April 1 . 2011 


Happy April Fools' Day!  As you may be expecting a pun -- we'll do our best and begin this issue of Ingram Art News! with the humourous words that inspired Sean Yelland's new series:Yelland_this is how I feel all the time  


The Comedian Steven Wright has a joke that  I heard when I was a teenager, that has stuck with me my whole life because, as Homer Simpson says, "It's funny because it's true".   


The joke goes something like this; 'you know that feeling when you are just about to fall backwards off your chair... that's how I feel all the time'.  



We begin our spring 2011 exhibition season this coming Thursday, April 7th with Sean Yelland 7th solo at Ingram Gallery. 



This is how I feel all the time

7 - 27 April . 2011


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Opening reception: Thursday, 7 April from 5-8pm

'... Yelland wrings lyricism out of catastrophe' - Toronto Life (April, 2011)


The Wright quote was the starting point for this show.  I want to portray how, and what I feel all the time.  That is what I always try and achieve in all my paintings.  I think people can relate, as everyone feels this way, at least some of the time.


Yelland Inside Out

There are fifteen new canvases in

This is how I feel all the time, with most being large scale pieces.   Beyond our windows and windshields, Sean Yelland's 2011 series reflects new ways of looking and interpreting the urban landscape and life in the city.


Wrought with ambiguity and tethered by the familiar, Sean Yelland's engaging compositions give us much to relate to and absorb.



Preview Sean Yelland's new works here: This is how I feel all the time 





This artist's paintings verge on photo-realism, but their painterly qualities and skewed points of view are as unsettling as they are thrilling. Whether he's depicting a jetliner about to crash-land into the ocean, or a trailer whose occupants have crash-landed economically, Yelland wrings lyricism out of catastrophe. - Toronto Life (April, 2011) 



Please contact the gallery for full exhibitions details or to receive a PDF of the catalogue.



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My Name is
5 - 25 May . 2011

Opening reception: Thursday, 5 May, 5-8pm

Sara Sniderhan has been exhibiting with Ingram Gallery since the spring of 2009.  Having successfully shown with the gallery for over 2 years, Sniderhan marks her first solo exhibition this May.  Many will recall the work of Sniderhan from Art Toronto 2010, as the artist painted none other than Rachel Berman.  In her studio in Toronto, Sara Sniderhan has been hard at work.  My Name is promises a most fresh and painterly approach to the human form.  Expressive and immediate, Sniderhan's brushstrokes convey much of what lies both within and outside of the viewer and the subject. 

Save the date for Sara Sniderhan's opening reception on Thursday, May 5th.

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Left to right: Jon CLAYTOR, Alain BONDER, Andrew BELL

Please stay tuned for future issues this spring of Ingram Art News! as we delve into the solo exhibitions ahead and report on new works into the gallery.  We enjoy your visits, emails and requests -- please visit often or be in touch and let us know how we can be of help.  
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Thursday, April 7th cannot come soon enough.  There is great anticipation surrounding the lead up to Yelland's opening night!  We look forward to hosting you with Sean Yelland: Thursday April 7th between 5 and 8pm.  The exhibition opens at 11:00am with gallery hours from 11am until 5pm from Tuesday through Saturday.

See you soon!

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