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Summertime and the living is easy... Ingram Gallery's Summer Series is in full swing. Our gallery walls are ready for you with new works and unexpected finds. Visit often over the coming weeks as our Summer Series runs through until late August. Fresh colours, new artists and compelling sculptural works await. Our summer celebration issue of Ingram Art News! covers the fun ahead in July and August, as well as looking to our Fall exhibition schedule, public art in Toronto and the East Coast memories of Conrad Furey. Enjoy!

Shelley Mansel's 'Armature' Installation shot - June 2009
summer series


Summer Series 2009

This month and into the sizzling summer days of August, Ingram is keeping things fresh and fun! Strong new works from Yann Leroux, Shaun Downey, Yi Song and Sara Sniderhan hang in the cool breeze of our airy gallery. Our summer exhibition changes weekly. As such, please visit often and enjoy the gallery as a home base when out and about in the neighbourhood.

In addition to the superb paintings and drawings that fill our walls - our Summer Series also explores the warm humanism of David Robinson's deftly poised sculptures. Considering Robinson's figures tend to be smaller in scale when compared to the complete piece, his sculpted figures are large with expressive emotion. Robinson's 'Duolith' is featured here on the right.

Conrad FUREY (1954 - 2008)

'The years I spent growing up in Newfoundland, that's where all these images are from.' - Conrad Furey

Ingram Gallery now represents the Estate of Conrad Furey. We have an exceptional collection of available works on display this month. Furey was pulled into expression by instinct rather than learned technique. He followed his own creative agenda. In this pursuit, he worked in many media and it seems that nothing was off limits for his artistic use. Furey painted on canvas and plywood structures, he experimented with bronze, resin, and stone sculpture. Furey's art has left a far-reaching imprint and can be found on display in schools, hospitals, community and government buildings. For over twenty years, he was regularly commissioned for public paintings and murals in both Newfoundland and Ontario.

Furey's career has seen major public exhibitions at The Art Gallery of Hamilton and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, as well as in St. John's, Newfoundland. Conrad Furey's work can also be found throughout private, public and corporate collections nationwide. In 2007 Furey was nominated for the Order of Canada.

'My works, although most definitely Canadian, have a universality that makes them appreciated by peoples from all corners.'



Sharon OKUN, 'Paramount Pictures'
10 - 30 September . 2009

Towards the end of summer, just in time for the Toronto International Film Festival, Sharon Okun will be opening her new solo exhibition 'Paramount Pictures'. Okun's solo opens on September 10th running until the 30th . The collection of film noir inspired oils were created in Okun's studio in Florence, Italy.

'The mood, the romance, the simplicity, and the atmosphere expressed through cinema from that era enchants me.' - Sharon Okun (2009)


In addition to a stunning collection of works inspired by the mood of the Silver Screen, Sharon Okun will also be on site during her solo and available to paint portraits of visitors to the gallery. We are thrilled to be able to tie this exciting opportunity into Okun's solo - a wonderful way for collectors to spend time with the artist and for the gallery to bring studio and exhibition space together in an interactive way. Please contact the gallery to learn and view more about this exciting opportunity.

Louis de NIVERVILLE - Public Art

Not only is the TTC a great way to travel - there is also great Canadian Art to be discovered!

In this issue of Ingram Art News! we re-visit our on going series featuring public works to be found in Toronto by our gallery artists. This issue takes us to the Annex, into the TTC and down into the Spadina Subway Station to the magical work of Louis de Niverville. Louis de Niverville's 'Morning Glory' (1978) was installed for all Torontonians and visitors to enjoy and can be found in the stairwell at the Kendal Avenue entrance at the north end of the Spadina station. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has much to be proud of in terms of public art - in addition to this whimsical and stunning enamel mural - Louis de Niverville is keeping good company, as one of Toronto's all time favourite artists, Joyce Wieland and her textile work 'Barren Ground Caribou' (1978), hangs in the same station just a few feet away. We love public art!

The days are long and the sun is high. When you grab your hat and shades and head out into the city - come by the gallery to see what is new and take in all the great art we and the city have to offer!

(Please note: Ingram Gallery will be closed for Summer HoLiDaY the week of 4 - 8 August. We will be back to business first thing Tuesday, 11 August.)

Summer in the city! We all look forward to seeing you at the gallery soon.

With best wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director
Ingram Gallery