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August Update 2009
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Why I Hate Supplements
Abigail Dahl
August is almost over and Fall is on its way. Did you have a great summer? I have enjoyed my time down here in Texas but now  I must come home. I plan to bring lots of sunshine with me. I am so excited to come home and share all my new ideas and talents. We have Dorit coming in one week and David Wolfe in September and we are ending our 92 day juice fast August 31 with a Post Juice Fast and Potluck with Dorit on August 31st.
Building Our Community

                                         HandsI can't stress enough the importance of making this David Wolfe event a success. By supporting this event and coming to hear David Wolfe speak and encouraging friends to come, increases our awareness of health and nutrition and encourages other health advocates to visit our city. Your participation grows our community. I traveled all the way down to Texas and all over and amazed at how behind Calgary is in the health and nutrition industry. Austin has 1/2 the population as Calgary and there are 4 raw food restaurants, several vegan and vegetarian and organic restaurants, plus the most amazing health food stores ever.

I want our city to prosper and be healthy. I want to always educate, inspire and get involved in our community. I encourage you to stop in pick up flyers and encourage friends and family to come to this event. Get off the couch and into life. Come by the store and pick up flyers and pass around town. If you have a business and you can promote this event, even better! We have lots of flyers, don't be shy come get some!

Why I Hate Supplements 
Udo's DHABefore I met Cody I was a raw vegan know-it all and truly believed that I could get all the nutrients I needed though food. I never liked taking pills and believe they are un-natural. Well, they are! But here is the fact, what we eat, all that deep fried fatty foods, cheeses, processed packaged and fast foods are not natural either. Our bodies are so clogged up and full of stinky poo. I have been on the juice fast and getting really clean and have noticed I am getting even more results from taking my MSM, DHA, etc. I really notice taking the MSM. Amazing!
My naturopath told me that most people in Calgary are not capable of absorbing the right amount of Vitamin D from the sun because they are so toxic, but a person who has a clean system and eats really healthy are more likely to absorb their nutrients and assimilate them better. And if you are really toxic than taking additional supplements will help improve your assimilation of some nutrients. So, do I believe taking supplements are beneficial? Absolutely! I think it is best to eat the best diet ever and supplement minimally rather than compensate for a bad diet.
Abigail Dahl 
Abigail Eating a Peach I have the cutest baby ever and my mom agrees with me so I must be right! Here is Abigail after demolishing a whole Texas peach. No teeth yet but those gums are working. She had so much fun eating that peach and my moms dog Spot had fun licking the chair and floor! 
Abigail is crawling, standing and moving around with the furniture on her feet. She keeps chanting "Da" "Da" and I say mamma but she's not listening to me. I can't wait to bring her home and get her back to her daily routines. Come see Abby!  
Journey of Health Event SCHEDULE
August 30, 2009 1-5pm $167
Food & Mood Workshop w Dorit
August 31, 2009  7pm FREE
Post Juice Feast Talk & Potluck w Dorit 
Sept. 18-20th $300
David Wolfe Super Weekend 
Sept. 27th 1pm $157
Level I Raw Food Class
Sept. 30th 7 pm FREE
Green Smoothie Class
October 4, 2009 7 pm  FREE
Book Signing Raw Food Potluck with Natasha Kyssa
October 7, 2009 6:30 pm  FREE
Raw Food Potluck & Food Prep Demonstration

October 25, 2009 2pm $237
Italian Feast Raw Dinner
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Spring Rolls
I created these scrumptious spring rolls with this really amazing all raw chili sauce. My mind has been so clear and creative on this juice fast. I can't wait to share this and my many other raw recipes and all the things Dr. Ritamarie and worked on. Recipe coming soon.....