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Abby and Baby Goats
Welcome to the Journey of Health Newsletter

Howdy from Texas! Okay, I could not resist including the photo of Abby at the Rehoboth Ranch where we are currently getting her raw goats milk. The baby goats were too cute! 
We are having sooo much fun down here. It has been hot and in the 100's. I am loving it. I have not got a tan yet though. I am on day 30 of my juice feast and the Whole Foods store is doing a great job supplying me the best ever green juices for a super great price.
We have so much going on it is hard to focus on the store and keep things going. I have found a venue for the David Wolfe event. I will be ordering tickets this week and we should be selling tickets in the next few weeks.
Cody and I tried this amazing raw restaurant in Minneapolis called, Ecopolitan. Dr. T himself sat at our table and talked to us the whole time. We will be going to the new raw restaurant in Dallas, Bliss Raw Cafe & Elixir Bar this week too. I can't believe we get to go to these amazing raw restaurants and all I get to order is juice! Cody has to be my taste tester. The food looks amazing.
We also got to see Paul Nison at the Houston Raw Potluck last week and I will see Matt and Angela Monarch next week on July 8. You can see all of our vacation photos on Facebook.
CocoLocoGot Coconut Oil?
While on our way to Texas our first stop was in Medicine Hat, AB. We stopped in to meet for the first time our friend Bev, owner of CocoLoco. What an amazing little shop she has. Want to know all about coconut oil? Bev is the person to talk to. She had all these different kinds of coconut oil from different regions. We got coconut milk, oils, creams, and she makes her own amazing coconut lip balms. She also has these adorable coin purses made out of, what else, coconut.
If you are in Medicine Hat, please stop into her store, she is located downtown.
Medicine Hat, AB   T1A-0C5
MacaAmazing Maca
You know at Journey of Health we are all about the food and the healing benefits of them. If you have not tried maca right now is the best time to try it. It taste yummy in fruit smoothies. Here are a few health benefits to this root vegetable:
Maca can Reduce Stress by Increasing Stamina and Mental Clarity: Maca is considered as an effective adaptogenic herb, thereby can rejuvenate the tired adrenal glands.
 The herb can provide energy boost to the body so as to adjust to various kinds of stress. This can help improve physical stamina, mental clarity and improved sexual life.
Maca as a Hormone Regulator: Rich with phytoestrogens, maca can regulate and restore the secretion of pituitary gland hormones to normal level. These include such hormones as testosterone, HGH, estrogen progesterone, etc. This might help in restoring libido and improving sexual performance in both the sexes.
Maca as a Natural Pain Reliever: The anti-inflammatory property of maca due to the presence of saponins can act as a natural reliever of pain. This can help in treating arthritis pain, muscle pain, etc.
Maca can Lower Cholesterol: It is believed that maca is a rich source of sterols. The presence of sterols might help in reducing bad cholesterol such as LDL (low-density lipoprotein).
Maca as an Immune Booster: Being a natural source of almost all essential amino acids and anti-cancer compounds, maca can strengthen the immune system. This may treat stomach cancer , tuberculosis, anemia, etc.
We hope you are all having a nice summer. I hear it is a little breezy there. Feel free to email me if you have questions or need help. We are always just an email away. I'm still blogging my juice feast if your interested. I am on day 30 and I feel great! I miss all of you and can't wait to come back and share all my goodies. 
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Laura Passegger


Our sweet, beautiful and adorable Laura has graduated high school and is leaving us at JOH. I can't believe she wants to venture out in the world and leave us!
Cody and I just loved Laura and we are so happy she is moving on to bigger and better things.Laura was a wonderful employee and such a hard worker. She is extremely smart, attentive and very efficient.
We love you Laura and will miss you. Please stop in and say good bye to Laura or email her: Laura
Brendan Brazier Event
Brendan Brazier Event 
We had a great time and an awesome raw food potluck with Brendan Brazier. The food was absolutely beautiful and Brendan was really impressed with all of you.
Thanks Kathryn for the great photos and what fun we had after everyone left we hung out in the parking lot and hoola hooped with Brendan, Jason and Malcolm Saunders and a few gals from Planet Organic Edmonton!
We had a great turn out and hope to bring more exciting and interesting celebrities to you.
Raw Chocolate
Raw Chocolate Class 
Yummy chocolate. We have Raw Chocolate Maker, Malcolm Saunders at Journey of Health on Sunday, July 26 teaching all about raw chocolate.  How can you resist?
Learn how to create your own nutritious and delicious raw chocolate by hand.
  This 3-hr class will be an in-depth look into the world and wonder of raw organic chocolate and how easy and simple it is to create your very own handcrafted chocolate.
  You will learn everything from how to custom create a desert chocolate bar, how to alchemize herbal medicanal chocolates as well as plant-based chocolate mylk and even raw chocolate sauce. Class includes, recipes, samples and chocolate!
It's all amazingly nourishing, tasty and guilt free pleasure!
Be sure to save me some!
Date: Sunday, July 26, 2009  2-5pm
Cost: $127
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