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November 2009
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Salad & Dressings
Salads & Dressings: Beyond the Basics
If you love salad and looking for some new ideas and dressings then this is the class for you. This course will include a 45 page book by Chef Alicia Ojeda. The book features 20 of the most delicious and simple-to-make salad dressing recipes you will ever taste, numerous salad ideas to turn your basic bed of greens into a gourmet meal, and all the best tips only a true classically trained chef can offer you.

Chef Alicia has a knack for taking an ordinary salad and making it extraordinary. She credits this to the salad dressing and the little nuances you can add to take your basic bed of greens to a whole new level of flavor sensations.

Class will be taught by Tonya Cole Lightfoot at the new teaching kitchen at The Light Cellar. This book and recipes are amazing and I personally met Alicia and tried her recipes while I was in Texas. I am so excited to be sharing these recipes and book with you. And of course some of the dressing have some Texas flare!
Sunday, November 8, 2009
Class: 2 pm - 4 pm
Cost: $77
The Light Cellar
6326 Bowness Road NW

Please call Journey of Health to pay and register.
We have Raw Chocolate Maker, Malcolm Saunders at Journey of Health on Sunday, November 29, 2009 teaching all about raw chocolate. How can you resist?
Learn how to create your own nutritious and delicious raw chocolate by hand.
This 3-hr class will be an in-depth look into the world and wonder of raw organic chocolate and how easy and simple it is to create your very own handcrafted chocolate.
You will learn everything from how to custom create a desert chocolate bar, how to alchemize herbal medicanal chocolates as well as plant-based chocolate mylk and even raw chocolate sauce. Class includes, recipes, samples and chocolate!
It's all amazingly nourishing, tasty and guilt free pleasure!

Class will be held at:
Journey of Health
518-22 Midlake Blvd SE
Calgary, AB T2X 2X7

COST: $117
This is a hands on course.

Can you believe we are already in Flu season? Just so you know no vaccine is 100% guaranteed to prevent the flu but they can guarantee that 1% will get neurological damage from a vaccine.
My stance is you have a better chance of surviving the flu if you are really healthy than not being healthy and getting the vaccine. Now is the time to boost your immune system and takes lots of Vitamin D and get off the sugar. Sugar destroys the immune system.
My holistic dentist emailed me this great article that sums up the vaccine scare: H1N1 & Vitamin D. Also, if we had no tv, media or newspapers we would be living our happy little life and not worrying about these scare tactics the government has being imposing on us for the last 70 + years. See for yourself: Swine Flu Propaganda of 1976.
Stop in and ask about all our immune boosters and flu prevention. And you all know I am going to tell you to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in their raw form.
Medjool Dates
Medjool Date
We have the most amazing dates in stock. These medjool dates are all organic and literally melt in your mouth. They are so fresh. We are selling them by the pound or by the box.
We have Extra Fancy and Large. These make an excellent holiday gift and great to make all your favorite treats. Add them in your almond milk, date nut torte, date logs and more.
Dates may be the oldest tree crop cultivated by man. More that 5,000 years ago this valuable food plant helped sustain desert peoples and nomadic wanderers of the Middle East and North Africa. Dates were also considered a delicacy and served by royalty. Dates were introduced in California in the 18th century by Spanish missionaries. At times, dates are referred to as the "candy that grows on trees."

Storing Tips
Store dates in tightly closed containers in the freezer or refrigerator. When stored frozen, in an airtight container, dates can retain their quality for up to one year.
$9.97 lb
$90 / 11-lb box

BanffFind A Spring

We will be meeting at the store on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at noon to go and get our own fresh spring water from Banff. I highly recommend you research the health benefits of foraging for your own spring water. There is no water system in the world that can provide the minerals, energy and vibration from natural spring water flowing from the depths of the earth. Watch these videos from the Spring Master himself:

Natural Spring Water w/ Daniel Vitalis Part 2, Episode #206
Natural Spring Water w/ Daniel Vitalis Part 3, Episode #207

For those living in the North, meet us at the Petro Canada  across from Olympic Park at 1 pm.
Remember all water coming from a tap wether it comes from a high dollar ph, ionization, alkaline super duper spend your money water machine, it's still dead chlorinated at one time processed cooked water with no life force to it!
Here is the map:
Heading West on Highway 1 from Banff town, take the Johnstons Canyon turnoff 1A travel down this road a couple kilometers until the road becomes divided just before the divide you will see the spring on your right hand side place bottle on the ledge to collect best to collect with plastic bottle that has a handle and then pour into your glass bottles to store. 
Be sure to click on the image for more in depth information from Daniel.
Stuffed Fresh
                                                                                                        Stuffed Dates
1/4 cup each walnuts,
 hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds,
organic raisins, dried cranberries,
organic dried apricots
2 tbsp orange juice, fresh
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp fresh nutmeg, zested
36 Organic Medjool Dates 
Cut each date open midway and remove the pit. Set aside.
Place the remaining ingredients into a food processor and process approximately 20 seconds to chop the nuts and seeds, and incorporate all ingredients well.
Open each dates wide enough to hold 1/2 tablespoon of the stuffing
Our Products and Where they Come From
Hemp Seeds 
We finally have hemp seeds! We have lots of new and exciting  products at Journey of Health. Just so you know we make special efforts to secure the best local products around. Our wild rice, flax seeds and lentils come from Saskatchewan. Our hemp seeds come form Manitoba Harvest, our honey is wild from Canada, we brought in the freshest dates from California and many more products we buy everyday from small local farms close to home or very near.
We just received the most amazing all raw breakfast cereal with sprouted hemp seeds made from an 80 year old raw foodist from Saskatchewan. We have lots of new raw snacks and raw chocolate, raw green olives along with Really Raw Nori sheets, Sunfire Elixir, Magnesium solutions, nuts, seeds and so much more.  
Come in and try a free sample of dates and check out all the new raw food products.

Kellogg's claims sugary "Cocoa Crispies" cereal can boost your child's immunity 
 (NaturalNews) The world of bizarre nutritional claims by sugary cereal makers just got a little more weird this week when Kellogg's began shipping boxes of Cocoa Krispiesemblazoned with the ridiculous claim, "Now helps support your child's IMMUNITY."

If processed white sugar, partially-hydrogenated trans fat oils and synthetic chemical vitamins could enhance human immunity, Kellogg's would be King of the Hill, but in reality, of all the many foods for boosting human immune function,Cocoa Krispies somehow isn't even on the list.

In fact, you might say that Kellogg's claim of boosting immunity with a sugary cereal sprayed with synthetic vitamins is one of the most hilarious claims yet floated by a cereal company, but what's definitely not funny is the fact that the FDA openly allows this deceptive, fraudulent foodlabeling to continue even while threatening, arresting or prosecuting nutritional supplement companies that make similar but true claims.
Click here to continue: Kelloggs
Just know that every dollar you are spending you are voting with your dollar. Every time you buy something from China you are building and increasing their economy and country. You may not think it is having an impact on our country but we can not foresee the future. We support local families, farms, produce and service. When you buy non-organic you are supporting that cause and increasing the demand, when you stop buying chemical laden pesticide produce you are voting " I don't want that".
Be sure to click on our Quick Links. We have some very interesting and thought provoking videos a movie and resources. Stick it out and watch the whole videos.

Journey of Health
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