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JUNE 2011
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 Kingsland Farmers Market





We have so many people who want a Vita-Mix but can not afford one. Well, now here is your chance. Buy a $20 chance at winning a Vita-Mix. All you have to do is pay $20 and enter your name into the drop box. On July 31, 2011 we will draw a lucky winner. Depending on how much we collect will determine how many winners.  


I absolutely love my Vita-Mix and use it everyday! This is a great opportunity at a chance to win one for you or a loved one! For those out of town, pay online and we will enter your name in the drop box. Shipping will be free as we will ship directly from Vita-Mix. Please call the store if you want to pay over the phone. 403-254-5991.


This is a $629 value!   


Winners will be announced in the newsletter.  




Every Thursday at 12 pm from July 7th to September 8, 2011
Lasagna Raw

Do you need a little excitement from your daily lunch routine? Come learn how to make delicious easy gourmet raw lunches quick. These lunch n learn raw food courses will run in a 4 week series every Thursday from 12 pm to 1 pm. Each class will cost $37. Learn how to make soups, salads, sandwiches and quick delicious desserts. Each week will feature a different cuisine theme.


This will be a family style sit down lunch after recipe demonstration. All food is organic and local if possible.


Class size is limited. Pre-Registration and Payment Required.


Please call 403-254-5991 to register. Cost: $37 Time: 12-1 pm Time is limited so class will start promptly.


Co op

Many of you are confused about the co-op, so I am going to try and attempt to explain it in greater detail and the purpose for it.


Many of you know 

Health Canada 

is enforcing more laws and regulations on June 20, 2011.  Go to their website to read all the updates. I hate to be so blunt here: but you are delusional if you honestly think that Health Canada is genuinely interested in your health. We are talking about the same organization, who supports chemotherapy, radiation and drugs, with their many side effects, not to mention vaccines that cause other disease and illness. If the government was truly interested in saving people, then the medical route would not be the only alternative they would present to you. It is a bias, money making government conformed industry to dumb you down and keep you sick, medicated and on their drugs, hoping that you live long enough to pay taxes but not actually need the system once you hit retirement.


Anyway, back to the co-op. Our purpose for creating the co-op is to become private-owned. We have many resources for non-regulated farms and products that we would like to share with our members.


The fact is, running a health food store is not our ultimate goals in life. We have lots more projects and plans for the future. But we also love to share our knowledge on food and provide resources for people. We also want to provide more affordable organic products and quality supplements. The membership fee allows us to hire a full-time person to manage purchases and the store while we focus on other projects. The membership prices are really good and will get even better once we bring on more members. Our goal is to eventually sell products at cost and the annual membership fee will pay for the operating cost, i.e: lease, phones, packing, employee, etc.  We have  resources for pastured chickens, eggs, all grass fed beef, bio-dynamic produce, plus our organic seeds, nuts, dried fruits and supplements. Once we reach 1000 members, we can close our doors to the public, stop paying our license to be regulated by Alberta Health Services and truly serve our members.


We hold high standards on cleanliness, safety and strive for the highest best quality. We personally visit every farm we buy from.  Once we enter into a private membership, we have a stronger voice and vote for what we demand and support with farming, food and organics. Each member is the voice for a 1000 and creates a stronger unity against being controlled and bullied by the government. We hope to create a unity in building and growing better higher quality food and a strong voice voting for more responsibility and less governing, more preventative care and less medicated care. Your membership allows us to spend more time fighting for more control over our food and health products and better pricing.  


If you have questions or concerns, please email or call us today! 


I am so happy it is finally summer!! Have you been to the Farmer's Market lately? I am loving the tomatoes, peppers, lettuces and cucumbers. I really like the Kingsland Market. I love going on Thursday and deciding what to make for the week depending on what is at the market.


My new love is our water filtration system. The fact is my hands were always so dry and rough no matter what I was lathering them with, oils, lotions, potions and creams. They were constantly getting a chlorine bath every time I was washing, cleaning and preparing food in the kitchen( which is constant!). My hands are finally healing and looking younger now that we have an all around the house water filtration system, which also includes watering the lawn. I am not sure of what all it takes out but you can find out more at the demonstation. See below for more details.


I will be offering my Lunch n" Learn Series again this summer. So for those who are interested in a quick raw food lunch with recipes, call to register. For those who have been asking for my booklet, it is now available with commentary! 

Northern Water Cleaners
  Demonstration Tuesday, June 14, 2011
NWC logo

The city of Calgary still has many old waterlines coming into your homes. Cast Iron, some lead, and some copper also galvanized steel. Many of these pipes are corroding and releasing all kinds of chemicals into the water. According to research approximately 150,000 homes are supplied with water having contact with lead water pipes.


As you well know, imported children's toys from China were recalled because they were using chemicals, lead being one of them that kids could stick in their mouths.

Ironically, everyday those same children must take baths and drink the water that flows into their homes through the waterlines that are composed from these toxic materials.

Never mind the Chlorine that has devastating effects on all of our health.


David Wolfe recently said in his workshop in Calgary: "A whole house filter is not just recommended but essential. Taking a shower with chlorinated water is like taking a shower in a gas chamber"


Our newsletter has talked about the hidden dangers in your shower and we provided information about all the toxic by-products of Chlorine. Such as, Chlorine, Animal Waste, Sewage, Trihalomethanes, Pharmaceuticals, Herbicides, Pesticides to name a few of the waterborne, health hazards; some of which are Carcinogens.

The workshop on the 14th will be held at Journey of Health. 518-22 Midlake Blvd. SE.  403-254-5991. 


Basic Pate Recipe
By David Rainoshek
Basic Pate


2 cups carrots

2 cups nuts and seeds

1 cup lemon juice

6 cloves garlic

1/4 tsp. turmeric

1/2 to 1 tsp. salt (or granulated kelp)

Directions: Blend ingredients in blender until well-blended OR in food processor for about 3 minutes (do not puree, should be slightly chunky). for crackers spread about 1/4 inch thick onto nori sheets. Dehydrate at 100-105 degrees for 12 to 14 hours. When dry break into crackers.


This is a super easy yummy recipe from my friend David featured on The Raw Food World. Enjoy! 


HTE Demonstration and Presentation

Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 7 pm

The Doctors. KCAL-TV9 Chi Machine TV Show
The Doctors. KCAL-TV9 Chi Machine TV Show

Many of you have been interested in the energy therapy equipment that was featured on 'The Doctor's" TV Show. Now is your chance to learn about this amazing equipment from Japan. We have been getting phenomenal results from people suffering from diabetes, arthritis, restless leg syndrome, circulation problems, tendinitis, cancer, sleep apnea and a host of other ailments.


The fact is, people do not spend enough time resting and healing. Learn how this equipment can be a compliment to your daily healing routine.  


Demonstration and presentation is this Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 7 pm. If you can not attend the presentation, call the store  and schedule your 30 minute complimentary session. Be sure to watch the in depth video: The Chi DVD  



Lunch n' Learn 2010 Recipes


Recipe Book Available Now!

Raw Food Calgary

I have finally edited by Lunch n'Learn 2010 recipe book. The book features 13 weeks of Lunch n' Learn courses with commentary from my teachings. Recipes include some of my all time favorite and original recipes from my Carrot Mint soup, Indian Pakora's, Miso Soup ( super yummy!) Fresh Basil Lasagna, Greek Salad, Cheesecake, Blueberry Cardamon Ice Cream, Falafel Wraps, Mexican Flan and more.


Click the orange button if you want a printed spiral bound copy shipped to you or click the blue button if you want a PDF file emailed to you. 


Cost is $37 PDF or $47 shipped and spiral bound. Please call the story if you want to pick up a printed spiral bound copy for an additional $5.


These are all tried and true recipes, guaranteed to taste yummy! 

 Click Here to Pay  Buy Now 

Where to Find the Freshest Produce

Local and Canadian Grown

Cucumbers2Many people are always asking me where I buy my produce so I thought I would share my produce finds- and it's never in one place.

COOP- Has organic cucumbers with seeds!

Kingsland Market: Various Vendors:

Cucumber Man- Has great baby cucumbers, green beans, butter lettuce, basil and red peppers.

The King's Orchard has really tasty celery from California, green cabbage and cherries.

Prairie Farm is carrying BC romaine lettuce, tomatoes and herbs. 

Broxburn Vegetables carry amazing squashes grown in Lethbridge.

Greens, Eggs and Ham  has nice micro greens and potatoes.  


Lund's Organics - Everything Gert grows is exceptional. No produce yet, but it's coming. He has the best carrots ever, kale, spinach, potatoes, beets, cilantro, the best romaine lettuce too, onions- I buy everything he grows- Exceptional!  

For those on a budget, Safeway carries hothouse red, yellow and orange Canadian grown peppers and Red Hat brand hot house tomatoes grown in Medicine Hat. I collect Airmiles points so I shop there for my organic bagged yellow and red onions, kale, parsley, large tubs of organic spinach and spring mix, California Avocados, pineapples, broccoli and cauliflower.


Safeway is also carrying California Mangoes, which I prefer over the ones from South America. Throughout the summer they will carry most organic berries and will feature the BC coronation grapes late summer to fall. They have a great price on frozen raspberries (which I recommend for smoothies. They also carry a large organic frozen food section.  

Canadian Superstore carries organic lemons by the bag at a reasonable price. You can also buy organic berries, grapes and young thai coconuts.

The T&T Market carries delicious basil, young thai coconuts and they are carrying more organics. You can find jicima, red bananas some delicious Asian greens. You have to really dig and search for the organics, but they are there.

If you are in a hurry and price is not a concern, I recommend Planet Organic. It is my favorite place to shop. They also have good decent organic produce, very consistent. They carry the Hotchkiss produce- I love their mix greens, spinach and wheatgrass.

Blush Lane is my all time favorite place, but I live so far away, but occasionally make it up there. They have an amazing farm and everything that comes from their orchards is superb. Be sure to visit their website for harvest dates.

I spend most of my summer and early fall at various farmer markets. I love shopping at Blue Mountain BioDynamic Farm at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers Market, you can also get their produce at Sunnside Market. Everything they grow is exceptional. I absolutely love Kris' produce. He grows the most amazing greens, broccoli, cabbages- it's all good! I drive all the way across town to buy his produce and it is worth the trip!


I'll post more as we get into summer. Go out and visit a farmer's market this weekend.  I encourage you to support our local farmers. 

Juice Feasting

Are you considering a Juice Cleanse?


Green Juice

Then this is the class for you!

Learn all there is to know about juicing, the health and healing benefits, why green juice versus fruit juice, the difference between juicing and smoothies. You will learn how to juice properly, what to juice, how to juice, when to drink juice and why you would even considering juicing. We will make and serve green juice, recipes and hand-outs will be given. Also, hear my testimony on my 92 day juice feast, my juice cleanses, green smoothies and more. This is a 2 hour course. Cost: $37 Time: 4-6 PM Please call the store to pre-register. 403-254-5991


This is a popular class. Summer time is a great time to consider a juice cleanse.


I have to say, I am truly loving being a stay at home mom and love being at home with Abigail. But I realize I need balance and need to come out of hiding and start teaching again. You can catch me at the store on Tuesday from 9 am to noon and I will be teaching every Thursday at noon from July to September. I haven't been just playing mom. I have lots of exciting new events coming this Fall and exciting projects. I  am working on some nut free classes, children classes, some raw food basic educational booklets along with a buying guide and a Balanced Recipe Menu Guide.

So stop in and say hello. You can always email me by replying to this newsletter. Have a wonderful summer.
Abigail June 2011
Abigail Washing Her Hands. She Loves to Wash her Hands! 



Journey of Health

David Wolfe MAY 2011 Calgary
I want thank David Wolfe for coming to Calgary and Matthew Brucker for the fabulous photos. Click the image to see more photos from the May Event.