On Saturday, April 18th Ingram Gallery opens two solo exhibitions - Jon Claytor's new series 'Naked' in the north gallery and 60 years of Jack Nichols' 'Paintings, Drawings and Lithographs' in our south gallery. Please visit the gallery throughout the run of these exhibitions for an opportunity to take in two passionate figurative based artists' unique takes on the human condition.

Jon Claytor's contemporary energetic gestural nudes, complemented by Jack Nichols' historical mixed media pieces bursting with emotion and dreamlike imagery, make for a dynamic month at Ingram Gallery.

Please join us at the gallery Saturday, April 18th for a double opening celebration between 2 and 4pm. Jon Claytor and family will be in attendance, as well as dear friends of Jack Nichols. Both Jon Claytor and Jack Nichols are strong visual voices and the new works superb!!


>> Jon CLAYTOR, 'Naked'
      18 April - 7 May

Claytor works in contrasts, the dual nature of his subject matter now paired with the marriage of painting & drawing. 'Naked' features new large scale figurative works with candy coloured, sumptuous surfaces and strong lines. Male / Female, gravity and grace, innocence and experience - human emotion explored through body language and gesture. Further playing off the mind/body and Adam and Eve dualities, the figures in 'Naked' are inspired by one female model and one male model.


>> Jack NICHOLS, 'Paintings, Drawings and Lithographs'
      18 - 30 April

Jack Nichols was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1921. Working alongside F.H. Varley and Louis Muhlstock, Nichols went on to be an official war artist in the 1940s. From a Guggenheim fellowship to having his lithographs exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1958, Jack Nichols' achievements in Canadian Art are most notable.

Nichols' first solo exhibition at Ingram Gallery features 'Paintings, Drawings and Lithographs' from over half of a century.

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Our full 2009 exhibition schedule is online and our web pages are continually being updated as news arrives from studio.
Shelley MANSEL is in studio on the East Coast preparing for her upcoming June solo exhibition at Ingram Gallery,'Armature'. Andrew BELL has produced an incredible new body of work in advance of his 2010 solo 'Moterwerks 8'. Shaun DOWNEY has also been hard at work preparing for the year ahead, the Toronto International Art Fair and more!

Creating better lives through the process of making art.EMW_pickup

Eat My Words/Monkeybiz

Over the last six months we have loved working with the beautiful beaded art works hand produced in South Africa and made exclusively available to Canadians through Toronto's favourite fundraisers Eat My Words. The stunning Monkeybiz animals and dolls have been so well received at the gallery that we will be hosting a formal exhibition of the original beaded art works next month!

>> 'Bead by Bead' 15 - 23 May

In preparation for the largest exhibition to date of Monkeybiz in Canada, Ingram Gallery recently visited with Eat My Words to assist in welcoming and unloading the beaded travelers from overseas.
E.B.Cox_chessMuch like the double solo exhibitions of April, May 2009 will also make for fresh gallery visits as we look to the Art Object. Keeping in the theme of the dazzling and desirable, Ingram Gallery will open an event of great importance on Saturday, May 9th - E.B. Cox: Objects of Desire. This is an incredible opportunity for collectors of Cox and admirers of great Canadian line and form alike - prepare to be amazed!! From Cox's famed Canadian icon chess set featuring couriers du bois and beavers as pawns, to brooches, pendants, cuff links, belt buckles, miniatures and more, the family has opened up their private collection to share these wonderful rare gems.

>> 'E.B. Cox: Objects of Desire' 9 - 23 May

Further information on EB Cox: Objects of Desire and Eat My Words 'Bead by Bead' ahead in the next issue of Ingram Art News!

From strong solo exhibitions for contemporary artists you are very familiar with, to major events for historically significant artists such as Marcelle Ferron last month, Ingram Gallery is committed to bringing you the leading line on news and art discourse. Visit often, linger long and get to know all that Ingram Gallery has to offer.
A reminder that all images and coloured text in Ingram Art News! are links to click on for further images and information. Please be sure to contact the gallery directly any time to learn more about an upcoming event or a particular piece and/or artist.

We all look forward to seeing you at the gallery for our double opening celebration on Saturday, April 18th!

As Jon Claytor will be present, Saturday is a great oppurtunity for collectors and fans of Claytor's work to meet the artist, as well as to dicuss art and related topics in person.

See you soon!

With best wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director
Ingram Gallery