December 2008      
Feng Shui Newsletter Solutions for Enhanced Living 
by Pat Hyduk
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With uncertain times and disturbing events around us it may be helpful to focus on stability and calm, even more so with the holiday season already here.
Feng Shui teaches us that our surroundings have a huge influence on our sense of wellbeing. Using its principles as a guide, we can create a space in our homes where the focus is on harmony, inner peace and joy. Whether a special room, an altar, or just a beautiful corner, it can be a sanctuary of balance and serenity.
sanctuaryChoose a space you love and bring in your favorite objects and colours which for you symbolize loving harmony and happiness.
Take a moment each day to reflect on them and what they mean to you. As you sense yourself emanating the calm strength they bring to you, you will be able to return to your everyday activities unruffled and with a heightened feeling of tranquility.

Every single item added to a space has an impact on an individual's personal chi, or life force energy.  It is often said that some people "do not seem themselves" during the final days of December. Some become more mellow and caring, while others may seem agitated.  Our surroundings do affect us profoundly, so let's take a look at decorations with Feng Shui eyes.
The element of fire is represented extensively at holiday time: red ribbons and bows, Santa's suit, poinsettias, candles, holly and festive clothing. While red is an auspicious colour, an excess of it can make people become over-stimulated and agitated. 
To counter that fiery element in your decorations, be sure to add the water element represented by either glass objects or a reflective base, as in the centrepiece here.crystals
It is further balanced with
elements of earth (brown pine cones), wood (green branches)and metal (white ribbon, gold metal spheres).
Perfect harmony!
Most of us dig into our attics or basements to bring out ornaments from the past to decorate our homes. If they have treasured and loving memories attached to them, the energy of your rooms will be enhanced. Conversely, if the association with a particular object is not a pleasant one, your personal chi will be drained each time you see it. In that case, let it go - donate it, recycle it or throw it away and then notice the powerful uplift of feeling and energy.
Clutter is a major source of difficulties, affecting both mental and physical well being. Too many things in a space are considered to be clutter because energy cannot move freely and becomes stagnant. This can manifest personally as one becomes lethargic, tired and depressed. As you take out your decorations  from storage and display them, be sure to remove and store some of your everyday accessories. They'll be seen as familiar old friends when they are welcomed back after the New Year.
Until your homes or work places return to 'normal,' take a  moment to notice how the addition or removal of certain items positively affects your mood. That's the essence of Feng Shui - making changes to create a space that truly resonates with your inner being.
"Surpassed my expectations! I had read about Feng Shui before, but the concepts came together only when I worked through them under Pat's expert guidance, support, and feedback.  Using my house as a 'classroom' was perfect and the results were amazing!  This course is a powerful tool to re-energize living spaces and the people who live in them."   
SB, Interior Decorator, Canton, OH 
"Since undertaking this course I have limitless energy, feel comfortable and happy in my home environment, a place which previously represented great pain and suffering in my life.  Feng Shui has brought a love interest and new friend into my life. I have never felt healthier or happier."  
BP, Artist, Vancouver BC

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Best holiday wishes for this season of love, acceptance and most of all, peace.


Pat Hyduk
PMH Consultants