From Brian Burke's prescient, powerful & successful solo 'Predicament', to the excitement of the 9th Toronto International Art Fair and the full house of Ryan Price's recent opening reception -  Ingram Gallery has seen many happy collectors in the last few weeks. We would like to congratulate everyone on their new art acquisitions. Art is a good thing!

The good times continue at Ingram Gallery throughout the Fall season. Ahead in this issue of Ingram Art News!: Barry Hodgson has a new body of work opening on November 15th, many new works of Historical interest have arrived in our South Gallery, purposeful gift giving from Eat My Words/MonkeyBiz, and more...

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Barry HODGSON 'Gros Morne, Georgian Bay, Lake Erie & Hamilton'
November 15 - December 4

Opening reception with the Artist:
Saturday, 15 November > 2-4pm

Stemming from his 2006 month-long residency in Gros Morne, and subsequent solo exhibition, Hodgson further explores region, atmosphere and line through both Gros Morne and the natural environs closer to home. 'Gros Morne, Georgian Bay, Lake Erie & Hamilton' features new works on both canvas and paper, as well as found object sculptures new to the artist's oeuvre.

'Today's decisions will yield one type of painting and while what I learn from each one becomes an element in the mix, tomorrow's decisions will be made in response to tomorrow's conditions.' - Barry Hodgson (2008)

Our South Gallery is an inviting and hands-on environment which looks to the past 100 years in Canadian Art. Paired with an extensive library and a comfortable sofa, Ingram's South Gallery hosts an ever changing exhibition of important works by Canadian greats. Recent weeks have seen the arrival of new works by Sylvia Hahn, Barker Fairley, André Lapine, Nicholas Hornyansky and Mary Dignam.

> Ingram Gallery welcomes important Canadian artist Jack Nichols to our roster. Please stay tuned to Ingram Art News! and our website for news and more on Nichols at Ingram Gallery.
Monkey Biz

Lions, Gazelles & Elephants - Oh My!  MonkeyBiz's lovely and artful creatures have arrived at Ingram Gallery courtesy of Eat My Words.

Eat My Words is a non-profit company based in Toronto, now the sole distributor for MonkeyBiz in Canada. Their mission is to provide a special gift while raising money and awareness. Known for its beautiful baked treats, namely cupcakes delivered in fabulous turquoise hat boxes to raise money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, Eat My Words' next chapter and partnership with MonkeyBiz makes sense in that it is utterly unique and making a difference.

MonkeyBiz grew out of a desire to create employment and empowerment for disadvantaged women in Cape Town, South Africa.  MonkeyBiz has lead to the revival of the ancient African tradition of beading and now employs 450 women. Each woman is paid for every item produced and since they work from home, they can look after their families and avoid transportation costs. Every beadwork produced is a one-of-a-kind piece signed by the artist.

These wonderfully spirited animals and dolls are creating a world wide sensation. They are not only stunning conversation pieces, they are gifts that make a difference and Ingram Gallery is thrilled to be part of this movement!

Please visit the gallery during November & December, or be in touch, to see and learn more about these purposeful creations.

Bell Andrew Bell, 'Zero Bomb' (2008)

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery soon. Please be sure to join us for Barry Hodgson's opening r
eception on November 15th!

With warm wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director
Ingram Gallery