
Fashion Feng Shui: Solutions for Enhanced Living
by Pat Hyduk 
Mirror, that Me?
Are You In Your Element?
Feelin' Good


Feng Shui is about your environment. 
And what more intimate environment is there than your clothing??

yin yang symbol
Are you more yang than yin?
More fire than earth?
Does your clothing exemplify that?
Discover how to choose your clothing to match your own energy.
March 22
9.30 - 1.00
Angeline's, Bloomfield
Call to reserve your place:
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Mar 18,25
April 1,8,15,22
$45/session or
$240 all 6
Mirror, that me?
Do your clothes reflect who you are?
Do you feel good about what you are wearing today?
 Each time you look in the mirror, is the message
 'YES! '
 Or, 'Oh my gawd'!'
playsuitIs the outfit on the left your style? Do you know what is?
Have you noticed that some clothes make you feel great.... and others just don't cut it.
Do you know why?
Here's your chance to find out! 
Learn more about yourself and how to save money by making better fashion choices!  

Discover how to be more authentic in how you dress, attracting more of what you want in your life.
Are you in your element?

Are you a Fire personality: passionate, charismatic, flamboyant, impulsive?
Or Earth: nurturing, sincere, stable, dependable?  Water+Earth+Fire  
Or Wood, or Metal, or Water? 
Find out what you are and how to tell the difference with three questionnaires that unveil the real you....from both the yin and yang and the five element point of view. 
It's intriguing - it tells you something about yourself.
And useful -
it shows you how to select clothes that mirror the real you.
Why is that important?
Well, to begin... it leads to greater self-esteem and self-confidence.
Feelin' good 
Wouldn't it be great if each outfit you wear made you feel fantastic?  Metal Angelina
You may not be Angelina, but you can feel as good as she looks.
I'll help you achieve that... how?
1.First, enrol in the Fashion Feng Shui Workshop on Sunday March 22nd. 
...OR ...
2. Host a Fashion Feng Shui party in your own home for your friends or colleagues. You then are my guest!
3. Call me to discuss the details.
Here's to finding our true selves...and celebrating them.
Pat Hyduk
Director, PMH Consultants
Save 20%
You have already done the Fashion Feng Shui workshop and would like to do it again.  As a previous attendee, you are eligible for a 20% discount.
Places are limited so call me to reserve your spot: 613-885-1857
Offer Expires: March 22, 2009