RYAN PRICE '...draw while...'
opens this Saturday!


RYAN PRICE '...draw while...' October 18 - November 6

Reception with the Artist this Saturday from 2-4pm
>> Exhibition opens at 11am.

We look forward to seeing you.

In contrast to the precise and disciplined printmaking for which he is best known, the art of Ryan Price is, in his own words, unintentional. Spindly figures with bloated heads stand, sprawl and seemingly dissolve into chunks of drywall. Though fragmented, Price's art has a narrative quality akin to the dry point illustrations he has laboriously tailored to written works including, most recently, Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven." A word, a gesture, or the scribbled hint of either, give the impression of a larger-than-life sketchbook in which half-born stories are scrawled in graphite and collaged in layers.  His delicate imagery is offset by bits of rich detail and the effect can be misread as dark in its peculiarity. The attempt by a local school board trustee to censor Price's work is "funny and sad" to a man who includes his two-year old daughter's tiny pencil markings in his work. Indeed, Price's childlike freedom belies an edgy and unpretentious intellect. Inspired in part by wall painting, his works incorporate electrical sockets and exposed dry wall, yielding a gratifying sense of tactility and a stunning, though understated, wit. Price currently draws while leading a busy life as a father of three- Ben, Ruby and Andrea -in Guelph, Ontario. His work has been exhibited provincially and graced the pages of books, magazines and CD covers. 2008 marks Price's fourth year showing at the Toronto International Art Fair. '...draw while...' is Ryan Price's third exhibition with Ingram Gallery.

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Tarah Aylward, Director
Ingram Gallery