September 2008
Feng Shui Newsletter: Solutions for Enhanced Living
by Pat Hyduk 
The Power of Intention
Schedule of Events
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The Power of Intention 
 It's not just the flowers!
yellow flower
As summer comes to a close, perhaps your thoughts are about your next steps, beginning the new fall season with a few goals in mind, just as you did when you were a student. Back then, as summer ended, did you feel a sense of anticipation in the air? Did the thoughts of new adventures ahead, new friends, and the thrill of the unknown all add spice to the season? If those feelings are still true for you now, Feng Shui can help to channel that excitement energy to create whatever you would like to see, the changes you wish to make. It all begins with a clear intention.  

Some time ago a potential client asked me for a consultation for her business office. She was very rushed and could not fit me into her busy schedule for longer than a few minutes. She didn't see that as a problem. "All you have to do is tell me where to put the flowers", she said.
I did not do the consultation. Let me tell you why! 
Thoughts create energy; energy manifestion

Feng Shui is not just about placing an object here or there.Your intention plays such an important role.Yes, incorporating changes to enhance good energy flow in your home is essential. Equally, if you are clear about what your desired outcome is and declare it while bringing about those enhancements, you are more likely to achieve your goal. For each time you view the changes you made, you are reminded of what you want. The more you think about your intended result, the more likely you will achieve it. The ripple effect of your thoughts is profound.
As within, so without
Another key element is the idea that what surrounds you is a reflection of where you are in life. Seeing your home with 'feng shui eyes' where everything is a mirror for who you are is a fascinating and useful perpective, one which is covered in depth in Feng Shui Online.  
Next steps  
To assist you in achieving your goals, I invite you to take part in any of the activities listed below - both Feng Shui and for the first time, a series of courses in Personal Empowerment  which will bring together the concepts related to creating what you want: mind mapping, affirmations, visualization, treasure maps and the law of attraction. Not new, but we do need reminding, sometimes, don't we?
Come and join in the fun. Be inspired - and surprised - by your own personal discoveries!
Here's to a fall season of clear intentions and desired outcomes!  
Pat Hyduk
Director, PMH Consultants
Schedule of Events 
September + October 

Sept 05  Registration for Feng Shui Online, Loyalist College
Sept 25  Real Estate Staging with Feng Shui, Kingston
Oct   02  Real Estate Staging with Feng Shui, Bloomfield
Oct   04  Home Staging with Feng Shui, St Lawrence College
Oct   09  Mindmapping and Creativity, Bloomfield
Oct   19  Feng Shui 101 - An Introduction, Bloomfield
Oct   30  Affirming Personal Empowerment, Bloomfield
NOTE: All courses in Bloomfield will be held at Angeline's  Restaurant Inn and Spa. 
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