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Journey of Health Newsletter Happy New Year!
January 2010
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:: Food- Processing Induced Chemicals
:: FREE Introductory to Raw Foods
 Abigail2010                                                   Greetings!
Happy New Year! I'm so excited to start a new year. My goals for this year is to be the best mom ever, spread the word on health and nutrition, especially raw foods, focus on my own health, get more exercise and give and receive lots of love. Health is not just about diet, it's about our environment, peace, spirituality, our stress levels and love. We need more of it!
I want to encourage all of you to give more this year. We need more kindness, happiness, help, friendship, support and love. Let's make this the year of GIVING. And speaking of giving, look at this adorable cute black coat I received on Freecycle for Abigail. Freecycle is a great place to recycle and give back. Check it out!
Be sure to stop in and give Abigail a hug. She has two new teeth to show you!
This is my most popular and most requested recipe.

1/3 cup Olive Oil
1/3 cup Inari Red Wine Vinegar
1/4 cup water
2-3 tbs honey
2-3 garlic cloves, pressed
1 tsp each: Pepper
Sea Salt
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder


Mix all ingredients in a cruet. Will last 2-3 weeks in the cupboard.

Food- Processing Induced Chemicals 
Health Canada's Response is a Joke

If you think Health Canada is really interested in your health, think again. Just get on their website and read all about Food Processing Induced Chemicals. They will make you feel good about adding these "balanced" items in your diet. The best one is on acrylamides and their solution to this toxic food. They would never tell you to completely avoid these foods, they have a solution, drugs!
Click the picture to go to the site. 

FREE Introductory to Raw Foods
January 10, 2010 1-3 PM

Kale Salad


If you are new to raw foods, curious on how it taste, how to make a raw food dish, what the raw food lifestyle is, then this is the course for you!

We will talk about the raw food diet, lifestyle, raw food books, websites and make 3 delicious and easy gourmet raw food dishes and receive recipes and more!

Class size is limited and will fill up fast. You must RSVP. Calendar of Events 

 Only a few spots left. Please bring a fold up chair, your own plate, fork, water, etc.
Free Green Smoothie Class
Green Smoothie Learn all about green smoothies and their health benefits. If you have been interested in green smoothies and don't know where to start, then this class is for you. We will make green smoothies, talk about the health benefits of greens, sea vegetables, Victoria Boutenko's book, Green for Life and her new book Green Smoothie Revolution along with Robyn Openshaws new book Green Smoothies Diet: The Natural Program for Extraordinary Health and taste delicious green smoothies.

You can take this class again if you need inspiration, new ideas and just want to have a free green smoothie. 

You must CALL to register for this class.
Fresh Unshelled Nevada Pine Nuts
Unshelled Pine NutsOkay, for you super die hard raw foodist, we have fresh unshelled pine nuts straight from Nevada. They are super easy to un-shell, dehydrate in your dehydrator and you have truly raw pine nuts. They taste absolutely delicious! If you love pine nuts then you will really love these truly raw pine nuts.  
Our Price: $10 lb
I may not be at Journey of Health M-F but keep an eye out for me. I have lots of classes scheduled for the New Year. I will be teaching at the downtown Calgary Library, I have some classes scheduled for Community Natural and who knows where else I may be. We are in talks with Paul Nison coming back, Matt & Angela Monarch and Dr. Ritamarie in the Spring. Feel free to send me an email with comments and suggestions. Be sure to join our meetup to get the latest events and class schedule updates. 

Journey of Health

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Junk Food Junkie
 These foods are super BAD and we do not endorse them in anyway ever!