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Here we are in January and we've had weeks of winter already. This makes us ask "how do you reach for the stars when you are buried in snow"?  In Morocco you can preserve lemons, in song you can "catch a falling star and put it in your pocket".  But what do you do when you're in Toronto?  For 2009, the International Year of Astronomy, we at uw2 have decided to keep the stars in our eyes by being inspired by colours - all of them. In January we are going to look to the colour yellow to keep our disposition sunny, maybe after reading this you will too.

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Jan.09 Issue - Share Morningstar

Jan.09 Issue - Share Morningstar1

Jan.09 Issue - Share Morningstar3

This project for Morningstar - a collaborative venture with NYC designer Lee Stout, truly showcases the power of colour, our current inspiration, yellow, included.  For those who are afraid this beautiful space uses colour to accent a warm yet neutral palette is a study in the power of colour, and its potential in modern design. 
Click here to see a collection of images from the new Morningstar office in Toronto on our website.

Jan.09 Issue - Discover Astronomy

Did you know that 2009 has been cited as the International Year of Astronomy by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and UNESCO?  The IAU hopes that through a series of global programs and ongoing activities, it will encourage us all to see the impact of astronomy and science in our understanding of the world around us.  So why not take time this year to participate in local programs offered at the Ontario Science Centre?
 Jan.09 Issue - Connect

     Click here to be apart of this global initiative and begin your own discovery of what the universe holds. 
     One project of interest to us was the TWAN project where you can peruse through a stunning collection of photographers
     capturing the skies worldwide. 
     Click here to view the gallery from the skies above the Americas.
     Morningstar is the essential resource for investors looking for independent perspectives on investments worldwide. 
     Visit global.morningstar.com for their complete range of solutions for investors, advisors and institutions.
     Click here to connect to Morningstar's website for further information.
     Images from top to bottom:    
     a. At the Merus Winery in California, Amsterdam-based Uxus Design provides subtle yellow accents with the use of Tom
         Dixon's 'Beat' light fixtures.
         Click here to go to Tom Dixon's website to view these pendant light fixtures in further detail.   
     b. How great would it be to begin the new year by donning a brand new pair of sunglasses?
         Click here to see how Carrera can offer you a chance to see the world behind a shade of yellow. 
     c.  We just can't get enough of Tom Dixon's line of "hand-beaten brass pendant lights with black patinated exterior"!
          Click here to see if you prefer this shape variation of the 'Stout' light fixture as opposed to the 'Beat'.
     d.  What better colour inspiration than to look to nature itself?  For example, we love the vibrant colour contrast that the
          combination of white, black and yellow offer.  But where else does this occur?  If we look towards the Antarctic, we see this
          same colour combination on King penguins - the only penguins to have deep yellow patches on either side of their head that
          extend down to the top of their breast. 
     e.  The Flos 'Spun Light ' is another great example of how to incorporate great accessories to help bring the sun indoors.
          Click here to view Flos' spectacular line of lighting products.
     Here, in our studio, the PANTONE® fandeck is a great colour reference for all our projects.  PANTONE® provides an industry  
     standard that enables all designers and fabricators to speak the same language when it comes to colour.  This year, they
     have selected a warm yellow, PANTONE® 14-0848 Mimosa, as 2009's colour of the year. "In a time of economic 
     uncertainty and political change, optimism is paramount and no other colour expresses hope and reassurance more than
     Click here to read more about PANTONE®'s announcement.
     Interested in how you can bring a new twist of sunshine to your home decor?  Shown above are our favourite yellow paint
     1. SICO Gecko Green; 2. SICO Virgin Olive Oil; 3. BENJAMIN MOORE Lemon Meringue 
     The bottom fireplace setting shows how yellow accessories can add a nice warm accent to the dark toned floor and walls. 
     Did you know that the Ontario Science Centre offers free events every last Friday of the month?
     Click here to see what activities are available this month at the OSC.  
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