A new addition to our roster, paired with a fresh exhibition and many noteworthy new arrivals, make for a great month of art at Ingram Gallery.  Please read on to learn moreFlorence Vale about the extraordinary Florence Vale, our current Works on Paper exhibition and the newly available folk art carvings of Gilbert Desrochers and Ewald Rentz.

We love to see you at the gallery and with summer just around the corner the days are yours to shape.  Yorkville has much to offer -- please let us know if you are looking for suggestions of places to go and things to see in our beautiful neighbourhood!

Florence VALE


In the 1940s and 1950s Florence Vale (1909-2003) was part of Toronto's Gerrard Street bohemian circle of artists, writers, and critics that included Harold Town, Oscar Cahén, and Ray Mead. A self-taught artist, Vale painted figurative works that, while reminiscent of Picasso and Matisse, were inhabited by a private world of fantasy, dreams, and memories.

Florence Vale  

It is with great pleasure that we announce Florence Vale at Ingram Gallery.  On the walls this month you will find the works of Vale hanging alongside the work of her husband, and fellow notable artist, Albert Franck.  While we look to Vale as one of Canada's leading Surrealists during her time, we are equally enthused by her early paintings and later drawings.  Once described as a cross between Emily Dickinson and Mae West -- there is so much to enjoy about the talented and passionate Florence Vale.  Of importance, Florence Vale will see a public solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Peel in January 2013. This focused exhibition will also feature a new catalogue by Joan Murray, The Art of Florence Vale:

This rare monograph outlines her thirty-five year artistic career as well as her venture as owner, along with her husband Albert Franck, of the first gallery in what would become the city's artistic centre, Yorkville.

Please contact the gallery for further information on the artist and works.




Berman / Shilling / Price  
June 2 - 23 . 2012 


Works On Paper    

We love paper.  Ink, pencil, watercolour, printmaking -- there is so much possibility offered by media meeting a blank piece of paper.  What would you create?  This month, the north gallery offers a look at different ways to work with paper.  Drypoint engravings and wee drawings by Ryan Price, the engaging Spirit Skins of Travis Shilling and the intimate figurative works of Rachel Berman are paired with the new Lost & Found pieces of Sara Sniderhan and Peter Mitchell.



Folk Art

Gilbert DESROCHERS (1926 - 1990)
and Ewald RENTZ (1908 - 1995)

Over the last few weeks, many visitors to the gallery have noticed the recent arrival of important folk art at Ingram Gallery.  What we have noticed -- is that everyone loves folk art!  Be sEwald Rentzure to visit this month to view the works and learn more about Desrochers and Rentz, two celebrated Ontario artists.  We have been charmed by Rentz's Mr. Fifty (left) --  with a beer belly covered by Labatt 50 bottle cap buttons.  We are equally taken by Desrochers unique treatment of Canadian animals and strong figurative works.  

Gilbert was discovered by artist John Hartman in 1980 when Hartman noticed one of his angels on the front lawn of Gilbert's brother's farmhouse. Hartman began to visit regularly and to document Gilbert's work and his life. A solo exhibition of Gilbert Desrochers work was held at the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery from November 3, 1991 to March 1, 1992.

Ref: John Hartman The Peaceable Kingdom of Gilbert Desrochers (1991). 


Please contact the gallery to learn more about fine folk art at Ingram Gallery.


Summer Series V
Gallery Artists

July 10 - August 24 . 2012

Summer 2012 marks our 5th annual Summer Series, an intentionally dynamic exhibition featuring an ongoing rotation of new works by Yann Leroux, Scott Owles, Travis Shilling and others.
 Travis Shilling
Stay tuned for our Summer 2012 issue which will go out on the other side of our Canada Day long weekend holiday.  Please note that the gallery will be closed from Saturday, June 30th to Thursday, July 5th -- re-opening at 11am on Friday, July 6th. 


We look forward to seeing you at the gallery and in the neighbourhood this June!

With happy wishes,


Tarah Aylward, Director
Ingram Gallery, Toronto