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September 2010 Update
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Essential Oils Class
Raw Milk Consumers Get Raw Deal
Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips Recipe
Vaccine Awareness Night
Lunch n' Learn Series
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HFCS Gets a New Name

Journey of Health
Benedetta Holistic Skin Care

I am pleased to host the owner of Benedetta Canada Holistic Skin Care Products at Journey of Health. This will be a very nice mini spa day. We will be offering demonstrations on all of Benedetta's skin care products, serving delicious gourmet raw food appetizers, drinks and offering free 15 minute massages by massage therapist, Ashley Korobanik. Ashley will be giving head, neck, shoulder and hand massages all the while receiving spa treatments of the most amazing holistic skin care by Benedetta professionals, enjoying delicious gourmet raw food treats, Basic Roots will be providing delicious raw food desserts and Benedetta will be giving out door prizes of some of their products. You deserve to be pampered. Come let us pamper you with truly the best skin care, raw foods and a delightful little massage.
Class size is limited so register soon.

Click the image for more information on Benedetta Holistic Skin Care products.


Date: Thursday, September 23, 2010
Cost: FREE
Drop in from 3-6 PM

You must register for this event. Please call 403-254-5991

small tip donations will be appreciated

Essential Oils Class
Young Living Oils

Are you new to therapeutic grade essential oils and curious about their amazing health benefits?
Then this is the class for you!
You will learn:
~How to use Essential oils in your everyday life for better health
~How these oils may prevent and relieve headaches, earaches, insomnia, stress, colds & flus
~Essential Oils that help boost energy levels
~the key differences between therapeutic grade essential oils and other grades.
This is a hands on class where you will smell, feel and even taste these amazing oils.

Presented by Sheila Sherman.

Sheila Sherman has been studying Essential Oils and their application for 2 years with CARE, Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education. She is in the final stages of completing her certification requirements to become a Certified CARE Instructor.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 6 PM.
Class is FREE

 We have an unbelievable oil that will get you to sleep. You will want to learn about this!
Raw Food Supplies
Buy A Vita Mix


Okotoks Natural Foods

FREE Introductory to Raw Foods Course Wednesday, September 22 @ 6:30 PM

If you are new to raw foods, curious on how it taste, how to make a raw food dish, what the raw food lifestyle is, then this is the course for you!
We will talk about the raw food diet, lifestyle, raw food books, websites and make 3 delicious and easy gourmet raw food dishes and receive recipes.

Class size is limited and will fill up fast. You must RSVP and call Journey of Health to pre-register for this course at 403-254-5991 or Okotoks Natural Foods at 403-938-0808.

Please bring your own plate, fork, napkin and water for tastings.

Class open to new and previous students.

Class will be held at the new natural grocery store in Okotoks:

Okotoks Natural Foods
201-200 Southridge Drive, Okotoks (in the new Westmount Plaza)

It seems winter is creeping up faster than I want it to. Did we have a summer or did I just miss it? Oh where oh where is my sun? While I am still waiting for summer, you may want to stock up on some extra vitamin D this fall.

We have lots going on this fall and the class schedule will be up soon. In the meantime, take advantage of some of our amazing freebie events coming up. I will be teaching at Community Natural Foods again this fall, appearing at the City of Calgary Wellness Fair along with other venues TBA soon. Don't forget we have the entire RAW FOOD WORLD internet store at Journey of Health. Stop in and get some goodies.
With Angela Stokes-Monarch and Matt Monarch

Angela Stokes-Monarch and Matt Monarch
Matt and Angela are finally here in Calgary. They are peacefully sleeping in my basement while I type this newsletter. It was such a delight to talk to Matt and Angela tonight in my kitchen. You will just love them.
Matt Monarch, author of 'Raw Spirit' & 'Raw Success' and Raw Food Educator has been eating 100% raw for nearly 13 years now. You can learn more about him at
In this talk he discusses:
Is the Raw Food Diet for you?
Overcoming Health Challenges
Why some diets work and some don't
Difficulties that may arise on your journey
Benefits of eating Raw Foods, juicing and colonics
Angela Stokes-Monarch lost over 150lbs and overcame morbid obesity with a raw food lifestyle. She runs and is visiting from the UK to share her message of natural recovery.
She speaks about:
Healthy, rapid weight loss
How to break overeating patterns
Balancing detox with slimming
Taking care of the body naturally
Addressing the underlying issues

Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 @ 7 PM
Cost: $37 or $45 at the door
Where: South Fish Creek Recreation Center
Calgary, Alberta T2Y 4H3

Tickets can be purchased at The Light Cellar, Journey of Health, and both locations of Community Natural Foods.

Please note that our venue has changed from The Jewish Community Center to The South Fish Creek Recreation Center.
Raw Milk Consumers Get Raw Deal

Abigail at the farm

We had a great time visiting the raw milk farm in Christina Lake, BC. The Stavens were wonderful loving people who really love their animals. The cows were so sweet and loved Abigail. She had so much fun feeding the cows. The cows could easily eat from the stall but it was much more enjoyable from Abagail's hand. The farm was amazing. The goats and cows eat only organic alfalfa and they forage up the mountain. The nutrient content of the goat milk is unbelievable. The goats and cows forage on wild hazel, bark and wild plants and herbs off the mountain. This milk is far superior than anything I have ever seen. No wonder my daughter is glowing.

Be sure to click the image to see Abigail drinking fresh raw goat's milk and Cody getting his bum licked by a cow and the other image to go to Wild Things Organic website.

Here are a few articles worth reading:

Can Babies Drink Raw Goat's Milk?

Raw Milk Consumers Get Raw Deal

Hardened Criminals

We also have available fresh raw cow whey. Stop in to inquire. It will go fast!

Abigail Feeding the Cow
Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips
Fresh Alberta Kale in Season Now
I love the fresh kale I am finding at the farmers market, especially the bio-dynamic kale from Blue Mountain Farms. It is so delicious.

2 bunches kale
1/2 cup raw tahini
1/2 cup water
2 tsp sea salt
1 bunch green onions

Blend all the ingredients except the kale in a high power blender until smooth. Massage the mixture into the kale until well coated. Dehydrate at 115 degrees for 12-24 hours depending on your desired crispness. They are delicious!!
Vaccine Awareness Night
September 24, 2010 @ 7 PM

Say No to Vaccines We are excited to welcome, Dr. Shiv Chopra to Calgary September 24th at the Calgary Convention Centre.  $10 holds your spot to learn the inside truth about a topic that affects our children and our future.   
Bring those you love and encourage them to make choices based on truth instead of fear.  Everyone is welcome.

Call (403)212-1300 for more information. PDF Flyer

Dr. Shiv Chopra, former Health Canada scientist will present evidence of how Health Canada is not protecting our health. Learn how to protect yourself by making informed choices. Learn about the safety issues of vaccines and food products throughout the world. You will not want to miss this event! I will be there!

Vaccines Uncensored

National Vaccine Information Center

Date: Friday, September 24, 2010
Cost: $10
Where: Telus Convention Centre

"Health Canada is the most corrupt federal government agency in Canada. They are corrupt to the core and agents of the pharmaceutical lobby." - Dr. Shiv Chopra, Microbiologist, 35 year Scientist with Health Canada (who paid a heavy price for becoming a whistleblower) 
Lunch n' Learn-only 2 classes left

Raw FalafelCome join us for a delicious gourmet lunch every Thursday at noon. This months feature:
September 16, 2010
September 23, 2010
Every Thursday I teach you how to make a delicious quick lunch all within an hour. Receive a full organic raw vegan lunch with recipes and demonstration.

Cost: $37. Please call the store to register. Click the image for full detail class schedule and menu.

Reserve your recipe book today, only $47 for the entire Lunch n' Learn recipe series.

For Surviving Those Cold Winter Nights

Salad Master
Today's lifestyle puts great demands on us all. To keep up and stay healthy, we really need to maximize our nutrition by eating healthy. Saladmaster has the perfect cooking solution to help you maintain an active lifestyle, while saving you time and money. Learn how to make delicious food with little to no water all the while maintaining over 95% of the nutrients. We all know it is almost impossible to eat a 100% raw food diet in the dead of winter. Learn how to eat high raw with some warming foods utilizing the Saladmaster patent Vapo Valve technology.

For 60 years, Saladmaster has been helping people eat healthier with their advanced cookware system. There core mission, which they continuously reinforce through product improvement research and staying connected with customers to gain a genuine understanding of their needs. You save time, energy, and money when you use the Saladmaster premium quality, engineered system of cooking featuring 316Ti titanium stainless steel. It is with great passion that Saladmaster cultivates creativity and pride of workmanship to provide customers with continual lifestyle improvement.

Please Join Us for a full dinner and evening of fun. You will get a full demonstration of the Saladmaster cooking system and technology. We will be preparing an organic dinner along with raw foods.
Class size is limited. Adults only, please. You must pre-register!!

Demonstration and Dinner held at:

Journey of Health 
518-22 Midlake Blvd SE 
Calgary, AB T2X 2X7 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 @ 6 PM

I personally own a full set of Saladmaster cookware and have for almost 20 years. I use my cookware to lightly steam cruciferous vegetables for Abigail. I'm also delighted to mention that Saladmaster started in Dallas, Texas and they are well known for their Saladmaster machine which is an excellent manual food processor.
Be sure to check our calendar for new classes in October and we are looking forward to Paul Nison coming in November. We are also looking forward to a much needed vacation from September 24 to October 2, 2010. Stop in on Sundays and say hello to Thomas. He is extremely knowledgeable in supplementation, disease, vegetarianism and raw foods.

Journey of Health

Abigail at the Park. Click Image for a Video
Abigail park

Save 50%
All of are are legumes are now 50% off. We are transitioning to our new packaging and would like to sell off our old packaging. You can sprout chickpeas and all the variety of lentils we offer at Journey of Health. Learn health benefits to consuming sprouted legumes and all the basics to sprouting. The Sprout People
Offer Expires: September 30,2010