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Message from Cody Dahl
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Message from Cody Dahl
Cody 3
May the Truth make You free, and able to enjoy Life more abundantly, Hallelu-Yah!
What we all need, is to KNOW what is good and right for us, then we can begin to establish Order, which will lead to Peace, but only if we have sufficient truth knowledge. I believe there are deep wells of true knowledge available from scripture and that it is the man's duty to seek, find and profit from them. This requires discernment and discipline to strategically invest the time, energy and resources required before the profit is realized. If you know a man seeking more from Life, do refer him to my "Shine in 2009" Men's Breakfast Meetings starting January 7 at my store promptly at 7 am.

One of the best ways to use money righteously, is to spend it on people around you, to help them become more righteous too. Your special someone could receive valuable guidance from the Journey of Health Live Blood Cell Analysis service, on exactly what is the Right Diet for them, and then they become self-motivated to keep making steady Health progress - forever! Why not sponsor someone you care about, and give a gift that can keep on giving...
If great health was easy to 'get' - then everyone would have it! Instead, we have the temptations of easy 'convenience' foods all around us, and just look at what these have gotten us. Or what about those holiday 'treats'? Life IS still worth living, at Journey of Health! We have received and put out all the 2008 Fresh Crop Organic treats and Raw Organic treats you have been waiting for, but the supply is limited, so do hurry in for the best selection!

Tonya and I have been a little preoccupied with our first child, Abigail, and we are learning all the things we need to do as new parents. We will be pleased to have Abigail with us at the Raw Potluck, 6pm this Sunday. The 4th Wednesday Raw Potluck is cancelled, and Journey of Health will be open regular hours for December.  

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Holiday Raw Food Potluck this Sunday, December 14 at 6 pm. Come join us for a raw holiday feast and meet baby Abigail too!
Raw Food Classes scheduled for January 18th and more classes to be scheduled. Check our website for updates.  
Journey of Health Newsletter
Can you believe 2008 is almost over and we are so blessed to start a brand New Year? We are so thankful of our new space at JOH, being in love and now having our adorable baby Abigail. Life is good.
We want you to have a great year too. Start the New Year off with great health and vitality. Come in and have a Live Blood Analysis, take our Green Smoothie Health Challenge or stock up on some healthy treats. 
Let's start the New Year off right and get healthy. Want to lose weight? Get more energy? Detox? Mental Clarity? Cleanse? More Nutrition? Learn about these amazing results just by adding a green smoothie to your diet everyday.
Can you do all green smoothies for 30 days or how about just one a day? I challenge you to come join me in this great Health Challenge and reap the benefits from this amazing drink. Learn all about Green Smoothies, how to make them, recipes, health benefits, the best supplements, support and more.
This class will be 1 hour long from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm on Mondays and Thursdays from  Januray 5th- 29th. We will make a green smoothie each class, discuss health benefits, detox symptoms, weight loss, a booklet and more.
Class is limited to 30.
Cost: $157.00
Before & After RAW Tonya Surfside
As much as I hate to show people pictures of me pre-RAW, I want people to know that I was really unhealthy and overweight before I learned the amazing health benefits to raw foods and Green Smoothies. I weighed 155 pounds and when I went raw, I lost 45 pounds and went from a size 14 to a size 2, effortlessly with no exercising!
So come join me in a health challenge or come take a raw food class and learn how you can get better sleep, mental clarity, weight loss, glowing skin and more!
 Tonya Germany
VEGA on SALE Now!recycle
Our Vega products are the best prices in town. Why? Because we want to inspire and encourage you to eat more raw foods and green smoothies. Our body craves the trash we continue to put in it, but does it really crave what we need? We need leafy greens, sprouted foods, raw foods, and whole food nutrition. Come on in and give it a try and pick up a free recipe booklet from Sequel Naturals.
Our Price:
List Price: $74.99
JOH has lots of new healthy treats in just in time for the holidays. We have organic chocolate covered almonds, raisins, Goji berries and raspberries! We have Goji trail mixes, coconut flakes, pine nuts, macadamia nuts and lots of new nuts and mixes. We are now also offering a FREE recorded DVD with each new Live Blood Analysis session. Be sure to mention you want a DVD with your session. We hope you all have a happy and safe holiday full of health and vitality.

Journey of Health
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