So, here it is another rainy April day, and it got us to thinking about grey.  Grey, like rain, gets such a bad rap; if it weren't for April rains, there would be no May flowers, and the grey sky isn't to blame.  As much as we appreciate black and white, there are so many shades of grey!  Grey need not be dark and gloomy, grey can be a wonderful and warm neutral -- think about the sophistication of a grey flannel power suit, the beauty of a Weimaraner puppy, the weathered wood of a century old country barn, or warmth of a heated slate floor on a chilly day.  Don't blame grey, appreciate it, embrace what is to follow, even if the sky is grey, if that doesn't work, there is alway grey goose! 
Peace & health!




For our longtime client All Canadian Self-Storage, we have been fortunate to be apart of the recent re-development of their numerous offices and storage facilities across Ontario.  Working with Teeples Architects who explored the beauty of corrugated metal on the exterior and Engineered Assemblies
  who supplied the corrugated galvalum product, we gave this common industrial corrugated metal new life in the form of interior elements along the feature wall and the front of the reception desk and thus were able to bring continuity between the exterior and interior.  For the sales offices of All Canadian Self-Storage, a bit of metallic grey was the perfect accent to their corporate red colour.
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On a recent road-trip to visit clients in Caledon, I was running a little behind schedule.  As I'm holding back the urge to speed, I was taken aback with the beauty of a barn in the distance.  Despite not really having the time, on my return trip to the city I detoured to see if it was as beautiful up close, as it was from the road.  It was, and then some.

I ventured closer to ask the owner if I could snap a couple pictures of this century barn to share in our upcoming newsletter.  As I approached, I read a small sign in the window of "Caledon Woodworks".  My world suddenly became a little smaller, and a little  friendlier.  I've always been drawn in by the strength of the colour, and found a perfect example of how powerful grey can truly be, and if that wasn't enough, I was thrilled to find out that it was the facility of a trusted and valued supplier.  
The time weathered, and majestic building turned out to be the home of one of our long-time suppliers - Caledon Woodworks. 
Stephen Levitt, the owner, is truly a master of his craft; he always provides exemplary service and is our 'go-to source' for all  outstanding custom designed millwork pieces we require.  No wonder, look where he spends his days... 


     Check out what stunning wood pieces are manufactured inside this century year old beauty!
     Click here to view samples of products the team at Caledon Woodworks have created for residences and offices.
      Are those darn April showers putting a rain cloud over your weekend outdoor activities?
     Then why not take some time to organize that closet or the long forgotten clutter in the basement by putting a few things into
      a new storage unit?
     Click here to locate the closest All-Canadian Self-Storage facility and let their experienced staff help determine your needs .
     Stay tuned in June when we get our hearts pumping and join the All-Canadian Self-Storage bike team for the annual Ride
      for Heart on the Don Valley Parkway.  Click here to learn more about the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Ride for Heart.
     Images from top to bottom:
Sidewalks and Roads       
         Much of our urban landscape is grey and it dictates how we navigate from place to place.
         In varying shades of grey there is a distinct power to our sidewalks and roadways.
         Shaw Contract Group® in collaboration with William McDonough have brought forth a line of Cradle to Cradle carpet tile
         products that have translated McDonough's aerial abstractions of the world, including the urban city landscape, into a
         weave of Eco Solution Q® nylon containing 25% recycled matterial with EcoWorx® backing beneath.
         Shown above is the City Grid Tile Pattern. 
         Click here to visit Shaw Contract Group®'s website for more Cradle to Cradle flooring solutions.
     b. Who can resist snuggling up in a large grey lounge chair with your favourite book on a cold wet day?!
         In the 1960s, Hans J. Wegner designed the CH 445 Wingchair that to this day is every definition of seating comfort.
         Click here to find the Wingchair and other lounge chairs on Quasi Modo Modern's online website or visit their store
         at 789 Queen Street West (416.703.8300). 
     c. It may be grey outside but why not plan the perfect weekend getaway in the summer months to come?
         Norwegian Architect Reiulf Ramstad has chosen to use wooden materials that with time will gradually weather into a
         beautiful grey patina and thus enabling the house to blend in with the natural colours of the surrounding ocean landscape.
         Click here to connect to his website and be prepared to be inspired!
     d. Oh so cute!  How can we not resist including the ever adorable Weimaraner puppy?
     1. Grey Paint
         Who would have thought that grey would be the new neutral?  Well it is.  Unlike the colour black, grey is not harsh. 
         Charcoal grey can bring definition while at the same time add subtle warmth that contrasts any colour.  It makes the
         perfect backdrop to any room in the house.
         Here are a few shades of grey paint from the Sherwin Williams collection, varying from warm to cool & from light to dark:
         1. Cyberspace SW 7076; 2. Iron Ore SW 7069; 3. Web Gray SW 7075; 4. Software SW 7074; 5. Passive SW 7064
     2. You heard us, expose those studs!
         Here is one creative example of an application to render your newly purchased stud finder useless - expose your studs
         by applying them to an old fence and add some pizzaz to your back garden for the summer!
      With a new interim head coach and currently at the top of the eastern division it looks to be a great season.
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Grey Goose® for everyone! 
Known as the world's best tasting vodka, the crafting of vodka can be compared to the skill's of a great winemaker. 
Why not host a martini party to kick off spring.  Click here to go to Grey Goose®'s website to download your recipes.
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