It was a November to remember!  As we draw towards the end of the year we are excited to look ahead to December while also looking back to all the fun we had last month. Sean Yelland's Home and Away brought many art lovers through the gallery.Yelland

From looking long to laughing out loud, Yelland's new works engaged the viewer and cemented his role as one of our city's favourite painters.

From fresh paintings and drawings to three dimensional works, Ingram Gallery is decking the walls and ready for one last month of great art in 2009!

Ahead in this issue of Ingram Art News!: A new exhibition, a new artist and a new year, too. Enjoy! We look forward to seeing you.



L x W x D
3 - 17 December

Reception with the Artist - Thursday, 3 December 5-8pm

Image below: Appropriated Artist Materials (Partridge Nails, Paterson Dirt, Altmejd Screws) 10 x 13 inches

Having exhibited in Toronto for over 20 years, Joseph Lammirato's first solo exhibition opens at Ingram Gallery Thursday, 3 December. Lammirato will be traveling in from his new home in Calgary to be here for opening night. Please join Lammirato at the gallery Thursday 3 December between 5 and 8pm.

L x W x D
Artifact, communication and geography have been the common threads throughout my work. Small sculpted and found objects are mounted in shadow boxes sealed behind glass. This presentation of objects is a motif that was first inspired by the works of Joseph Cornell and Louise Nevelson, two artists whose work I have greatly admired. Creating work in this fashion appropriates the connotation of a museum specimen; or precious gem - yet the object may be a simple nail or a carving of a straight-backed chair.

- Joseph Lammirato, 2009

Working intuitively, Lammirato's sculptures, installations and book art projects combine object and symbol with inspiration and meaning, while inviting the viewer to participate in the interpretation.

(For those unable to attend, please be in touch to receive the L x W x D exhibition guide.)


OwlesScott OWLES

We are happy to announce the return of Scott Owles to our gallery walls since he last exhibited with Ingram Gallery in the 1990s. Owles' technique, meticulous attention to his medium, and knowledge of history and personal timeline make for a most well rounded and skilled painter. New works by Scott Owles will be on display throughout December, complementing the brilliant new Lammirato collection.

Tunnel Vision (2008) 75 x 50 inches, oil on canvas

I see my work as the acquisition of an understanding, the most essential comprehension of art as a visual language; exploring both the techniques and practices of those who from centuries past. Like any language, to survive it must grow, and this growth comes from an understanding of its past or tradition (visual, etc.) with a firm grasp on the present and an eye forward.

The subjects I tend to gravitate towards are those of life's contrasts - neither the ideal nor the philosophical, but the experiential.

My ambition is to express my growth both as a human being and as an artist; the expression is based on ascension. Personal ascension and the ideal elevation of the community. - Scott Owles, 2009


2010 schedule

2010: An Art Odyssey

Up next at Ingram Gallery is the New Year! While childhood memories marked 2010 as being light years away, it arrives in but a few short weeks. Burke

Solo exhibitions ahead in 2010 include Andrew Bell, Brian Burke, Ryan Price, Anna Yuschuk, Shaun Downey and Louis de Niverville.

Our January issue of Ingram Art News! will be information rich with respect to important opening dates and events to mark in your 2010 calendar.

In addition to strong contemporary exhibitions, 2010 at Ingram Gallery will see historical group shows featuring artists from the Montreal Social Realists to Toronto's own Painters Eleven.


Keep Ingram Gallery in mind as your home base when you are out and about in the neighbourhood this holiday season. We have just received wonderful new Monkeybiz works in from the incredible women at Eat My Words. The menagerie of happy creatures make for wonderful gifts to everyone close to you. From the gift of art, to new titles in Canadian Art books and out of print ones as well, Ingram Gallery is on everyone's wish list! Our walls are graced with original prints, works on paper and fresh new paintings by many of our gallery artists. A great collection of newly available sculptures by E.B. Cox and Michael Clay also awaits!

As we draw to the end of a year it is with smiles and warm thoughts that we think back on the great year in Art that was 2009. We are appreciative of all the good friends that visit often and the new friends of the gallery we made this year. Claytor

Please note that Ingram Gallery will be closed for the holidays as of Thursday, 24 December and we will re-open in the New Year on Tuesday the 5th of January at 11am.

From all of us to you and your loved ones - enjoy the pause that the holidays can provide and delight in the memories made with family and friends!

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery on Thursday, December 3rd between 5-8pm for holiday cheer & celebration with Joseph Lammirato!!

With warm & festive wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director
Ingram Gallery