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With the need for sunshine on all of our minds, it was a happy day to see so many warm and smiling faces at the gallery for Berman's opening reception and launch earlier this month. Thank you to the many that filled the gallery and marked the launch of Berman & Beiser's new book. Compliments to all the collectors who acquired works from this nearly sold out show! The excitement continues as we open a premier for Marcelle Ferron in Toronto at the gallery on Thursday, March 19th. We have news from Jon Claytor's studio, new works from Andrew Bell and further information on our upcoming Spring 2009 exhibitions ahead in this issue. Enjoy!

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Marcelle Ferron

Marcelle FERRON
>> 19 March - 9 April

Reception: Saturday, 21 March 2-4pm

Ingram Gallery is pleased to share that we will be opening an important exhibition of the works of Marcelle Ferron on Thursday, March 19th at 11:00am. The exhibition will feature significant canvases from 1947-1997. The 50 year retrospective looks to showcase the incredible talent and palpable passion of Ferron's unique lines and bold vision.

The painted works of Marcelle Ferron might be compared to Riopelle, de Kooning, even Motherwell. In fact, Ferron's art, like her life, is as independently genuine, relevant and archetypal of a period in modern art as any of the above. Born in Quebec in 1924, Ferron joined Paul Emile Borduas and the Automatistes in the early 1940s. The only woman to sign the Réfus Global, Ferron championed an approach to art that rejected the figurative and formal traditions of  her Beaux Arts training. Her early canvases are visceral studies of the post-war psyche that bare witness to a period of re-birth and reinvention in French Canadian Art. (AJ Lloyd, 2009)

Jon Claytor

Claytor's Studio

Jon Claytor Studio Visit

Quebec features prominently in this issue of Ingram Art News! as earlier this Winter we visited Jon Claytor in studio in Montreal's east end. It was a cold grey day as we approached the studio. The stunning contrast of walking into Claytor's studio to the matte sky outside still lingers in my mind's eye - candy coloured, sumptuous surfaces and brilliant lines! Collectors and friends alike will share in the experience as these new works will be unveiled in April for Claytor's upcoming 2009 solo exhibition,'Naked'.

Andrew BellAndrew BellThroughout the weeks ahead, as the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, new works will be arriving at the gallery. The advent of a delivery truck in front of the gallery always rises us to our feet with excitement. New works from Andrew Bell's studio in Ottawa have just arrived. These stunning works are the first in a new series that will lead towards Bell's next solo exhibition with Ingram Gallery in the Spring of 2010.


Jack NicholsJack NICHOLS
>> 18 April - 30 April

The Spring issue of Ingram Art News! will be out around the same time as the tulips! April at Ingram Gallery will be a dynamic month as we will be showing two solo exhibitions - Jon Claytor in the north gallery and Jack Nichols in our south gallery. Please mark your calendars for opening day Saturday, April 18th.

>> 18 April - 7 May

Faces Of Us

In the spirit of fresh and new for Spring - Ingram Gallery will be updating content and designing new features for our website in the weeks ahead. Special thanks to Jon Claytor for his fresh lines and fun take on the faces of Ingram Gallery. We have a great team of art lovers, creators, appreciators and educators around us - we are thankful that you are part of our gallery community!

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery for our Marcelle Ferron opening reception, Saturday, March 21st. Please be sure to visit during the run of this notable exhibition (March 19th - April 9th) as this is a rare opportunity and the works are of an exceptional quality.

With best wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director
Ingram Gallery