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The month of October always delivers when it comes to great art in the city and Ingram Gallery is no exception.  Ryan Price opens his 2012 solo exhibition Woodswork on Saturday, October 13th.  It is a beautiful time of year to be out & about enjoying culture in the neighbourhood.  With this in mind, we invite you for an afternoon of art and conversation with Ryan Price.  Price will be at the gallery between 2pm and 4pm Saturday, October 13th.


Ryan PRICE             
October 13 - 31 . 2012
>> An invitation to join Ryan Price at Ingram Gallery
Opening reception: 2pm-4pm Saturday, October 13th

The immediacy of drawing

The new works of Ryan Price are varied in their scale and subject matter; they are joined in their absolute desirability.  With little works on drywall framed up beautifully to large scale works, each shares in an exhilarating style of vivid mark making.  Ryan Price puts pencil to drywall enabling the viewer a look through a subconscious lens into a shared and co-created world.

"I've always thought of art as an interaction between two people - the artist who made the piece and the viewer who looks at it.  I don't like getting in between." Ryan Price

Price's studio is replete with the tools to shape his art.  With a new joiner, his planer and other woodworking tools right at hand --- Price sets out to shape and create in a most intuitive manner.  Price's deft hand pairs constructionist elements with his wickedly wonderful lines, taking us from the moment of inspiration and through the steps of creation.  Price's unique characters and sophisticated hints at narratives, invite us to further explore, at times reminding us of his signature sound bite: "we humans are an odd bunch".

"Some people see the dark side, other people see the humourous side" Price says of his work. "I just think that as people we're really strange, and I have fun exploring that."

With the continued success of his public gallery group and solo exhibitions, along with his involvement in the arts community of his hometown Guelph, Ontario, Price's career continues to take great shape.  Many Ryan Price collectors Ryan Price would recall Price's 2006 launch at the gallery of The Raven (Edgar Allan Poe / Kids Can Press) illustrated with his rich and delicate drypoint engravings.  It is exciting to think about what lies ahead for this talented and dedicated Canadian artist, with numerous exhibitions and superb innovations under his belt.

Artwork $200 - $3400 |
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Sara Sniderhan   
Sara SNIDERHAN          
...get back home 
November 15 - 30 . 2012  
November brings Sara Sniderhan's second solo with the gallery.  As an immediate follow-up to the success of her 2011 solo, ...get back home takes us on a path Sara Sniderhan through  life and the art of it.  Inspired by Golden Slumbers by The Beatles, ...get back home opens up Sniderhan's skills as a painter through large scale figurative works with a decisive tribute to the landscape.  Please save the date for a Saturday afternoon celebration with the artist on November 15th.

December 2012: Wallace EDWARDS

2012 Exhibition Schedule

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Recent additions to the gallery by F.H. Loveroff, Edwin Holgate and other greats of historical Canadian art make for an exciting and info rich visit at anytime.  Florence Vale continues to be of great interest to those newly discovering this extremely gifted mid-century Toronto artist.  Whether in the gallery, through email or on the phone, we love discussing the artists we represent and the history of Canadian art.  Please let us know what you may be looking for.      Ryan Price

Every Saturday is an extraordinary day at the gallery -- Saturday, October 13th promises the next level of art enjoyment!  We look forward to welcoming you to the gallery as you catch Ryan Price & Woodswork this October. 

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Tarah Aylward, Director 
Ingram Gallery, Toronto