Journey of Health
October 2009 Issue No. 65 
Journey of Health

Fall is here and I am celebrating my third year here in Calgary. Time is flying by and Abigail will be one year old next month.
Life is good and I am happy. Next month is my Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for. We are so blessed with just the little things like clean air, fresh water, Lund's carrots, our community, a warm home , a clean city and the best raw foods ever. What are you thankful for?
SaladSalads & Dressings
Going Beyond the Basics
If you love salad and looking for some new ideas and dressings then this is the class for you. This course will include a 45 page book by Chef Alicia Ojeda. The book features 20 of the most delicious and simple-to-make salad dressing recipes you will ever taste, numerous salad ideas to turn your basic bed of greens into a gourmet meal, and all the best tips only a true classically trained chef can offer you.

Chef Alicia has a knack for taking an ordinary salad and making it extraordinary. She credits this to the salad dressing and the little nuances you can add to take your basic bed of greens to a whole new level of flavor sensations.

Class will be taught by Tonya Cole Lightfoot at the new teaching kitchen at The Light Cellar. This book and recipes are amazing and I personally met Alicia and tried her recipes while I was in Texas. I am so excited to be sharing these recipes and book with you. And of course some of the dressing have some Texas flare!
Class: 2 pm - 4 pm
Cost: $77
6326 Bowness Road NW

Please call Journey of Health to pay and register.
Healthy Halloween Treats
It's the holiday time again and if you're concerned about your health you need tools for surviving the onslaught of high sugar,high fat and refined foods that surround you.

Halloween is just the beginning.  This holiday's  focus on sugary treats is a primary cause of the high incidence of colds and flu this time of year.  Sugar disarms the T-cells, which are your body's primary defense against infection.  

How would you like to be able to celebrate Halloween without all the usual candy and processed food?

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo just announced her new book,  "Healthy Halloween Treats".  It's 90 pages long and filled with tips, information and recipes that take the emphasis away from the candy and makes Halloween more meaningful.

As a doctor and a mother, Dr. Ritamarie knows all too well how challenging it is this time of year. In her unique and groundbreaking book, she shares the recipes and rituals that have evolved from her experience raising 2 boys and counseling her patients.  

In "Healthy Halloween Treats: Quick, Nourishing and Delicious - Recipes and Rituals To Delight Children of All Ages"  you'll discover new ways to celebrate Hallo ween that are steeped in ancient tradition as well as quick, healthy and delicious alternatives to the candy and processed foods most kids overindulge in this time of year.
Click here to order today: Healthy Halloween Treats
Sesame Dip
Sesame Dip1/2 cup sesame seeds
1/2 cup pine nuts
1/2 cup cashews, soaked
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tbs Namu Shoyu
2 tbs Miso
1 lemon, squeezed
1/2 tsp sea salt
2-3 garlic cloves
filtered water
This is a really quick and tasty dip!
Start with a dry small Vita-Mix pitcher and blend the sesame seeds to a powder (you can use 1/4 cup tahini). Add the remaining ingredients and blend well adding filtered water slowly until you get a desired creamy texture. Serve with Crudités.
Options: Add 1/4 cup Namu Shoyu and a 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar for a tasty dressing.
I hope you are feeling great and life is good for you. We have lots of new and exciting products coming next week and be sure to check out the links in this email, there really good. 

Journey of Health
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Calendar of Events
Sunday, October 25, 12-2
Raw Chocolate Class @ the Light Cellar  Cost $65
Sunday, November 1, 1-4
Living on Live Foods Raw Food Class
Cost $157
Sunday, November 8, 2-4
Salads & Dressings: Going Beyond the Basics @ Light Cellar
Cost: $77
Sunday, November 29, 2-5
Raw Chocolate Class w Malcolm Saunders @ JOH
Cost $117
Raw Food Potlcuks are the 1st Wednesday & 2rd Sunday of the month
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Dandelion, Taraxacum officinale WEBER [Fam. Asteraceae], has been used traditionally as a medicine for many centuries in several different countries of the world including in Arabia, India, China, Europe and North America. Blumenthal and others note in the book, Herbal Medicine, that the genus name Taraxacum is derived from the Greek words for disorder (taraxos) and remedy (akos).
Dandelion leaves are an excellent source of vitamins A and C and other vitamins and minerals. As such, dandelion is often recommended as a nutrient rich food for women during pregnancy and lactation. First Nation's groups used dandelion herb and root to treat urinary system disorders and gravel, skin problems and dropsy. Studies show beneficial effects of dandelion on reducing urinary tract gravel, attributed to disinfectant action and possibly the presence of saponins.
Dandelion has also been used traditionally to treat respiratory disorders. Dr. James Duke notes in his book, The Green Pharmacy, that numerous clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of dandelion leaves and root for treating pneumonia, bronchitis and upper respiratory infections. Dr. Duke recommends drinking the juice that remains after the greens have been cooked. The German Pharmacopoeia lists dandelion leaf and root for treating gastrointestinal complaints stemming from bile deficiency, as well as to stimulate appetite and diuresis.
Dandelion was also used in folk medicine to ease painful joint and bone conditions. The tea reduces water retention and is considered a traditional blood purifier. The diuretic effect is also useful for reducing swelling. Dried dandelion leaf tea also acts as a mild laxative.
German authorities recognize that 'bitters' stimulate bile flow, increase bile solubility and cleanse the liver of fatty deposits. From ancient times on, bitter herbal drugs played a very important role in the therapy of patients with dyspeptic symptoms, liver congestion, hormonal imbalances and skin disorders.
Dandelion is excellent in salads!
Abigail Dahl
Here is Abigail drinking  almond milk at 11 months with her very own sippy cup! She has her first tooth and just started Gymboree with Daddy this week. We head to Texas for Abby's first birthday party.
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