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In design you draw your inspiration from so many places like a wonderful piece of art, an idea tree or a colour.  Perhaps, these days as we anticipate the arrival of Spring, there is no colour more powerful than green.  In the immortal words of Kermit the Frog "It's not that easy being green" - or is it? 
You can do it the Al Gore way, the Irish Pub way and dye your beer green, or you could save a little green ($)...   Or, you could do it our way, which is a little of all the above, because Kermit also said:  "And green can be cool and friendly-like, And green can be big like an ocean, or important, Like a mountain, or tall like a tree".

Peace & health!

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The Mandate:  Take an old space, and make it new, flexible, bright, all the while fostering a culture of staff interaction.  
Our response: Focus on the Staff!  After completing design development,  we have provided a layout with a centre axis as the
hub of the office.  Meeting rooms, a floating kitchen / lounge are purposely kept open and our plan capitalizes on the perimeter window banks as a way to maximize interior natural daylight and the staff's connection to the exterior and each other.  
The Approach: We are fortunate to be working with a great team, Paul Dobbin of Trigon Construction Management
will be managing and building out the project.  We have worked with Paul over the last 15 years and look forward to another successful project with his group. 

Stay tuned as we document the development of this exciting project for NWMO.

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How can you make a difference?  CBC and The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos are encouraging all to participate in doing one act of green, one act that when combined with many can make an impact on our environment. 

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     Join in this collaborative environmental campaign because YOU can make a difference!
     Click here to view a list of suggested acts of green or you can even submit your own.
     Since the mid 1960's, Chicago's Journeymen Plumbers have embarked on the annual task of dyeing the Chicago River
     green for the St. Patrick's Day parade.

     Click here to find out more behind the story of this remarkable transformation.
     Images from top to bottom:
     a. IKEA has done it again with its spring launch of a fabulous line of solar powered outdoor LED lights where you can say
         goodbye to all those fussy electric cables and save on those electrical bills! 
         Click here to learn more and when this product hits shelves.   
     b. Hooray, it's Design Within Reach's (DWR) Semi-Annual Anniversary Sale!  Their first international foray is here in
         Toronto at the corner of King West and Spadina.  Why not take this opportunity to pick up a bit of green to add to either
          the home or the office?  Who can deny the beauty of the classic Eames Aluminum Management Chair?  So why not a
         green coloured one?
         Click here to shop online or visit Design Within Reach's Toronto location at 435 King Street West (416.977.4003)!
     c. Canadian Designer Karim Rashid has developed a wrist watch with Alessi that embodies a bit of funk and a bit of
         flexibility for a device that conveys precision from a single band of molded polyurethane.
         Click here to see additional details of Rashid's KAJ watch.
     d. Kermit the frog, our favourite green Muppet! 
     e. Last month, Core 77 closed the second Green Gadgets Design Competition where they invited designers around the
         globe to explore how they could "minimize the environmental impact of consumer electronic devices at any stage in
         the product lifecycle" through a material, device etc.

         Click here to view the submission gallery.  Which is your favourite?  Ours is pictured above!
     This month, our studio has consciously committed to making a green difference.  Whether it be through the selection of
      sustainable materials, choosing low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint finishes, recommending the use of compact
      fluorescents as opposed to incandescent, or by just simply turning off our computers at the end of the day, we can
      make an impact.

     1. Earth Hour
         We invite you to join us on March 28th and switch off your lights from 8:30-9:30pm.
         Click here to learn more on how you can show your support for the Earth.
     2. Cradle to Cradle
         Looking for new reading material?  We recommend William McDonough and Michael Braungart's compelling, Cradle
         to Cradle, book whereby they challenge all to reflect on how the economy can be better sustained if our industrial
         system embraced design principles that make use of the earth's natural resources and systems, and the authors make
         an exciting and viable case for change.
         Click here to connect to William McDonough's website.
     3. Where is MPAC going?
         Save a little green ($) if you think your property taxes are out of whack.
         Click here
to file a Request for Reconsideration.  All requests must be submitted by March 31st.
     4. InterfaceFLOR®
         Love, love, love!  InterfaceFLOR® has introduced TacTiles® - a glue-free installation system that reduces VOC
         emissions and the environmental footprint.  They make being green easy.
         Click here to learn more.
         Click here to find your local InterfaceFLOR® dealer.
     Looking to celebrate next Tuesday with a shamrock in one hand and a pint of green beer in the other?
     Click here to find out what events some local Toronto establishments are hosting for St. Paddy's Day.

     Feeling a bit green the morning after a night of leprechaun festivities? offers their insight on the top
     green remedies to get rid of that hangover!  Click here to see the list.

     We like green so much, we just might bring you a little green every month!
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