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FALL 2010
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Candy Buy Back

On Monday November 1st 2010, Dr. Thom Evans, Dr. Kindal Robertson and the Staff of the Evans Centre for Dental Health and Wellness, will be hosting their 3rd Annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back.

Last year's event saw more than 150 kids from the community and local schools bring in a whopping 900 pound mountain of Halloween Candy during the 3 hour event. 

Again this year, The Evans Centre will pay your ghouls and goblins a loonie and an entry for an Ipod Nano for every pound of candy they bring in, plus each Trick-or-Treater will receive a Free Firefly LED Toothbrush.

The annual consumption of sugar has accelerated for the past century to a yearly 44.2 kg per capita in Canada in 2005. More alarming is the increased consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup which we believe is much more harmful to health and is the sweetener used in nearly all Halloween Candy.

At a time when our community is still concerned about strengthening their immune responses to  health threats as H1N1 and the flu, eliminating 900 lbs of candy from the diets of our children is the right thing to do.

 The Candy Buy Back is an ideal way to wrap up Halloween without saturating in excessive sugar for days. Start a healthy tradition this Halloween. See you there!

I'm enjoying the beautiful lovely sunny BC weather, some alone time and catching up on all my stuff. I feel blessed to afford a vacation and time away. It is wonderful to sleep in, snuggle with Abigail and see her delight in the countryside.

 I have been reflecting a lot on my weight, stress, and my work. The time away has made me realize, I need to slow down, cleanse and focus more on me. So, you will see less of me at the store and hopefully less of me physically. I am reducing my hours to only Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I want to focus more on being a mommy, my health and my spirituality. Sundays and Thursdays I will offer more classes and Tuesday will be more client time.

Sunday, October 24, 2010 @ 3 PM

Don't get stuck during the holidays of over eating and gaining weight. Start a cleanse and jump start your New Year before the New Year.

Learn all there is to know about juicing, the health benefits, why green juice versus fruit juice, the difference between juicing and smoothies. Come join me on a 2 week all green juice cleanse and then dive right into an all raw diet to continue the cleansing process. You will learn how to juice properly, what to juice, how to juice, when to drink juice and why you would even considering juicing.

We will make and serve green juice, recipes and hand-outs will be given. This is a 2 hour course. Class held at:

Journey of Health 
518-22 Midlake Blvd SE 
Calgary, AB T2X 2X7 

Cost: $37

Please call the store to pre-register.

Stay tune, we have lots coming soon. Paul Nison, Raw Food Classes, Be in Health information and rental material and so much more!!


Journey of Health

Abigail in Elkford
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