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Happy Thanksgiving October 2008
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Raw Food
Do Parasites Rule The World?
Vegetarian Nutrition
Immune Booster
Cat's Claw
We have so many customers coming in with many different ailments and want a quick fix. Well, the reality of it is, there is no quick fix. But the good news is you can heal your body. The best way to start is by boosting your immune system. We should all be rotating our nutrients and supplements for maximum benefits.
Cat's Claw is an excellent immune booster and has many great healing benefits. It's great for killing cancer cells, relieving pain, detoxifying, stimulating the immune system, reduces inflammation and so much more. Please click here to read the full benefits and studies on this amazing herb.
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Wow, September is almost over and Thanksgiving is right around the corner and only 8 more weeks before our baby is born. This month actually marks my one year anniversary living in Calgary and I survived it! Cody and I went the entire winter on an all raw diet and did not find it difficult at all.
My latest venture are green smoothies as I am getting geared for labor. Keep an eye out for a new green smoothie display and stop in and find out the amazing healing benefits of a green smoothie a day. Besure to pick up a copy of Green for Life!
recycleRaw Food Class Scheduled this Sunday from 1-5 pm.
This is an Alissa Cohen Living on Live Foods Level I class. Cost: $137.
Wednesday, September 24 @ 6:30 pm - Italian
Sunday, October 12 @ 6 PM - Thanksgiving Theme
Wednesday, October 22 @ 6:30 PM - Gourmet Salads
Remember to bring your own plate, fork, spoon, cup, napkin, etc. Please bring an all or mostly organic dish that serves 10-12 people.
Do Parasites Rule The World?
 ParasitesMost people are not even aware that they have thousands of parasites living in their body feeding on us, defecating in us and causing disease. It is our parasites that ultimately win and kill us. Parasites have a difficult time living in an alkaline body and love an acidic state. In order to have complete control of our body we must start alkalizing our body with raw foods, greens and the best herbs, supplements and WATER. 
To know more about this topic please read this article: Do Parasites Rule The World?
Cutting Edge Vegetarian Nutrition 
Brenda Davis
Brenda Davis R.D., will discuss consequences of our food
choices to human health. She will address current knowledge
about diet and health, and practical ways to modify our diets
to minimize disease risk, and maximize our protection. 
Wednesday October 1st, 7pm, World Vegetarian Day
The French Community Centre
La Cité des Rocheuses
#240 - 4800 Richard Rd. S.W.
(corner of Richard Road & Richardson Way S.W.)
free parking / transit access
Adults $10.  $15 at the door. Seniors & Students $5
For more information please contact
The Calgary Vegetarian Society at 403-261-9628
or visit
We want to thank all our customers for being patient with our limited hours until we find a new daytime employee. Be sure to say Hello to our newest part-time employee, Laura Passegger. Laura is very smart, curious about health and loves green smoothies! We are so blessed to have her at Journey of Health. 

Journey of Health
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We still have lots of clearance supplements at great prices. We have Chlorella, great for smoothies, Vitamin C, even some Cat's Claw and more that is slightly expired. All expired products still have full potency up to a full 2 years beyond their expiration date. What a great time to try a new product for a really good price! 
Offer Expires: October 31, 2008