Summer is here at last!  To welcome the return of flip flops, mosquitoes and sunblock, we could think of no better colour than red.  From the sweltering heat to the barbeque flame, red surrounds us in every form and embodies every aspect of summer. 
It's that refreshing slice of watermelon on a hot August day, it's that piece of mouth watering steak on the grill, and after a long
day in the garden, who can deny a nice glass of red wine to unwind?  Of course, red is the universal colour of love and what's
not to love about the summer months ahead? 

Peace & health!



With the lure of home renovation tax credits available this year, look no further than your backyard fence this season to see how you can either spruce up that dated bathroom, uninspiring kitchen or even more simply take the words of David Suzuki and powerWISE, "you have the power, make a difference,"  and replace your existing appliances with EnergyStar® labelled energy efficient ones.  As designers, we are fortunate to be a part of the process in shaping a client's home - the manner in which they live, the creation of various zones that flow from one space to another and the selection of colour and materials. 
But most importantly, it is about creating a place that brings a smile everytime they return home.


It's time to pull out the maple leaf and a bottle of Molson's Canadian!  Aside from hockey, poutine and a Tim Horton's double double, why are you proud to be a Canuck eh?

Click here to see a list of top 100 reasons to love Canada.


     Feeling a bit rusty from those history classes of yesteryear?  Let's reflect on how our great nation came to be.
     Click here for a synopsis on the origins of the name 'Canada'.
     We love fresh produce, especially cherries!  You can support local farmers with the numerous markets happening
     throughout the city during the weekend.
     Click here to find your closest one.
     One of our favourite markets to visit is the one at Artscape Wychwood Barns.  Built between 1913-1921, these former
     streetcar barns were redeveloped into an art gallery, theatre spaces, a year round sustainable greenhouse, affordable
     artist studios and a playground.
     Click here to find out more about The Stop's Green Barn.
     Click here to learn more about the Artscape Wychwood Barns at 601 Christie Street.
     Images from top to bottom:
     a. Did you miss Kurt Perschke's playfull Red Ball installation at Luminato last month? 
         Click here to view clips of where this ball bounced through on its Toronto visit.   
     b. "There's no place like home, there's no place like home."  We couldn't agree more Dorothy.
         On the 70th Anniversary of the release of Warner Brother's classic Wizard of Oz, a panel of talented designers
          including the likes of Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik to name a few have been selected to re-interpret these famous
          sparkling ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the film.
         Click here to see a glimpse of what's in store at the official unveiling of the Wizard of Oz ruby slippers at Saks Fifth
         Avenue to kick off New York's Fashion Week!
     c. Designer Simon Pengelly has combined aesthetic appeal with comfort in the use of a flex seat shell in his OC Chair.
         Click here to visit Plan B's virtual showroom to see what other collections designers like Pengelly are available or
         visit their Toronto showroom at 195 Davenport Road. 
         To find more about their showroom hours, contact them toll free at 1.866.657.5262.
     d. In memory of Michael Jackson's passing in late June, who can forget the red jacket with black stripes he wore in his
         incredible 'Thriller' music video and its impact on pop culture.

     With the return of summer, we find that there are several more reasons to be outdoors.
     1. Medium Rare
         Oh the smell of barbeque season.  Mmmm.  From striploins to cornish hens to tilapia fillets, Medium Rare is a premium
         meat boutique that offers everything from marinades to an amazing selection of meats, poultry and seafood.
         Need help hosting a big patio event this summer? 
         Click here to learn more about how you can dazzle your guests with a blue cheese stuffed burger that will leave them
         wanting more.  You can contact Medium Rare at 416.231.1500.
     2. Wine Align
         Looking for a great red wine to compliment that perfect steak?  We recommend joining the Wine Align community
         where you can read reviews from other members and critics, search for stock availability at your local LCBO and
         keep a log of your recent favourites. 
         And did we mention that it can all be accessed from the finger tips of your mobile phone?
         Click here to see how Wine Align can help make wine selection a little easier for you.
     3. Ride for Heart
         Last month, with the members of the All-Canadian Self-Storage team, we joined countless others and cruised the
         Don Valley Parkway for the annual Heart and Stroke Foundation's Ride for Heart.
         Click here
to see a breakdown of where donation dollars go.
     Summer definitely does not lack an abundance of wonderful festivals to visit.

     i.  Toronto's Fringe Theatre Festival
         July 01 - 12
         Click here to view a list of plays scheduled to perform this year.
     ii.  My City - My Art
          All summer
          Click here to see an album of artworks from Toronto's aspiring youth.
     iii. Toronto's Summerlicious
          July 03 - 19
          Having difficulty deciding which restaurant's prix-fixe menu to try?
          Click here
to read reviews of participating establishments in this two week eating extravaganza.
     iv. Caribana
          July 14 - August 02
          As Toronto hosts the largest Caribbean festival in North America again this summer, we look forward to the
          sea of stunning colourful costumes and the sound of steel drums in unison. 
          Click here to begin making your Caribana 2009 plans.
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