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Welcome to the Newsletter Archive of Golden Boy Pies!
Golden Boy Pies is a self-distributing, commercial, wholesale bakery, located in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. We produce fresh-baked, made from scratch desserts - pies, cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, and treat bars. We deliver to restaurants, hospitals, plant cafeterias, and other businesses in the midwest. Get more information by visiting our Golden Boy Pies website
We send out a newsletter each month, announcing the current month's Cake Special and the Pie of the Month. These newsletters may include other information and little tidbits we hope you'll find interesting.
We also send occasional newsletters to notify you of new products we've added to our line, as well as other changes you will want to know about.
From this page you can view our previous newsletters, back as far as June 2008. Just click on the link to the newsletter of interest in the listings below. (Please note that some website links on any newsletters older than a couple of months may not work, as monthly Calendar and New Products subpages drop off our website after two months or so.)
You can always get a quick listing of recent featured and new products
by scrolling through the months of our New Calendar page, or you may want to drop by our Quick & Timely Notes webpage.
Get even more detail by visiting our New Products page. Just highlight its title in the left column, to select information pages about the current and recent months' features appearing in the drop-down list.
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