Inspired by the tandem openings for Jon Claytor and Jack Nichols last month, Ingram Gallery doubles the excitement once more in May. On Saturday, 9 May we open E.B. Cox: Objects of Desire and the very next weekend, Ingram Gallery in collaboration with Eat My Words, opens the largest exhibition to date of Monkeybiz in Canada. This month's double exhibitions are linked by the Art Object, not 'flat art!' as Cox would have said. The works in both exhibitions literally sparkle - delighting and dazzling all - as they beckon to be held so that we may feel the artists' hands at work.

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E.B. Cox: Objects of Desire
>> 9 - 23 May

Opening reception with the family Saturday, 9 May from 2-4pm

Beautiful treasures & rare gems by renowned Canadian sculptor E.B. Cox (1914-2003)

A unique and special opportunity to acquire previously unavailable works of art from the family's private collection. From brilliant emeralds, diamonds and garnets to precious opals and golden beryl - these highly desirable objects are brimming with Cox's passion for both creating and sharing.

"I make beautiful things for other people" - E.B. Cox
Cox necklace
In summer, E.B. inhabited his fresh air studio: stone dust-filled, cluttered with gorgeous chunks of blue, pink and white rocks waiting to be transformed into bears and birds, heads and torsos, fanciful forms and whimsical shapes. Winter's cold forced him inside - what to do? Boredom was his nemesis, and he always had something going on. He mastered the art of "lost-wax" casting and created wonderful silver and bronze pieces - bears, medallions, chess pieces, sculptural jewelry and more. Then he discovered gemstone faceting, and suddenly there was a melding of meticulous craftsmanship and that exuberant imagination. Emeralds, amethysts, topaz, aquamarines, tourmalines - every colour of the rainbow in glittering delicious wearable art.
- Sally & Kathy (Cox)

Like Cox, Alexander Calder (1898-1976) a fellow sculptor, originally made special jewelry pieces only for family and close friends. These rare designs by Calder have now become some of his most sought after works.

Monkey Biz

Eat My Words / Monkeybiz
'Bead by Bead'
>> 15 - 23 May

Opening reception Saturday, 16 May from 2-4pm

We happily invite you to join us and the kind-hearted women of Eat My Words on Saturday, 16 May as we celebrate the opening of 'Bead by Bead'.

A veritable herd has arrived in Toronto via Eat My Words, Canada's exclusive distributor for Monkeybiz, South Africa. From May 15 - 23 Monkeybiz creations will be available at Ingram Gallery marking the first ever Canadian Exhibition of these fanciful works that are are making international waves. From sold out exhibitions at Sotheby's UK Decorative Arts Show, to galleries in New York, Monkey BizLondon, Tokyo, and Paris, these beaded creatures have beaten a path to Toronto's doors. Buyers like Sharon Stone, Samuel Jackson, Annie Lennox, Donna Karan, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey have supported this successful grassroots initiative, that not only employs women in a tradition native to their culture, but has truly elevated the lives of their families and communities bead by bead.


Public sculptures by E.B. Cox found in major spots around the city of Toronto.

As a new and ongoing feature in Beyond the Ingram Walls we will be looking at the many public works of Ingram Gallery artists to be found in and around Toronto.

From the dozens of breathtaking works comprising the 'Garden of the Greek Gods' on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition to 'The Great White Lady' at McMasters University in Hamilton - the works of E.B. Cox appear throughout the city and surrounding area. In the case of 'Spring Break Up' (1959, Limestone) and 'Draped Figures' (1958, Limestone) - Cox's public sculptures can be found just down the street from the gallery! Many of these beautiful public works are featured in the book 'E.B. Cox: A Life in Sculpture' (Boston Mills Press, 1999) available at Ingram Gallery.

The current changing of the seasons is echoed on our walls this month in newly available Canadian landscapes in our south gallery collection. Sunny strolls on sandy beaches or paths lined with budding birch trees, the works of Tom Roberts, Jack Beder and Barker Fairley provide a tempting variety of works for collectors.

Shelley Mansel
'Armature' >> 4 - 24 June

The structure in the landscape is at the centre of Mansel's new series 'Armature'.
Shelley Mansel's third solo exhibition with Ingram Gallery opens on Thursday, 4 June. In this new collection, colour has been pared down to smoky charcoal blacks and clear-to-ochre shades of wax.

"A structure's framework during its construction or as it decays is often ironically similar. The rigid, linear character of these structures is tempered by the soft line quality of charcoal and the organic, luminescent quality of wax." - Mansel (2009)

Ingram Logo
Ingram Gallery is looking forward to the exciting month ahead. Please be in touch for further information on all of the above. As I type, I notice the flower baskets are out in York Square - we all look forward to seeing you at the gallery soon!

With best wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director
Ingram Gallery