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As we embark on our 10th year in business, we continue to ask ourselves the same question, "How can we be better?"
Every year has brought new and interesting obstacles and our ability to move forward inspires us.
With the relaunch of our website this year, many moments were spent looking back on our portfolio of work and to the many people we've had the privilege of working with and how our business is truly about the balance of relationships with great design.
The idea for this update provided us with the perfect venue for keeping connected and sharing all good things within our community.

Peace & health!

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We've been busy!  Stay tuned for next month's issue for an exciting project profile.


Dec.08 Issue - Discover

Happy Anniversary Peace Sign!  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the renowned symbol designed by Gerald Holtom for Britain's Nuclear Disarmament campaign.
Interestingly enough, this iconic graphic of peace has never been copyrighted and is free for all.  This fact alone is a true reflection of how this symbol has evolved into a greater idea - crossing borders and transcending time.

Dec.08 Issue - Connect

     Click here to find out more behind the story of this amazing icon as it celebrates its 50th anniversary at our Studio Blog.

     We love all things green!  This month, we've found a few items to spice up your holiday stockings while doing your part to
     save the environment.
     Click here to find out more of the latest 'cool green' gift ideas at  We'll give you a hint of what's our favourite
     - it's pictured above!
     Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has been a loyal client of ours for the past 6 years.  We can admit to being a fan of their
     Fair Trade Foot Lotion.  It's a great way to bring your hectic day to a soothing end.
     Click here for other great Lush products that are 'fun, fragrant & curelty-free'!
     One of our favourite graphic tools is Google Sketchup.  This program enables us to quickly develop a three dimensional
     model for our clients to gain a better understanding of how their space may feel and what it may be.  Not only is it a great
     means for clients to visualize their space but it allows us to see how a concept can be realized.
     Click here to see a collection of famous Toronto buildings using the Sketchup program.
5   AGO
     After closing its doors for nearly one year, the AGO re-opened last month and welcomed over 65,000 visitors through its front
     doors the first weekend.  Remarkably enough, the addition was Frank Gehry's first project in his native Toronto.
     Click here to view the gallery's website and to find out more about the its collections, events & news.
     Have you recently visited the AGO?  Click here and tell us about your AGO experience on our Studio Blog!
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