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We keep the art-filled pace of late with Rachel Berman opening at 11am on Thursday, November 3rd.  Please join us at the gallery for our Saturday social to celebrate Berman's new solo exhibition, Savoy Grill between 1 and 4pm Saturday, November 5th.

A look back to the month of October has the term Art Matters! most front of mind.  Art Toronto 2011 --  the 12th annual Toronto International Art Fair was a superb event.  We thank you for your visits to our booth and the great conversations we had about the talented artists we work with.  The release of Brian Burke's new series Incidentals at the start of the season made for enjoyable visits to the gallery all month long.


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Savoy Grill
3 - 23 November . 2011

Exhibition opens at 11am Thursday, 3 November  

with a celebratory reception on Saturday, 5 November 1-4pmBerman_the-spectator-bird 


There is a season's worth of Masterpiece Theatre episodes in Victoria-based artist Rachel Berman's latest work.  Each of her enigmatic canvases presents a dramatic set piece filled with emotion and nuance.  With their lived-in faces and knowing eyes, Berman's protagonists look like leads in a Pinter play.     

~ Betty Ann Jordan, Toronto Life

Rachel Berman continues with her timeless characters and engaging settings with her 2011 solo exhibition Savoy Grill.  The show opens at 11am on Thursday, November 3rd, with an opening celebration on Saturday, November 5th, 1-4pm.

I suppose what I've been doing now for 45 years is an opened-ended series of poems in the tradition of Walt Whitman.  I can say though that it has been sort of a lifelong project -- an engagement in the story of civilization, mostly metropolitan in residual moments rather than in the main events, -- the things in between although most of these make me think that my people are survivors...
~ Rachel Berman, 2011

Located in the Savoy Hotel, Britain's first luxury hotel (opened in 1889), the Savoy Grill was the favourite of celebrated diners such as Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.  As the place for cultural aficionados to break bread and socialize, the legendary Savoy Grill provides the inspirational stage for Berman's new works.  Indeed, a visit to the gallery this month will feed your soul! 


As with all solo exhibitions at the gallery, please be in touch to request a PDF of the catalogue and further exhibition information.


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Sharon OKUN & Scott OWLES  
Puppets as subject matter

Owles no strings attached II
Brought to life in a new series fresh
from Sharon Okun's studio in Firenze and new works unveiled at Art Toronto 2011 by Scott Owles -- puppets provide fresh new subject matter for two superb figurative painters. 

Puppetry by its nature is a flexible and inventive medium.  Posable and filled with possibility, what better platform to explore the human condition.  Please be in touch with the gallery for further information on these new puppet themed works.


small mini wee 
from all of us  


Art Fair 2011
Please stay tuned for the November 10th Awards Gala at the Royal Ontario Museum announcing the winner of the 2011 Kingston Portrait Prize.  Congratulations once more to Sean Yelland on being shortlisted from nearly 500 submissions.

We can no longer contain our excitement for Rachel Berman's opening day! Ready for the month ahead and looking forward to seeing you at the gallery -- we extend a warm invitation for you to join in on the art and merriment Saturday, November 5th between 1 and 4pm.

Art Toronto - TIAF  2011 Toronto International Art Fair  

See you at the gallery!


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