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It is hard to embrace winter in the middle of February, yet who amongst us can truly deny the beauty of a blanket of freshly fallen snow? (Admittedly though if we could have any say, we would have it fall only on ski hills and front laws.)  That said, winter is as much about getting out and enjoying it, as it is about cocooning in the warmth of your own home.  From snow to cocoons, white truly is the most powerful of colours -- it is after all, all colours in perfect balance.  Let's all marvel at white this season and wonder at the perfection of it, even when white comes in the form of snow here in Toronto. 
This month, we at UW, are featuring a residential project, which exemplifies the power of white, and reflects our business' balance of commercial and residential projects.  We all need balance, especially in February.

Peace & health!

Feb.09 Issue - Share 218 Cottingham1

Feb.09 Issue - Share 218 Cottingham3

Feb.09 Issue - Share 218 Cottingham2

How do we design the perfect retreat from the ensuing stresses posed upon us daily?  We all need a place to return to at the end of the day where we can relax and unwind.  At the residence of 218 Cottingham, the answer was simple - white.  White's unique healing quality and ability to soothe the psyche posed as the perfect backdrop that flowed through each of the various spaces of this home.  Warm grey accents and wood detailing compliment the fresh white walls.
Click here to view more images from this residence on our website.

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As our good friend and project photographer Tom Arban can attest, there is incredible beauty in the colour white and even the arctic cold. 

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     Never traveled to Antarctica?
     Click here to view a collection of breath taking images from photographer, Tom Arban.  His journey down to the south
     pole is captured under 'Special Projects' on his website.
     In light of Washington's new residents at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, are you interested in learning more about the
     White House?

     Click here to find out more about the history and naming of the US President's Official residence.
     In January of 2008, Storefront for Art and Architecture and Control Group launched a worldwide competition that asked,
     'If the White House was designed today, what would it be?'
     Click here to review the submissions to the White House Redux Competition.
     Images from top to bottom:
     a. We love the texture from the white bark of the Himalayan Birch.   
     b. In our countdown towards the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, why not learn more about Leo Obstbaum's design for
         the Olympic torch and the numerous functional aspects, including the ability to endure Canada's winter climate, that
         were incorporated?
         Click here to see how the fluid lines left behind from winter activities in fresh snow and ice became the inspiration for
         this white torch design.
         Click here to find out how just by committing to make your local community a better place, RBC is giving Canadians an
         opportunity to be apart of the Olympic Torch Relay.
     c. Angus Hutcheson has created a line of amazing light pieces by wiring together a multitude of silk worm cocoons.
         Click here to see a selection of table, floor and ceiling hung fixtures that will mesmerize your eyes!
     d. Who wouldn't want to snuggle up in front of a nice warm fireplace on a cold winter night? 
         Click here to learn more about EcoSmart's environmentally friendly open fireplace products that do not require flues for
         venting or utility connections for fuel.  Our favourite is the white 'Fusion' open fireplace pictured above.
     e. Vroom vroom!  Ford has developed the 'Model U' concept car that is truly a revolutionary vision for the 21st Century
         automotive industry.  The 'Model for Change' addresses many of today's concerns from fuel economy to emissions
approaches the matter of environmental sustainability in how a vehicle can be manufactured from recycled
over and over again in a cradle-to-cradle cycle.
         Click here to read more about Ford's global launch of the Model U.
         Did you know that white surpassed silver as the most popular choice of car colour for the 2008 year?
     White is valued in design for it's affinity to all things pure, fresh and clean, particularly in bathrooms.   Kohler, an industry    
     leader in bathroom product design, has written an article on the 'white on white' bathroom that has grown into a modern
     classic since the early 20th Century.  Click here to read more.
     Shown above is one of our favourite sinks from the Italian Catalano Domino 125 line. 
     Click here to view their complete line of bathroom fixtures.
     On the bottom, we have featured the beautiful 'Scoop' tub from Falper.
     Click here to see more images of this stunning sculptural piece that offers any soaker a serene oasis at home.
     Looking for a quick way to freshen up that dated bathroom?  Check out these great products that can lighten any
     bathroom wall or counter.

     1. Statuario Venato Marble from York Marble
     2. Isla Krystal Latte colour porcelain tile from Stone Tile
     3. Onice Bianco Onyx from Ciot
     Hit the hills!
     Act like you're a member. Go to Caledon Ski Club on Wednesday and Fridays for their non-member ski days. Chances
     are the boss won't see you and we promise not to tell.  Click here for more details.
     Winter got you down?  Why not pull out those old ice skates from the basement and get outside to one of the dozens of
     local skating rinks operated by Toronto's Parks and Recreation?  Click here to find the one closest to you.
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