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October 2010
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Candy Buy Back

On Monday November 1st 2010, Dr. Thom Evans, Dr. Kindal Robertson and the Staff of the Evans Centre for Dental Health and Wellness, will be hosting their 3rd Annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back.

Last year's event saw more than 150 kids from the community and local schools bring in a whopping 900 pound mountain of Halloween Candy during the 3 hour event.

Again this year, The Evans Centre will pay your ghouls and goblins a loonie and an entry for an Ipod Nano for every pound of candy they bring in, plus each Trick-or-Treater will receive a Free Firefly LED Toothbrush.

The annual consumption of sugar has accelerated for the past century to a yearly 44.2 kg per capita in Canada in 2005. More alarming is the increased consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup which we believe is much more harmful to health and is the sweetener used in nearly all Halloween Candy.

At a time when our community is still concerned about strengthening their immune responses to  health threats as H1N1 and the flu, eliminating 900 lbs of candy from the diets of our children is the right thing to do.

If the collected candy is unhealthy for our clients and families, it can not be good for others. So we destroy the candy instead of pass the problem onto other kids. There are alternatives to excessive amounts of candy.

 The Candy Buy Back is an ideal way to wrap up Halloween without saturating in excessive sugar for days. Start a healthy tradition this Halloween. See you there!

Be sure to click the image for all the details!!
Ten Reasons Why Organic Food Is Better

1. Organic farming is better for wildlife.

2. Organic farming is better for the soil.

3. Organic food is better for animal reproduction.

4. Organic food helps fight cancer, stroke and heart

5. Organic food contains more nutrients.

6. Organic apples are .... just better!

7. Organic farming can feed the world.

8. Organic farming protects the climate.

9. Organic farming produces higher yields in drought

10. Organic food is safer.


Praise. Did you know that praising people can have a positive healing effect on you? When you see someone do something exceptional, praise them. Praising can put us in a good mood, make other people feel value and worth all the while having healing effects on you.

Speaking of praise, I want to thank Lund's Organic for their hard work in providing me the best ever kale for my kale chips this fall. If you have not tried Lund's Organic Kale, I recommend you run and grab all that they have, uh, that is if I haven't bought it all by Friday morning!


Paul NisonWe are very, very excited to be hosting Paul Nison to Calgary again. Paul will be talking about the raw food diet, how he healed himself from Chrohn's Disease and his new book The Daylight Diet. Paul is an international dynamic speaker with a passion for truth and health. He has written Health According to ScriptureRaw Knowledge, Raw Life, Raw Food Formula for Health and Healing Inflammatory Bowel Disease. He has inspired and helped many people from all over the world cure them self of IBS, Chrohn's and ulcerative colitis.

Please call Journey of Health for registration: 403-254-5991.
Tickets are $29 and $35 at the door. You won't want to miss this event!!

Calgary Jewish Community Centre
1607 - 90 Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB T2V 4V7

Paul cured himself of a disease the medical doctor said he would never cure. Do you have gluten-intolerance? If so, you will not want to miss this event!! Are you interested in Health According to Scripture? Please contact me for more information on Health According to Scripture with Paul Nison.
How To Use Your Dehydrator on the Raw Food Diet
Sunday, October 31, 2010 @ 1PM

CrackersDo you own a dehydrator and need help making delicious raw food treats? Learn tips and techniques on making perfect crackers, breads, kale chips, nuts, grains, dehydrating entrees, perfect temperatures and timing. Learn how to maximize your drying time all the while maintaining enzyme integrity. We will discuss how to maintain and clean your dehydrator, how to maximize your trays and what foods work best dehydrating together.
We will make an array of different foods. All foods will be prepared prior to demonstration for taste and texture demonstrations.

Please call to register.

Class will be held at:
Journey of Health 
518-22 Midlake Blvd SE 
Calgary, AB T2X 2X7 

Cost: $77

Please bring your own plate, fork and left over containers.

Entertaining with RAW Chocolate

Come join superfood lover and raw chocolate maker, Patrick Woods for an afternoon filled with entertaining ideas for the holidays. He'll be demonstrating how to prepare your very
own signature raw chocolates to share with friends and family, as well as healthy and delicious beverages you can easily prepare at home.

Demos, tons of information and an ingredient/recipe handout will be provided. Question and answer period to follow as well as a generous sampling selection. Come for a taste of REAL RAW CHOCOLATE!

$77/person - Pre-registration required!

You will not want to miss this event with Patrick Woods, the creator of my absolute favorite raw chocolate bars ever!!!! Click the image for a poster.

I am excited to say Cody, Abigail, me and the nanny are heading to BC for some hiking, playing, resting and family time together this weekend and will be returning on October 25th. I will be starting a new Lunch n' Learn Series for November and Cody is attending a free health lecture by Henry Wright called Be in Health that runs through this Saturday, so be sure to check it out if you have some free time this Friday and Saturday.

Journey of Health

Abigail 102010 Bunny
Greek Salad
Greek Salad with "FETA" Cheese

2 tomatoes, chopped
1/2 cup sliced olives black or green
1 cucumber diced
handful of fresh basil or oregano leaves
pinch of salt
6 tbsp lemon juice
5 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
1 head of romaine lettuce, chopped
1/2 cup of Red Onion Chopped
Pinch of pepper

For the Feta Cheese

1/2 cup of raw unsalted cashews
juice from 1/2 a lemon
Pinch of sea salt to taste
2 cloves of garlic

Throw all the salad ingredients in a bowl and mix. Put the nut cheese ingredients in the blender and mix until smooth and add to the salad.

Toss, serve and enjoy! I absolute love this salad. I made it for my Greek Cuisine Lunch n' Learn class. We sell raw black olives that go well with this salad.