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Malcolm Saunders
Be inspired by the magic, flavor and nutrition of Raw Chocolate and become your own personal Raw Chocolate Maker! This 2 hr class taught by Malcolm Saunders
Superfood Chef and Raw Chocolate Maker
 includes a hands-on portion where you will be guided in creating your own unique chocolate bar from scratch using an array of the highest quality raw superfood ingredients.
Enjoy divine chocolate samples, fun chocolate facts  chocolate recipe demo's and take a recipe booklet home to do it all yourself.
Thursday, February 4, 2010
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
You must call and pre-register.
I have taken this class from Malcolm and it is fun to learn how to make your own chocolate, just in time for Valentine's Day! 
Great Opportunity
Raw Nutrition Program
David "Avocado" - Ultimate Raw Nutrition Certification
Click the link to learn more about this great raw food nutrition certification program by David Wolfe and Body Mind Nutrition. I'm taking the course and love the information!  
I'm looking for 6 volunteers for April 9-11 to train, help and work under Chef Elaina Love. This is a great opportunity to learn and work under one of the most famous and sought after raw food chefs in North America.  For more detail information please reply to this email. We will require really hard work and no pay.
January 2010
Abigail Salad

You are what you eat. And just look at my beautiful Abigail licking the bowl of that yummy ranch dressing featured two newsletters ago. I feel honored to know about the best food ever and to raise Abigail eating the best fresh raw foods. She is thriving and loving life.  
And how about you? Are you loving life and thriving? When you eat are you consciously aware if this food is healing or damaging to you? We don't live in a perfect world or environment but lucky for us we can build a community of support for those tough times. Start the year off right and join us for our raw food potlucks, classes, seminars or just stop in for a hug and a chat. It's nice to shop at a place where people know your name, or even your sisters name. Wink, wink, Kim.
Healing Honey
 Honey Bee We have lots of new items in but our new honey deserves its very own promotion. We have the most delicious healing honey that you will ever find right at Journey of Health. You can literally see the active enzymes of this truly raw honey from Quebec. It is so tasty and like caramel in your mouth. Honey is a very under estimated healing food. And if you know anything about David Wolfe he loves it and it is listed in his top 10 superfoods. Just click the image for more information on healing honey or pick up David's latest book on sale now at Journey of Health, Superfoods.
No Soy Eggs
EgggsBiodynamic & Free Range
We are not big promoters of animal consumption and realize people are in transtion with their diets and eggs are a great transtion food. There are lots of benefits from eating eggs, even raw eggs. But the problem is most eggs, even organic "free-range" eggs are really not that good for you. The term 'free-range" is loosely misused and all organic eggs come from hens fed massive amounts of soy. We currently have the most amazing free-range biodynamic soy free eggs just North of Calgary. You can taste a difference!
$5 a dozen
Chia Pudding
Chia PuddingAbigail's Favorite
1/4 cup chia seeds
1/4 cup shredded coconut
1/4 cup cashews
2 medjool dates, pitted
1 1/4 cup water
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp lucuma powder
1/8 tsp vanilla powder
Stir chia seeds and coconut in a medium bowl. Blend the remaining ingredients in a Vita-Mix blender. Add liquid to chia mixture and stir well and let set for 5 minutes. Stir again every five minutes for 15 minutes until you get a nice creamy texture. You may have to add additional water, which will not affect the flavor. This pudding will last 3-4 days. I make a big batch and in the morning I turn the tea kettle on and pour a little hot water on top, let it set a few minutes and stir. This takes the cold edge off.
What a great turn out we are having at our potlucks. I appreciate the enthusiasm and support. Thanks to all for the great recipes and food. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for an invitation to a one night only raw food restaurant in Calgary by Chef Elaina Love and lots more exciting and new programs coming soon, I promise!!

Journey of Health
We have lots of new items at Journey of Health and more on the way. We still have a few raw fresh pine nuts, raw olives, black & green, amazing chocolate almonds (if I don't eat them all), vanilla bean powder, fiesta mole seasoning from the Salads & Dressings recipe book, green hunza raisins, mulberries, glass straws for your green smoothies and really raw healing tasty delicious honey.
We also have coming in a few weeks, Blessed Herbs cleansing kits, more raw crunch bars, Alissa Cohen Living on Live Food Books and certificates, the most amazing raw chocolate powder ever and those truly raw Bali cashews.  
Stop in or call as we have more raw food specialty items coming weekly.