Abigail June 2010
July 2010
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Summer is finally here! I am half way through my no sugar cleanse, finally getting my energy level back and loving all the fresh produce at the Farmer's Market. I am excited to say the Kingsland Farmer's Market is opening this weekend. Please show your support and stop in for their sneak preview. I can't wait to go!

We have lots of exciting news this month, remodeling our store, new packaging, new classes and new products. Stop in this summer, pick up some lavender or oil of oregano for a great natural mosquito repellent, colloidal silver for traveling and be sure to take lots of Vitamin C to keep your immune system in shape for fall.
Sandwhich Lunch n' Learn

Do you need a little excitement from your daily lunch routine? Come learn how to make delicious easy gourmet raw lunches quick. These lunch n learn raw food courses will run in a 4 week series every Thursday from 12 pm to 1 pm. Learn how to make soups, salads, sandwiches and quick delicious desserts. Each week will feature a different cuisine theme. This week's feature:

Avocado Sandwich on Sunflower Seed Bread 
Sweet Potato Curry Soup w/ Spinach 
Berry Parfait

Each class will include recipe handouts, demonstration and a full lunch. This will be a family style sit down lunch after recipe demonstrations. All food is organic and local if possible. Class size is limited. Please call 403-254-5991 to register.

Cost: $37
Date: Thursday, July 8,2010 12 pm
Class size is limited: Payment & Registration Required
Happy Caps Suede Hills Organic Farm
Are you looking for REAL health, REAL vitality and REAL vibrant longevity? We are pleased to to be offering new products from Suede Hills Organic Farm in BC. They have the most amazing alfalfa powder, olive leaf powder, stevia and now Happy caps.

You are promoting and supporting Canadian Farmer's, not big corporation by buying locally grown real food supplements. Click the image to watch a short video on Cindy and Phil and their precious farm. They have the best tasting stevia ever and new teas! Try some Happy Caps today.

Suede Hills Organic Farm
Route 40 Soup Company Route 40 Soup Company
We are excited to announce that Route 40 Soup Company will be featuring their savory soups at Journey of Health in the next few weeks. They will also be offering some raw soups. While they are in the midst of setting up a freezer at our store with their frozen ready made soups. You can catch them at the new Kingsland Farmers Market or at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Market. Be sure to check out Blue Mountain organics while you are Hillhurst-Sunnyside as they carry the best organic greens ever!

Longevity Now Program Longevity Now Program
We are offering an exclusive savings on our David Wolfe Longevity Now Program. For a limited time and a limited stock you can get the entire Longevity Now Program for $325. This is a $175 savings.

Learn How to Live Longer, Lose Weight & Increase Longevity From One of the Most Recognized Nutrition Authorities On the Planet, David Wolfe. Click the image for all the details. Offer exclusive at Journey of Health only. Reserve your copy today!

Gardening Wanted:Gardening Volunteers

If you are interested in gardening, like to get your hands in the soil, work hard and love organic produce then why not volunteer some of your time to a local Alberta garden? I have a farmer in Carstairs who is needing some volunteers for her garden in exchange for fresh organic produce. If yo
u are interested in volunteering some of your time, please call Erika Vester at 403-337-2496 and coordinate days and times you can volunteer.
Young Living Oils What You've Always Wanted to Know about Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils
We all desire more out of life...but where do we begin? Essential Beginnings - What You've Always Wanted to Know about Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils 
Scents affect us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Essential oils can help us sleep, decrease hunger and elevate our mood and much, much more. Therapeutic grade essential oils can be applied topically, ingested and diffused for healing and wellbeing.

Learn which oils every home needs and why. What are therapeutic grade essential oils and how can you use them for physical and emotional health and healing.
Everyday Oils for Everyday Problems...
Want to replace toxic, over-the-counter medications, creams, sprays, and syrups with essential oils? Join us at we discover simple ways to incorporate essential oils for everyday health solutions. Secrets to a healthy family...it's up to you!

Time: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 @ 6:30 pm
Cost: FREE
Please call to pr-register. 403-254-5991
Bliss Balls Bliss Balls

1/2 C raw almond butter
1/2 C raw tahini
1/4 C hemp seeds, unsoaked
1/4 C raw carob powder
   1 t  vanilla extract or 1 soaked vanilla bean
1/2 t  cinnamon
1/2 t  nutmeg
1/4 t  fresh ground ginger

Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl.  Form into balls and roll in carob powder or hemp seeds. These are not super sweet but they sure help with the sugar cravings.
chocoperfection bars NEW: Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Bars
I am sooooo excited to share with you the best tasting low carb chocolate ever. Cody and I could not believe how good these bars were and no guilt! They are perfectly balanced, great for diabetics and gluten free. We got to personally talk to the creator and hear her inspirational weight loss story and how she lost weight eating her chocolate bars. Hurry! These bars won't last long and we only ordered a limited amount due to shipping cost and the summer heat. Be sure to click the image for all the details on these yummy chocolate bars!
Sprouter For Sale: Automatic Sprouter

If you love sprouts and are interested in growing your own sprouts then you will love this Fresh Life automatic sprouter. My nanny bought this sprouter and just does not have the space for it and I have the exact same one! Click the image to read all about it. It is still in its box and only used a few times. Asking price: $100

Freshlife Automatic Sprouter From Tribest Offers Year-Round Fresh Sprouts and Produce

Innovative system provides controlled environment to grow fresh wheatgrass, micro-greens and sprouts without soil or plumbing!

Asking Price:$100
Jar Scraper NEW: Vita-Mix Jar Scraper

Arguably one of the most needed kitchen tools, the Culinary Tech's® Jar Scraper is perfect for getting down into tight containers with its long, flexible head. Our Jar Scraper is ideal for spreading frostings or getting the last bit of mayonnaise out of the jar. As with all Culinary Tech® products, the Jar Scraper is made from ultra-pure, premium grade silicone and is heat tested to 800° F and stamped with the Journey of Health logo. These scrapers work great for getting under the blade of your Vita-MIx and really scraping it clean. You will not find a better scraper! I think they are awesome.

Sale Price: $ 6.77
For all those wanting to know I am currently following the Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine and I am loving all the recipes. I have lost so much weight in my fingers my wedding ring slipped off my finger into the slats of are patio deck. So if someone has a metal detector I can borrow I would greatly appreciate it! Be sure to go to Banff this summer and gather some fresh spring water, tour Lake Louise, do some hiking and really appreciate our abundance of nature surrounding us!
Journey of Health

Abigail on Daddy in Banff June 2010
Abigail Daddy Banff 2010

We ship raw food products provincial wide. Hard to find items, call us, we may can get them. Let us know what new products you would like to see at Journey of Heath. Click here for our calendar of events: Calendar Be sure to click the images for more information.
Save $4.00
We are selling so much chia seeds we are now offering best pricing and passing the savings on to you. Our 908 g chia seeds are $14.77 and our 454 g chia seeds are $7.77.

Chia is the best source for OMEGA 3! Chia Seed is also a wonderful source of: Chia Seed is very healthy and is often used as an aid to lose weight.