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Newsletter February 9, 2011 
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504 dogs listed for sale at the the January 15, 2011 auction

Participants in puppy mill auctions such as last month's Farmerstown Dog Auction in Ohio are large-scale breeders raising large numbers of dogs and puppies. A single puppy mill operation will house and breed literally hundreds of dogs, which a usually kept in wire cages. 


It is not surprising that animal advocates on the inside and undercover are rare, and not something those involved with puppy mills and dog auctions want to see. However, Animals' Angels has received information and film from an anonymous source present at the January auction. We believe it is important to share the following information with you.  


entrance to auction
Police officers at auction entrance

Security at the Farmerstown Dog Auction last month, as it is with all such auctions, was extraordinarily tight. The Holmes County Sheriff's Department provided security. They maintained a strong presence with three deputies standing at the entrance and two sheriff's department cars in the parking lot.


Deputies searched people for cell phones and cameras. Signs were posted throughout the grounds warning, "No Cell Phones, No Cameras," and "You are Subject to Personal Search."


One officer patrolled the staging area and trailers to ensure that no one photographed or video taped conditions. Security concerns seemed 100% focused on keeping people out who might be critical of the auction. Zero security or compliance activity was directed to regulations for the well-being of the animals.


Dog in cageThe Farmerstown Dog Auction began in 2004 and spurred a huge surge in puppy mill operations in and around Holmes County. Purebred puppies have become an increasingly lucrative cash crop. In 2006 this Ohio county licensed 478 kennels.


Auction owner Harold Neuhart is a USDA "Class A" operator of Seneca View Kennels. On November 21, 2009 Neuhart, a member of the Amish community, was cited for "verbally assaulting with intent to intimidate" two female USDA-APHIS inspectors during the Ohio Dog Auction.

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier at the auction


Of the 504 dogs listed for the January sale, 300 came from the Clearwater Kennels in Cushing, MN. The Clearwater Kennels are 893 miles from the Farmerstown Auction and have received dozens of citations from USDA inspections during the past 14 months, including transportation-related violations. The almost 900 mile journey from Minnesota required over 17 hours of frigid travel for the dogs.


The 500 dogs and puppies were housed overnight before the auction in three 48 foot long trailers. The cages were stacked 4 high. The trailers were very cold. Though the overnight temp was 19 degrees, only one small propane heater was provided in each of the trailers. In two of the trailers, the heaters ran temporarily out of fuel.


Poodle in cageThe cages had wire floors with no resting boards. The dogs must stand, walk and lay down on wire forcing their toes to spread out unnaturally. Several dogs were observed with lesions between their toes where the flesh had split.


Some dogs from the Clearwater Kennel had mucous discharge from their eyes, skin inflammation and overgrown nails. Many appeared lethargic and depressed. Others paced frantically from side to side.


Overturned water bowl
Overturned water bowl 

There were several cages without food and water, and in others the unsecured water bowls had dumped over. The smell of urine and feces was overwhelming. Many dogs shivered constantly in the cold.


According to Local 12 news, 5 dogs were rescued from the auction and examined by a veterinarian. "The vet found bad teeth, two had serious ear infections, one had splayed feet and toes from a life spent standing on cage wire, and one had its voice box removed",  the online article states.


Watch the undercover video...


Read the full length report...


A review of 2010 USDA inspection records shows that Clearwater Kennel has been cited for numerous federal violations such as:


  • continued use of expired vaccines
  • dogs with overgrown nails, mucous eye discharge, skin diseases or lesions on their feet
  • molded feed in feeders
  • accumulated and molded feces in cages
  • 827 dogs with inadequate ventilation & 104.5 degree heat index
  • inadequate records for transport
  • inadequate records of acquisition or disposition
  • no health certificates
  • soiled matted coats
  • cages with less floor space than required

Conditions observed by USDA inspectors at Clearwater Kennel are comparable to the conditions that make headlines when a puppy mill operation is shut down. But what the news outlets decry is not "new." Despite the headlines and media attention, the inhumane conditions are not unusual-they occur everyday.


Watch the Cincinnati News Story on Local 12 about the dog auction...


What You Can Do Now:

In sharing this information with our readers, Animals' Angels asks you to support pending legislation to help these poor animals. In Ohio and many states, bills regarding puppy mill regulations are being considered now.


small dog at auctionEspecially if you live in Ohio, please participate in the powerful ballot initiative. A good outcome that will improve the lives of tens of thousands of animals is possible with your help. Increase your voice by getting your friends and family to participate.

 For more information, please visit:




It is easy to get information about puppy mill legislation being considered in your state with a simple Google search. A good source is at http://www.animallawcoalition.com/bills for information by state.


Educating yourself and others about how to get laws enacted to protect animals instead of puppy mills can make a big difference for all animals.

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